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Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff (episode 49)

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Recap – Siya & Yog conversation on phone ….Yagya’s breakdown.
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In RM(Rathore mansion) – 

They three are still busy in discussion.
Swadesh : Di, We get the plan but please be careful. Don’t forget that they might be recognize you.
Aicchik : Not at all ….The person they know is totally different from Kaurwaki .
Kaurwaki : Well, it’s true….Don’t worry about me. I will handle everything.
Swadesh : Ok di . I believe on you .
Kaurwaki : When did Sona & Siya return from shopping ?
Aicchik : Let’s come downstairs & wait for them.
Kaurwaki : You guys go , I will come in two min.
They both nods their head & move downstairs.
She called her P.A number .
Rohini : Yes mam….What do u want.
Kaurwaki : Nothing much ….Just fix the meeting with Raichands tomorrow only.Call them now.
Rohini : Sure mam but can I give a suggestion please. They are already in loss & there is no profit for our company from this deal.
Kaurwaki : Jaanti hoon , Kabhi Kabhi apne fayde ke liye hi apna nuksaan karna padta hai.( I already know but sometime our profit is in our loss)
Rohini : Sorry, I don’t get it mam.
She said cluelessly 😂 .
Kaurwaki : I already know u never get it .
She said & cut the call.
Kaurwaki : Ab waqt aa gaya hai Raichands ki doobti hui naav ko Sahara dekar samundar main dubo diya jaaye .( Now, it’s the time came to make Raichands bankrupted)
She said while smirking.She come downstairs. Sona & Siya are busy in discussing about while Aicchik & Swadesh are talking with Aavya . A small smile crept on her face after looking her family happy.
Sona : Di, Come na.Why are u standing there ?
Siya : Yeah, We want to show our clothes & then u decide whose choice is better .
Sona : I know di ,you like my choice . I am your sister na.
Siya : So what , She is also my best friend….Get it.
Sona : Ohh Please , my choice is best.
Siya : In ur dreams .
Kaurwaki nods her head in disbelief but she is happy  because after so many day they all are together .
Aavya : I know whose choice is better.
Siya : Aavu , mine …right.
Sona : Princess , Mine is better na.
Aavya : No … My choice is best 😜 .
She said while they three chuckle on her statement .Sona & Siya give weird look to them.
Aavya jump down from sofa & move toward her .
Aavya : Am I right Mumma.
She pick her in her arms .
Kaurwaki : My champ is always right .
Sona : Di, this is wrong . You don’t take my side.
Siya : Yeah …very bad .
They both said annoyingly .
Kaurwaki : What’s wrong in that ?
She move & sit on the sofa while Aavya is sitting on her lap.
Aicchik : When u both stop behaving like childrens.
Swadesh : Exactly …
Kaurwaki : Aavu , You don’t show me your clothes.
Aavya : Haww….I forget .Let me show you.
She said while getting down from her lap.She run & come back with clothes.
Aavya : Look , these are my clothes.
She smile at her cuteness & start looking the clothes. All clothes are black in colour which didn’t went unnoticed by her.Though black is combine with other colours too but still the colour black is present in ever single cloth.
Aavya : Mumma…Don’t look like that . I thought to wear black as u wear same.
The statement of her which snatch her happiness in one sec. She stand & about to go when her small fingers hold her hand.
Aavya : What happen, You don’t like it Mumma.
She asked her innocently.
She turned back while composing herself.
Kaurwaki : Which is ur favourite colour Aavu?
Aavya : Umm…Pink.
Kaurwaki : You want to wear clothes like me ….Right . Black is my favourite colour & that’s why I wear it. According to this , Pink is your favourite , then u have to wear pink .
She handle the situation with a lie not a lie it’s half- truth .
Aavya : Ohh ….I don’t think like that.I am so stupid .
She said while ruffling her hairs.
Siya smiled as she know that no one can make Aavya understand except her. She know that Aavya ‘s words deeply hurt Kaurwaki but how she handle the situation brought that smile on her face.
Siya : Your Mumma is right .
Aavya : Now, I have to change these clothes .
Sona : Don’t worry , Keep them & be careful next time .
She said while kissing her cheek.Kaurwaki leave from there & it didn’t went unnonticed by Aicchik. He follow her .She enter in her room & sit on bed. He also sit beside her on bed.
Aicchik : Thinking about Aavya. You don’t about her words . She is just a child.
Kaurwaki : Par jo bhi kaha, sach toh hai.( She said truth only).
Aicchik : Again start ur craziness …You are just impossible.
Kaurwaki : I don’t want that she become like me .I thought that i have to told her truth.
Aicchik : You are such a foolish. I don’t know how u handle business .Don’t start this drama again. Look,Siya with a lot of difficulties accept this & u want to ruined everything again. I am not sure about that if Aavya live with u , she become like u or not but I am sure when she get to know that you are not her mother ,she will surely become the next Kaurwaki.
Kaurwaki : She deserve a better life.
Aicchik : Ho sakta hai tum use wo pyaar na de pao jo Siya deti par tum use duniya se ladna sikha sakti ho jo Siya kabhi nahi kar sakti.(It happen that u maybe don’t give her love which she want but u make her learn how to face the society )
Kaurwaki : Sometime it feel, there is no difference in mine & Aavya’s life.
Aicchik : There is a great difference .You are her support while no one was there for u . You know what is your problem .You start detaching yourself from this world .Your life revolve around us only .You don’t want to have relations with anyone.
Kaurwaki : Rishte jitne zyada hote hai utna dhoka khane ka khatra hota hai.( There is more chance of betray if relationships are more)
Aicchik : Har rishte main dhoka nahi hota. Kuch rishte humein sambhalne ke liye hote hai.( Every relation is not for betraying us .Some people for giving us support).
Kaurwaki : Meri maa ne mujhe maarne ki koshish ki thi ,Rishton main isse zyada fareb kaise ho sakta hai Aicchik .
Tumhe kya lagta hai ki log humare saath isliye hote hai ki wo humein girne se bacha le , wo humare saath ye dekhne ke liye hote hai ki jab hum girte hai toh chot kahan aur kitni lagti hai aur hum kis had tak girte hai.( My own mother tried to killed me , How can someone cheat more than this in relations .What do u think that people are with us to give support, they are actually want to see when we get fall down , how much it hurt to us  & how much we get fall down.)
A lone tear escaped from her eyes He hug her.
Aicchik : I don’t do it intentionally.
Kaurwaki : I don’t get hurt after all this is truth .I think u are right , I will try my best to hide about my past from Aavya & give my best to make her life better.
Aicchik : I know….You will get successful in this.
She nods her head .
Kaurwaki : I don’t want to spoil my mood because of this. Come ,let’s go.
They both move downstairs & get busy with others .
In OM ( Oberoi mansion) –
Yug, Shree & Anu is present in Yagya’s room . They all are chatting about hus concert .
Shree : Bhaiya ,I am very excited for ur Concert  .
Yug : It’s Bhaiya’s concert not yours .Why the hell u are excited 😜
Anu : Leave that , You say bhaiya to whom You are going to dedicate this song.
Yagya lost in his thoughts .
Shree : Me …
She said while jumping on bed with excitement .
Anu : Stop behaving like spring Shree 😂 😂 ….Sit down now .
Shree : Ohh….Please di , You are jealous from me .
Anu : In ur dreams sweetie .
She said annoyingly .
Yog come there .
Yog : Wow ….All the devils are here .
Yug : Huh.. What do u mean by devils?
He said with fake anger .
Yog : What are u guys doing ?
Shree : Nothing …Bhaiya is going to dedicate the song to me.
She said with pride.
Yug : Wait a sec…When did Bhaiya said . Stop this day dreaming.
They start gument .
Anu : You both again start fighting.
Yog : I need a tape to put on their mouth 😂 .
He notice that he is lost somewhere.
Yog : Yagya …Where are u lost ?
Yagya : Nowhere ….I want to sleep.It’s become late .
Yog : Okk..
They all wish each other & move toward their respective rooms.
In morning – 
In RM – 
Kaurwaki is leaving for office when Aicchik call her from behind .
Aicchik : Kaurwaki , Are u sure ? Isn’t it hurt u .
Kaurwaki : You don’t get worried about me .This is my last decision .
She said & leave from there . She reached the office & move toward her cabin. Suddenly , someone knock on the glass door.
Kaurwaki : Yeah come in….
She said while drinking water.
Mr.Raichand with his daughter Sanya enter inside her cabin. She is not prepare yet to face off & nervously she drop down the glass. Broken sound make her in her senses.
Kaurwaki : It’s by mistake ….Please take the seat.
She composed herself .
Background song – 
Koi ajnabee si tarang hai 
Koi chahaton ki umang hai 
Sanya : Hi…I am Sanya Raichand.
She said while forwarding her hand for handshake.
Kaurwaki : Kaurwaki Singh Rathore.
She said while joining hand with hers.
Main uda rahi hoon jise yahan koi khushboo hai , koi rang hai 
Sanya : No need of introduction. Everyone knows u . Meet my father Mr.Rajveer Raichand.
Kaurwaki : Inko mujhse acche se kon jaan sakta hai.( Who know him better than me)
She said while staring at him with her big expressive eyes.
Main na wo nahi hoon jise yahan
Koi pancho mauj ke sang hai 
Sanya : What !
She said with shocking expression.
Kaurwaki : Nothing …I mean Who don’t know about Mr.Raichand.
Yahan sadgi bhi fareb hai, yahan bebasi bhi fareb hai 
Yahan dosti bhi fareb hai ,Yahan zindagi bhi fareb hai – 2 
Mr.Raichand : Ohh….You are just like my daughter .
Kaurwaki : I don’t know that u are much friendly .Sorry to say but I don’t have any interest to become anyone’s daughter except my father .
She said in taunted voice.
Kahin jalte bujhte wo saaye hai 
Sanya : It’s alright …My father is like this only .
Kaurwaki : I see….
Mr.Raichand : That’s really great favour of u thay u are investing our company in this time.
Mere aas paas jo aaye hai
Kaurwaki : Mention not ….Hope u give the best of yours to my company.
Sanya : Of course …
She said with genuine smile . Rohini enter & give Mr.Raichand a box wrap in gift wrapper .
Kaurwaki : A small present for you ….Open that.
She said smirking.
Jo likha hai unke naseeb mein , wahi rog unko lagaye hai 
Mr.Raichand start opening the box. He see what is inside  from a corner & box fall down from his hand .
Kaurwaki : I don’t know that u don’t like chocolate else I never give u .
She fakely explained .
Hai mujhe khabar ye zara zara ki wo apne hai ki paraye hai 
Sanya : Nothing like that ….Dad don’t like chocolates .
Kaurwaki : I thought ur dad might be like this .
She said with her most dangerous smile .
Yahan sadgi bhi fareb hai, Yahan bebasi bhi fareb hai 
She get up from her chair & move toward the box. She pick up the half wrapped box & keep on the table .
Sanya : I will mail you information & our strategies for the project .Now , we should take leave .
Kaurwaki : Sure ….Why not …Go ahead please .
Yahan dosti bhi fareb hai ,Yahan zindagi bhi fareb hai – 2 
The both leave from there while she broke the pen in anger which she hold . Rohini is shocked .
Rohini : Mam, Are u okay ?
Kaurwaki : Leave from here with these so called chocolates .
She get scared & leave from there .
On the other hand Yagya is standing on stage but his mind is not peresnt there. He is thinking about her while his fans are cheering .He come in senses with those voices & start singing ( Song – Tum mere kya ho ) with painful voice which shows he hurt more than her for accusing her.
Kaurwaki is decided to go back to house for stop thinking about the meeting .She walked out from her cabin & move toward her Rohini cabin.
Kaurwaki : I am leaving .Take care of office in absence of me .Get it .
She said but no reply came from her side .Rohini is busy in watching something on get phone .Kaurwaki called her twice but she don’t pay any heed to get words & this make  her frustrated .She snatched the phone from hand while she is shocked.
Kaurwaki : What the hell are u watching on phone that u didn’t want to listen me.
Rohini : Nothing mam..
Kaurwaki : Let me see.
She said & look at the phone which show Yagya’s live concert. Though she don’t feel much but still his painful voice affect her & making her tensed. She throw the phone in rage .
Rohini get shocked after seeing her phone ashes 😂 😂 .
Rohini : Oh God Mam….What u had done .I love that concert .
Kaurwaki : That so called concert is more important than my work for u .Hell with that concert .
Rohini : Mam, I am sorry ….I mean to say my contacts ….Poor my phone .
Kaurwaki : Look, if u want to work here then u have to concentrate in our company otherwise Go & work in concerts .
She said while hitting her fist on table.
Rohini : Sorry mam, Please don’t fired me.
Kaurwaki : I am leaving .Take care of office else I will throw u out.
She nods her head while she leave from there.
Rohini : Huh….Such a jailor she is 😜 .
She enter in the mansion & about to move toward her room in hurry when Aicchik held her hand .
Aicchik : You start getting hurt by your own choices .Leave this path.
Kaurwaki : Jab rasta apna khud ja chuna hua ho aur piche palat kar jaane ka mausam bhi na raha ho, toh fir chalna parta hi hai , chahe ye raah phoolon ki ho ya kaanton ka jungle ….Safar ruk nahi sakta.(When the path is our own choice & we have no way to return ,.then it’s important to walk on this whether it is full of flowers or thorns .We can’t stop our journey ).
Aicchik : Then What’s the need of my interference ….right .Do what u want .
He said in anger & leave from there.She move toward her room.She enter & locked herself in room.
Kaurwaki : Why is this all happening with me . I don’t find any way .Why my life start becoming more complicated .
She think while removing her black colour overcoat from her black knee-length dress.
She move toward her Almirah to take out her casual clothes for changing .A box fall down from the almirah while taking out clothes . She leave the clothes there & pick up the box. She open it & saw a beautiful ring .
**Flashback **
Scene 1 
A lady is talking to her .
Lady : Main tumhe apni beti ki tarah manti hoon par bahu nahi bana sakti.Mere bete se door raho .Kya chahti ho ki main aur mera beta zindagi bhar tumhare mare hue baba ka shok manaye.(I understand you as my daughter but can’t accept you as daughter in law. Stay away from my son . What do u want that my family & my son grieve on ur fathers death whole life)
Lady : Waise bhi tum hi unki marne ki wajah ho ….Maano ya na maano.(You are the reason for his death….Accept it or not)
Kaurwaki : Aapko aur aapke bete  ko mere Baba ke liye shok manane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai uske liye main hi kaafi hoon. Jab insaan mar jaata hai toh uske baatein aur waadein kaise zinda reh sakte hai .(You & Your son don’t have to grieve on my father’s death , I am already enough for that. When the person dies , what’s the benefit to keep his promise alive)
She mercilessly take out the ring from her hand & give it to her & leave from there.
Scene 2 
Nirnay : What’s wrong with u ? Are u getting out of ur mind.You break our engagement.
Kaurwaki : So what ! Baba mar gaye hain aur unke saath humara rishta bhi.( This relation die with my fathers death)
Nirnay : Tum humari zindagi ka faisla akele nahi kar sakti.( You can’t take our life decision alone)
Kaurwaki : Par apni zindagi ka toh kar sakti hoon .( But I can decide my life )
Nirnay : What do u think of urself ? Why are u behaving like this.
He said tightly holding her hand in rage .
Kaurwaki : Mujhe darane ki koshish mat karo.Main wo larki nahi hoon jo kisi ke darane se dar jaye ya kisi ki mohabbat mein mar jaye , na toh main tumse darti hoon aur na hi mohabbat karti hoon.( Don’t u tried to scared me . I am not one of those girls who give their life for love or they get scared if someone scares them because I never frightened from u & I don’t love u )
Nirnay : Tum sirf ek ziddi ladki ho jo apni zid poori karne ke liye kisi ka dil bhi tod sakti hai.( You are just  a stubborn girl who can go to any extent to make get her wish fulfil whether It’s about the breaking of someone’s heart)
She make her hand free & leave from there.
Nirnay : You are going to regret for this.
He kneel down & tears start flowing from his eyes .
Scene 3 
Lady : Kaatil ho tum .Tumne maara hai mere bete ko . Kaha tha na usee door raho.( You are a murderer .You killed my son .I said to u that stay away from him).
She accusing her .She get heart attack from the stress & trauma.
Kaurwaki : Are u okay ? What happen to u Aunty
**Flashback ends**
She stop thinking . Tears start coming from the corner of eyes.Yagya’s painful voice make her worried.
Kaurwaki : Is he get to know the truth or I am overthinking.
Yagya’s concert is over .He came back to mansion & move toward his  room.Yog is already present there & waiting for him.He sit beside him with his tensed face .
Yog : What happen ? Your concert become succesful then …
Yagya : But I get failed .I don’t know what  to do with my guilt .I seriously can’t sleep till then I apologized to her.
Her face start revolving around his yes.
Background song – 
Khamoshi….Kaisi hai ye khamoshi …
Ek ajeeb bazaar hai duniya , gham haste le aao
Mol khushi ka paas na ho toh gham saste le aao
Kaurwaki : If Yog said truth to him , then he will regret for his accusations but it’s not good for me.
Paro bina jo dekha pancho , mujhko meri yaad aaye
Maine kaha apna koi , ek bhi awaaz na aaye
Kaurwaki : The chapter which I want to close is again start reoopening.I know u again start interference in my life.
Jin par murjhayi baat apni , wo honth dikhaun kisko  
Mujhe log kahe tumhe dard , kisi ka naam bataun kisko 
Main tera naam bataun kisko , ye haal sunaun kisko – 2 
Yagya : I know she told me thousand time to not interfere in her life but my heart never listen to her.I just want to know why she is like this .
Tez hawa ke zor pe ho jo , tinka mile wo kahan 
Dinbhar tu andar jalta hai , dil phir jale kahan
Kaurwaki : Agar meri zindagi andhera hoti toh roshni ki umeed kari jaa sakti thi par main wo bujhe chirago ka dhua hoon jo apne saath doosron ka gala bhi ghont deta hai.
(If my life is fulfil of darkness , then I can expect light but I am a smoke of blown lamp which strangle others with itself)
Ummedon ka naam na lena aur na karoon dua 
Aansoon ki kismat mein the hum , aansoon aane mila 
Yagya : I don’t know everything she does whether it’s right or wrong matter to me.
Jo dekha hai har ek dil ne, main wo kho ke dikhaun kisko 
Mujhe log kahe tumhe dard , kisi ka naam bataun kisko 
Main tera naam bataun kisko , ye haal sunaun kisko – 2 
They are thinking about each other
 Suddenly someone knock on the door . She hide the ring & swiped away her tears.
Siya : Don’t u want to come for lunch .
Kaurwaki : I am coming after changing.
She nods her head & leave from there .
She change & come downstairs . She joined others on table.
Yagya is telling Yog about her while he is listening & tensed about his brother ‘s condition.
Yog : We can’t do anything because she is not here.
Yagya : I already know but I want to apologize.
Yog : It’s not possible . How we are going to make her come here .
Yagya : I have a idea .
He said smirking .
Yog : What is that ?
Yagya : Invite Siya with Rathores to Mumbai . You told Siya that u want to understand her & want to spend time with her . But I don’t know this plan become successful or not .
Yog : Of course , it become successful.
Yagya : I am feeling like this she never agree with Siya to come here.
Yog : Don’t behave like astrologer .I know my sister she can do anything when it comes to family .
Yagya : Don’t u feel that ur sister is weird alien 😂 😂 .Let’s see what happen ?
Precap – Yog request Siya to come Mumbai ….Siya & Kaurwaki talk
What do u think about Kaurwaki ‘s decision ?
What happen when she know that it Yagya’s trap for her ?
What happen when they both faced each other ?
Most importantly , What is the connection between Mumbai & Kaurwaki ‘s past.
If u want to listen song , links are below – 
Tum mere kya ho –
Fareb hai –
Khamoshi –
Hope u guys like it .Sorry for late . Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors . Do comments & like/dislike . Keep smiling & Stay safe 😊 .
Niyati (Niyu) 

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