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Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 9

Shivaay:[Shivaay was a little bit surprised that Amaya called him aside]what happen?why did you call me aside?

Amaya:[Amaya hesitated for a moment to beforing talking but she got into her doctor mode and talked]Shivaay,well congratulations first of all[Shivaay thanked her]but there is one issue there are chances of preterm birth and even in that condition it would be harmful for mother and child[Shivaay interrupted Amaya]

Shivaay:[Shivaay sounded little bit worried now]Amaya say it clearly whatever you want to say[Amaya thinks of the easiest words she can put it in]

Amaya:[Amaya folds her hands and says]to speak in layman’s terms Anika’s pregnancy is complicated and I know this because I shared reports with two gynecologists and both of them have said the same thing so I just wanted to warn you that don’t get your hopes too high for child if you want to keep both alive child and mother then you have to care of Anika like a child itself well this was my point of view as a doctor but you will visit Dr.Anju tomorrow so she will explain you and Anika in detail about all this[Amaya left from their saying this Shivaay was trying hard to forget whatever Amaya said and bring a smile to his face but he couldn’t so he quietly left]

[After few hours of spending time together everybody asked Ranveer and Priyanka to wait for dinner but they refused as Ranveer’s sister was with her nurse so they left Oberoi family sat in the dining room for dinner]

Dadi:[Half of the dinner was done Dadi asked Abhay out of concern]Abhay how is your injury now?[Abhay looked up from his plate]

Abhay:[Abhay was feeling little uncomfortable it was the first time he was having dinner in such a big family]It’s fine Dadi it will heal soon[Abhay said that and continued his dinner]

Amaya:[Amaya got up and said]I’m done.Good night everyone[Amaya pushed her chair back to leave but Janvi stopped her]

Janvi:Amaya[Amaya turned to Janvi]beta you didn’t eat much is everything fine didn’t you like the food[Amaya interrupted]

Amaya:No the food is great and I’m fine[Amaya wasn’t able to give reason why was she leaving from there Abhay helped her]

Abhay:[Abhay looked at Amaya and then Janvi and said]Janvi aunty she is not habitual to eat heavy food after 7:00[Amaya smiled at Abhay and Abhay gestured her that he can handle here she could leave. Amaya left from there after sometime everyone’s dinner was was done and they dispersed to their respective rooms]


[Shivaay and Anika came to their room Shivaay made Anika sit on the bed and covered her legs upto knee]

Anika:[Anika could see tension on Shivaay’s face she asked]Shivaay are you not happy? [Shivaay sat beside Anika]

Shivaay:[Shivaay put his hands on Anika’s both cheeks and said]there is no news that can make me more happier than today’s news[Shivaay had a layer of tear formed in his eyes]

Anika:[Anika passed a faint smile on Shivaay’s answer and said]but you don’t look that happy

Shivaay:[Amaya’s words were ringing in Shivaay’s ears but Shivaay successfully changed the topic]Anika it’s late now you should rest from now on your are not alone[Shivaay touched Anika’s stomach]from now on you will be carrying a life in your womb whatever you do you need to think about our child too.[Shivaay made Anika lie down on bed and covered her and left to get himself some coffee]


[room’s door was open Abhay knocked.Amaya asked him to come in Abhay and Amaya were honest to each other.Abhay directly came to the point]

Abhay:[Amaya was arranging her wardrobe she had her back facing Abhay]is everything fine between Dev and you[Amaya looked Abhay with confused look on her face]

Amaya:[Amaya walked closer to Abhay and said]everything is fine between us. Did Dev said something to you[Abhay was thinking is he doing right by asking Amaya about her and Devansh’s relationship but he had to as not only Amaya is his sister but Devansh is his best friend too]

Abhay:[Abhay hesitated for a moment but he spoke]earlier today Dev and I had talk he got sad and tried really hard to blame it on his sister,Aakriti but he forgot that I can read his face well enough.The thing is he got sad at mention of your relationship and that is not a good thing I can say that so tell me what’s wrong between you two?[Abhay said in a typical big brother tone]

Amaya:[Amaya she sighed and rolled her eyes and then looked at Abhay again]Dev proposed me in the morning today[Abhay knew this would happen so he passed a faint smile to Amaya]and I put him on hold[there was silence for moment]

Abhay:[Abhay said in little bit high tone and that got Shivaay’s attention Shivaay was standing outside of room door witnessing their sibling fight]What do you mean by you put him on hold, I thought you loved him and were ready to marry him[Amaya interrupted Abhay]

Amaya:[Amaya replied with same attitude as Abhay]of course I love him and I want to marry him but when he proposed me I said that I we both can’t marry before you do and I tried explaining it to Dev he obliged but became upset and I can’t help anything here[Abhay let Amaya complete]

Abhay:[Abhay folded his hands and said in casual tone]Okay if that’s the thing then I will get married tomorrow itself[Amaya interrupted Abhay]

Amaya:[Amaya became angry at Abhay’s childish reply]marriage is not some joke Veerji

Abhay:[Abhay holded Amaya by her shoulders and said]exactly marriage is not a joke.Amu for you it’s about you and me but for Dev his parents have expectations he wants to make them happy don’t be selfish Amu think from Dev’s point of view too[Abhay calling Amaya selfish added more anger to Amaya’s mood]

Amaya:[Amaya talked in very angry tone she didn’t shouted but anger was visible in her voice and on her face]Wow so now I’m selfish thats what I get for thinking something good for my own brother[Abhay interrupted]

Abhay:[Abhay replied Amaya with same attitude]this is stupid Amu you want me to be settled or happy,and if you want me to be happy then you should accept Dev’s proposal.You don’t need to worry about me I am my own man I can take care of myself[Amaya interrupted Abhay]

Amaya:[Amaya said in still angry tone]well I understood it now that you can take care of yourself and you don’t need me to take care of you so be it[Shivaay walked in Amaya and Abhay were not happy to see him Amaya walked stomping her foot took her car keys and went out in anger]

Shivaay:[Shivaay called Amaya but it was worthless then Shivaay turned at Abhay and said in concerned tone]go stop her and say sorry

Abhay:[Abhay still angry and trying to control it]let her go I am not at fault to say sorry[Abhay left from there to his room.Shivaay went out to stop Amaya but she was gone already her car was not there]



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