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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 63- Anika question Aarohi

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Dev” Lol! Aarohi, Anu ko bhi yeh angreez he mila tha. Itni se height hai ”

Shivaay” hey! don’t go… Shivaay cup his mouth…

Dev” Shivaay hum tumhari garadan tod dey gay”

Shivaay” haan garaadan ”

Aarohi ” Shivaay! Anuuuu”

“Shivaay turn his face and steps back” gulp and disconnect the bluetooth

All close their eyes

“Shivaay looking here and there”

“Anika angerily gazes him about to pull pen out of his pocket when she slips but before she can strike with floor Shivaay takes her in his arms and both get lost in eachother orbs. Their old moments are shown

O jaanaa plays

Rudra” O! Open your eyes and see… kehai Anika bhabhi nay Shivaay bhaiya ka Ram Ram to nahi kar diya”

All” shut up Rudy”

Chanda” but why there’s so silence between both”

Dev” Aarohi! Open your eyes and see na what Anu did with Shivaay that he quiet i can’t hear his weeping”

“Aarohi smiling with tears” Dev! My eyes are open but you not only you but you all open your eyes and see why there’s so silence between them.

All” slowly open their eyes gazes eachother pat their forehead”

Aarohi” Dev!

Dev” hmm”

Aarohi”  Remember we both use to worry for Anu that she’s so clumsy who will protect her after us”

Dev” Haan !! Aarohi…. daily she use to inivite problems for herself not a single day when she didn’t meet with problems”

“Aarohi pat her head with pillar” kabhi ped say ghir jana

Dev” kabhi darwajey may hath aa jana”

Aarohi” kabhi chair aur”

Dev” aur kabhi khud ko paints per ghirana”

Aarohi” aur phir khud he kehna”

Devohi” kya boblem hai ap sab ko kyon Anu ko boblem kartey ho. Abhi Anu k baba ko bataye batatey hai. Phir woh ap ka ko dinner may kha jaye gay”

Aarohi” but now not Anu’s baba but Anika’s Shivaay is there for Anu  to cage her in his arms”

Devohi” keeping on gazing Shivika”

“Gayu, Omru and Chanda eyes filled with water”

Rudra jokes” asman say ghirye Shivaay bhaiya ki bahaon main ghirye”

All brust out into laughter with that…

Anika” breaks the eyelock looks around”

Shivaay” removes his hands from Anika waist”

“Rudra step ahead” 5 minutes and 43 seconds only  a long and deep eye lock

Chanda” with beautiful O jaana notes in the background”

Shivaay” smiles”

“Anika hits on Shivaay foot” chup karey all the time heheheee kartey rahtey hai. Colgate ki commercial Toothpaste Singh Oberoi. Anika step to her room holding contract i’ll sign them.

Shivaay” with open mouth keep on gazing Anika”

Om pat Shivaay’s shoulder” bhabhi is gone now close your mouth( he closes Shivaay’s mouth)

“Aarohi comes out” so wanna have dinner with Anu.

“All run and hug Aarohi tightly” Hurrah!!!! Your plan got blockbuster.

“Aarohi gazing Anika’s room” but i want Anu to chirps”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Anika talking to herself” what’s happening to me? Why i’m feeling michimichi… what? I said michimichi no it can’t be. But something is happening to me and how ? Anika close her eyes start recollecting.

Aarohi eyes comes infront of her. She did this all why i can’t caught it before that only she…. Anika eyes gets widen with shock.

No! Anika( short sits on bed) Anika you have to keep herself away from her…… warna woh humain( Anika lies on bed close her eyes)

Some blur images comes infront of her eyes she starts sweating.

“Shivaay shaking Anika” Anika, Anika

“Anika open her eyes” what you are doing in my room? Leave… she stand up and asking him to leave and why you came here?

Shivaay” i just came to apologies for my yesterday deeds. What ever happened yesterday i, i’m sorry but why you are sweating are you fine na. Shivaay about to touch her forehead when Anika jerk him

“Anika step away from him” yesterday? What happened nothing happened between us.

“Shivaay walk behind her” Yup! nothing happened between us.

“Both standing in opposite direction”

Shivaay” turns a little and gazes Anika”

Anika” too turns and gazes him”

“Shivaay teasingly ” seriously yesterday nothing happened between us.

“Anika mouth gets widen she gazes Shivaay with shock” how can you talk like this to me?

“Shivaay peck her both cheeks you look so cute when you give this look to me” i thought you never start this kind of talks to i thought i should do that.

Anika” Shivaayyyyy !!!! Anika starts running after him batmeezzzz”

“Shivaay running around pool” hotty

“Anika trying to catch him” i’ll kill you Shivaay

Shivaay  scream ” Anikaaaaa”

“Anika  runs to him” Shivaay bohat ki lagi hai. Please bataye na

Shivaay” start dancing on

Teri aakhya ka yo kajal,
Manne kare se gauri ghayal

Teri aakhya ka yo kajal,
Mane kare se gauri ghayal 

Anika” hits her forehead”

Tu sahaz sahaz pa dharle
Mera dil dhadkave payal
O mane palpal palpal yad teri tarpave se

Anika” pushes him in pool. Batmeez

Shivaay” dancing in pool”

Haye tera roop jigar
mein radke aag lagave se
O mane palpal palpal yad teri tarpave se

Anika” throwing pillows on him. Joker not joker dancing mockey keep dancing i’m going”

“Shivaay hugs Anika from  tightly from back” i love you. He peck her forehead and runs from there”

Anika” rub her forehead and smiles a little. SSO gone mad. Mad SSO drench me too.

Next day @ office

“Anika in mind” Is Chanda saying correct? I’m i reacting more with Shivaay. He was SSO who never bend nor said ‘S’ of sorry to anyone is pleading like beggers from me ( Anika stress on me) who was trash herself. Day and night he’s saying sorry sorry but i’m unable to forget what he remind me off which i never want to……..( knock breaks Anika thoughts) Anika takes file start reading it.

secretary” ma’am Italian association are waiting for you”

Anika” i’m coming and dictate me my rest of the  clock”

Secretary” dictating Anika”

Anika” come lets go”

Scene shifts to RM

Bhavya” Maa! Anika di is again gone to office”

“Aarohi takes Bhavya in lap” Doll! Don’t force Anu more you know na her she with in second gets irked  so don’t push her more and worry she will come back in till noon. Then tease her and do gili gili with Anu.

Bhavya” Maa! Anika di kab theek khirkitod Anika di baney ge?

Dev” very soon doll and after that you will peek for chance that Maa should you in her lap. Then Anu and Anu’s Maa. Dev sigh…..

“Aarohi playful hits Dev” stop it

Bhavya” no way now maa is mine”

Gauri” and mine too”

“Aarohi extended her hand towards Gauri”

“Gauri pushes bhavya” maa gili gili kissy

Bhavya” i also want gili gili”

Aarohi” No!”

“Gayu smiles” Anu’s Maa get ready now it’s your turn. Both jumps on Aarohi start doing gili gili

Aarohi” Dev! Save me”

Dev” sorry”

After few minutes 

Dev” Gayu beta”

Gayu pauses” yes dada?”

Dev ” i need to talk to Aarohi so please i you come after some time”

“Gayu peck Dev cheek” runs from there.

Dev” close the door”

Aarohi” Dev! Sab theek hai na.”

Dev cup Aarohi hand in between his” Aarohi i want to tell you something about Anu.

Aarohi” say it Dev”

Dev” Aarohi! Anu kisi per bharso nahe karti”

Aarohi” i know it today at breakfast time she called her maid and ask her to taste the meal first and after she checked it then she had it”

Dev” Not only this Aarohi. Yesterday was interview session. Anu just ask one question from candidates”

Aarohi” what?”

Dev” what they will choose money or love”

Aarohi” kya?

Dev” haan Aarohi and the candidate who said money Anu appointed her and she increase her salary 50 percent.

Har rishtaye ko shakh ki nazar say dekhti hai except you Aarohi

Aarohi” Me”

Dev” Yes! You…. after Anu was discharged from hospital two days later it was Diwali. Anu was imagining you everywhere. Baba maa kaha hai , bus maa ko bulaye humain kisi per bharosa nahe karey gay….. everyone was trying to make her understand but she was only saying Maa.

See this…. Dev shows Diwali night footage to Aarohi.

“Aarohi gazes Dev with watery eyes” My Anu

“Dev cries” Aarohi she only trusts you her Maa. Aarohi you are doing alot for Anu i know i don’t have to tell you what to do.


But make her have faith in relation. Make her that Anika who  had faith and trust in relations more even more than herself”

“Aarohi weep her tears” i’ll give you your Anu back this is Aarohi’s promise

Dev” pinky promise”

Aarohi” did pinky promise

Dev” hugs Aarohi tightly thank you for everything”

“Aarohi leanses on Dev chest”

Song plays

Tumko, Sirf Tumko Humne Chaaha, Chaahat Ki Kasam
Tum Bin Agar Jeena Padaa Humko, Mar Jaayenge Hum

@ Noon Time

Sahil” Anika di i’m sorry Anika di please don’t send me far from you”

“Anika just stop crying Sahil” didn’t i told you before that don’t step here. Now bear the consequences. You are  going Switzerland and that’s final.

Shivaay” Anika why you are doing this? This is also his house too and what a big deal is it that he came to spend time with you just for days”

Dev” Anika beta he’s just a kid don’t punish him like this”

Anika” he’s my brother not yours. Not we are getting late. Soon i’ll get back than continue your drama”

Gayu” Anika di please spare him he’s not at fault”

“Anika start draging Sahil out of mansion brings him outside”

All run behind them

“Sahil pleading” Anika di why you are making me away from you ?

Anika” just shut up Sahil. And sit in car”

Sahil” turns and gazes Aarohi with tears”

Shivaay” Anika just stop it yaar”

“Aarohi holds Sahil’s hands” he’s not going anywhere

“Anika turns red “leave Sahil’s hand. Khud to jhooti hai don’t teach my brother to lie too.

Aarohi” once i said Sahil is not going means no”

Anika looking in opposite direction holding other hand of Sahil ” who you are to decide about him and deny my decision”

Shivaay” Anika”

“Aarohi smiles” don’t you know who i’m to you and  what right i’m having to deny decisions. Now leave Sahil hand and come join for lunch.

Anika” what if i don’t Princess of Jhodpur”

All cup their mouth

Aarohi cries” what you called me?”

“Anika close her eyes”

Shivaay”  Anika ab kya huwa  Unke anso nahe dekhnaye gay na tum say?

Anika” there’s nothing like that i don’t care about anyone”

Shivaay” you called Sahil liar than what you are yourself? He lied to you but you are lying to yourself Anika.

Gauri” Anika di please break your silence and accept that you can’t live without M…..

“Anika shouts” Gauri!! Stay in your limits

“Aarohi pleading” just forgive me.

Dev” Anika beta please forgive Aarohi   ”

“Bhavya cup Anika face” Anika di please na. For me forgive her. (Bhavya start breathing heavily.) Please na didu she sniffs i….

Gauri” doll stop crying see you are getting unwell”

“Anika  brushes Bhavya face stop crying ” bhavya you know i can’t……..

Bhavya” smiles i love you”

Anika” ok fine i’m ready to forgive her but i’ve a question”

Aarohi “just  order don’t question.”

Anika gazing sky” Ap kaha thi?”

All gets shocked

Aarohi” having flashback of Vanhi”

Shivaay” Anika what type of question is it?”

Anika” i’m asking her and what you all pleading for that i should  forgive her so i’m ready for that but after she answer my question.

Aarohi pov” if Anu came to know about Vanhi then she will vow for avenge from her and i don’t want my Anu become killer”

“Anika scream Princess of Jhodpur ” jawab de humain kaha thi ap itnaye saalo say?

Aarohi crying” runs inside the mansion”

All run after Aarohi except Shivaay

“Anika throws herself on ground”

Shivaay kneels down put hand on her shoulder”

“Anika hugs Shivaay tightly”

Shivaay hugs Anika more tightly” Anika why you can’t forgive your heartbeat. Tell me what she did with you like this that you are so annoyed with her.

Anika nay to sab ko maaf kiya hai per phir kyun Anu khud ko apni dharkano ko maaf nahe kar pa rahe. Kyun? Batao mujhe Anika kya huwa tha.

Anika” Shivaay!”

“Shivaay breaks the hug” Anika i’m always with you always we both are one Anika please share your inner turmoil with me with your Shivaay.

“Anika gazes shivaay ” then why my Shivaay didn’t trust his Anika.

Shivaay” Anika forgive me for my shameless deeds”

Anika” Shivaay what you think i’m annoyed because you point finger on my character?”

Shivaay” i’m sorry Anika for that but at that time circumstances was like that my eyes got blindfold. You where not telling me truth and then Nagini twist Shivika tale like this that we……

Anika” today i want to tell you something”

“Shivaay cup Anika face” tell me i just want to hear you my whole life. Say na jaan kya baat hai.

Anika” i was……..

Screen freezes on Anika face


Precape  Aarohi ko aa gaya gusa…


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