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Chandrashekhar 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bismil explains his big plan

Chandrashekhar 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with freedom fighters changing their plans of looting British. People’s view about freedom fighters changed. Chandra’s journey to become commander in chief started. Bismil gets jalebis for everyone. Raj says we don’t have funds. Bismil says we shall loot British govt. Chandra says its a big and difficult thing. Bismil says I told you I will get a solution, we will not need to make any action again. Banwari says it will be fun to hide face. Bismil says control emotions, its not good if everyone calls us thieves. They all have mixed opinions. Chandra says I think we should listen to Bismil first. They discuss the train loot plan, while everyone opposes. Bismil says what do you want, shall we sing for freedom and wait for it. He tries hard to convince Ashfaque. He tells about the

helpless move, they have to make people sure that their fight is for them, not with them, we can get money to get weapons and fight with British. They both calm down and then get prepared for the loot plan.

Its morning, Rudra meets a man and helps the freedom fighters by giving them funds. Bismil welcomes Rudra and hugs him. Bismil introduces him to everyone. Rudra says I arranged money. Bismil says that young man’s name is Azad. Chandra greets and smiles. Bismil introduces others. They see the guns. Banwari says its less, we want more guns. Bismil says we need big amount, we have to loot British govt. Everyone agrees. Banwari meets Veer to inform him about their plan. Veer smiles and goes.

Chandra asks Banwari why did he say his name to Veer. Banwari says I wanted to know truth from Veer. Chandra says you still believe him, we got saved that day, if he gives our address to police, what will you do. Banwari asks what’s my mistake. Bismil says Azad is right, we have got a new place. Veer tells their planning to police. Officer says if this info is wrong, Veer shouldn’t live to see another day. Chandra and everyone pack bags. Chandra says I think you all should leave, I will wait for Saniyal. Bismil says you leave, there is a reason. Chandra asks him to listen once. Bismil tells his plan to loot the train. He says its a risky work, we can lose money and life too, we won’t kill anyone. Manmath apologizes to him. Chandra asks him to command them. Bismil says promise me, you won’t attack anyone until its for self defense. They promise. Bismil clears their doubts.

Bismil asks the men to arrange more men to loot the train. Chandra and everyone get ready.

Update Credit to: Amena

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