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Ek Deewana Tha 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivani gets to know Vyom’s story

Ek Deewana Tha 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vyom says someone sang the song from mouth while I sang from the heart. He sings the song with a pretend guitar. Sharanya turns me mad. Vyom Bedi went mad after her. Then came a devil in the story (Shiv)! It was a really tall devil! Past meetings of Shiv and Sharanya are shown. He started to roam around Sharanya. He had many plus points – poor (sympathy), orphan (sympathy)! I was rich (problem) and had parents (problem). How could I get Sharanya then? Everyone likes the poor and so did Sharanya. I hope who would have understood which tall devil I am referring to! Shivani takes KK’s name. Vyom nods. He is Shiv. His name was Shiv in old birth.

KK says why I feel something strange whenever I see Suvarna. Why did I mess with the goons? I have never acted like this in my entire life? It felt so

familiar when I hugged her. This isn’t the story of just 2 people which is why you also called me Shiv! This is why I felt some connection the moment I saw you. I made your painting without meeting you! If it is my rebirth then it is your rebirth too!

Vyom says Sharanya fell in Shiv’s trap as he dint leave her side ever. She left the true lover (Vyom) and chose the devil! I dint give up though. I made a master plan to kill Shiv! I got a chance and I stabbed him. His game was up! Vyom and Sharanya’s story began next. I took care of her day and night in hospital. She even started liking me. He tells her about their wedding. Shiv returned as a spirit then. This spirit dint leave her side again. I took some time to find out about the ghost. Lot many people lost their lives in between.

KK says we share some old relation with this house, Rajan, Madhvi and Suvarna. Radhika agrees. I used to feel some connection with this name Sharanya but how old is this story? KK shows the file to her. It is going on since last 50 years! Don’t know who all lost their lives during these years.

Vyom says he was trying to come between me and Sharanya again. He wasn’t ready to leave either me or Sharanya. I did a lot to kill the ghost! I sent him to his pyre somehow through Sharanya! He was so adamant / stubborn though! He came back! What happened then should have never happened! That oldie Suvarna snatched my Sharanya from me! I put the revolver under my chin saying Vyom wont live without Sharanya! Flashback shows Suvarna pushing the revolver away at that very moment and the bullet is fired in the air. Rajan asks Vyom if he has gone mad. Suvarna tells Vyom that he will have to live without Sharanya. I want to see you dying every second of your life. It will remind you that Sharanya loved Shiv and hated you! This will be your biggest punishment. You will have to live without Sharanya! Flashback ends. Suvarna saved me but left me to wait for my Sharanya! It was a very big game plan. Flashback is shown again. Suvarna says those who try to harm others can never be happy. You killed my husband, snatched my son from me and kept me captive in a cell because of your son! Look at him. He is all alone today and his life has become worse than death. You both will yearn for your son. You will never be happy. Rajan looks at Madhvi. Don’t listen to her. She is a mad woman. Rajan and Madhvi shout after Vyom as he heads off the small hill.

Vyom keeps Sharanya’s head in his lap. Open your eyes Sharanya. You cannot leave me like this. I am your Deewana. I love you truly. Open your eyes. No one can separate me from you. Please open your eyes. Rajan tells Vyom to calm down. We will bring her back. If Shiv can return from his death then so can Sharanya! We wont do her last rites. We will call her back! I promise you she will come back for you. Flashback ends.

Vyom sits next to Shivani. Tell me now. I am a Deewana right? Shivani shakes out of fear. Vyom sits in front of her. I dint give up though. That tantric (Odhni) came to help. She told us that Sharanya will take birth again.

Rajan asks Odhni how Sharanya can come back to life. Odhni refuses at first but then Madhvi comes there with Suvarna as her captive. I haven’t hurt anyone till now but today I will do everything that I have never done before. It is about my son after al. Tell us how Sharanya will return. Suvarna tells Madhvi not to dream of this. She also tells Odhni to keep quiet. Madhvi slaps Suvarna and Rajan threatens to kill her. Odhni says a line from Bhagvad Gita. You can kill humans but not spirits. Shiv and Sharanya will return! Your son wont be able to do anything. Shiv only will finish his story! Shiv will come back to take his revenge. Rajan asks her about Sharanya. He tries to strangulate Suvarna. Odhni suggests doing Sharanya’s last rites. She will then tell you on her own. Vyom kisses Sharanya on her forehead.

Vyom says Odhni said that Sharanya will come for Shiv but no, she came back for me. Our incomplete story will be complete now. He smiles at Shivani.

Precap: Vyom / Akash is standing in front of Shivani while someone has is holding her from behind. He has kept his one hand over her mouth and is holding a knife in his other hand. Vyom / Akash slits Shivani’s throat.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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