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Dil Se Dil Tak 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Indu convince Iqbal to leave Teni at Bhanushali house

Dil Se Dil Tak 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth tells Iqbal about his past with Iqbal. He narrates him everything from the time he met Teni till she left Bhanushali house.
In the room, Teni decides she must not lie to Iqbal and hide her past from him. He loves her dearly, why hide a past she doesn’t care about from him. She walks downstairs and convinces Iqbal that she wanted to tell him about all the truth. Iqbal was furious, he tells her to go inside as he needs to speak to Parth. Teni cries in the corridor.
Iqbal grabs Parth’s collar that he stabbed his back as a friend, he must have understood the day Parth tried to save Teni. He realized Parth’s intentions that day, but he thought Parth was also in love. He asks Parth if this is what he would ask from him as promised in hospital. Parth wish he could ask Iqbal to return

Teni to him, Teni doesn’t recall him and only recognize him as a stranger. Iqbal is his present. Iqbal asks what if she gets her memory back; where he would go. Parth says he only intended that Teni takes any decision in her full senses, aware of everything. Teni comes downstairs decisively. She hears Parth tell Iqbal that he loves Teni dearly. Iqbal says he also loves Teni a lot, she is his life; then walks outside the Bhanushali house. Teni complains to Parth for telling Iqbal he loves her, Iqbal is self-less and will never fight for himself. Iqbal walks past the driver thinking about Parth’s words. He slips at a step of stairs and sits there. An old man passing by comes to ask Iqbal what has he lost? He tells Iqbal that nothing is lost in the drive of life, he must find his beloved and it will be where he left him. He advices Iqbal to pray for himself, he will find out a way out from his problem.
Teni grabs Parth’s collar and says he was her past that she doesn’t even remember. But Iqbal is her today, she runs outside to stop Iqbal forbidding Parth to follow her. Indu comes outside and asks Parth what happened here. She understood Parth silence.
Iqbal was walking down the street. He was about to be hit by a car. Teni comes to save him, she cries questioning why he didn’t take care of himself. She says he boasted to love her then why he left her there? Iqbal says his Ammi always advised him to set his love free, if it returns it belongs to you. He got successful today. He kiss the back of Teni’s hand and hug her. Parth reach behind them.
At Bhanushali house, Iqbal tells Indu he doesn’t care about Teni’s past. Indu convince Iqbal that Teni won’t have gone with him if she remembered her past. She insists that she wants a chance for Teni to remember about her past, then she must decide if she wanted to marry Iqbal or stay with Parth. They will accept her decision then. She considers Teni a daughter and wants her daughter to marry from this house; even if Teni doesn’t remember anything she will marry Teni to him happily. Iqbal accepts. Teni was hesitant. Iqbal holds her hands saying he wants to test his fate once, he has complete faith on his love, and Teni. He will surely take her from here.

PRECAP: Parth tells Indu no testimony is easy. Indu asks if he would be able to lose Teni and let her go with Iqbal. Parth was sure he would do anything to win Teni back. Iqbal assures Ammi Teni would surely return to their house.

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