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Chandrashekhar 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bismil returns to HRA

Chandrashekhar 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra and Banwari waiting for Veer. Banwari says he will come, we have no option than to wait. Chandra says why did he call us here to meet, he needs to meet us, we don’t need him, its not safe to wait here. Banwari asks him to go, he will wait. Chandra turns to go and sees police. They get trapped. Chandra says I told you to listen to me, see police has come, I told you to give money, maybe he did something. Officer says stop else I will shoot. Cop says don’t shoot, we can’t kill them. Tikaram says we don’t know if they are freedom fighters or not. Chandra says shoot us, at least we won’t need to beg someone, we want money from Veer, we are begging him for own money, I will take money from Veer, call him. He asks Veer to come out. Officer says I said go…..

Tikaram asks them to go. Banwari and Chandra leave. Officer says I don’t like false info, that man will pay.

Chandra says he cheated us, I won’t leave him. Banwari says maybe police came to know about him. Chandra says when we were present there, police came to catch us. Banwari says why will he do this. Manmath says you are overthinking. Chandra says my heart says this, its not an accident, we saved ourselves. Its morning, Bismil and his friend have a talk. Bismil does shayari and laughs. Bismil asks him to take care of his mum. His friend asks him not to have formality. They hug. Bismil jokes and laughs. Cop and Tikaram wait for Veer. Veer comes. He says they both got saved, but they still trust me. Tikaram asks will you work well, you will get good money. Veer goes.

Bismil meets his mum. She asks why did you come, did I call you. He says I have to take care of you, if you fall ill, what will I do. She says I can treat myself, no need to come, I m waiting to breath in fresh air, you have to do big work. He says just bless me, I will fulfill your dream soon. She blesses him. He goes. Bismil meets everyone. He learns the matter and gets angry on their stupidity. He says I went for four days, you all did a big mistake. He asks Chandra to be quiet. He says we will find a new place. He talks to Rajkumar. He asks how much time do we have. They talk about arranging money, as business is getting tough. He tells some plan. He says we will think about it in morning.

Its morning, Chandra gets his clothes. He recalls his family. He writes a letter to Jagrani and cries. He thinks how are Sukhdev and Sitaram, he has no annoyance for Sitaram now, he has understood that he is nothing alone. He breaks his promise and cries. Bismil comes to him. Chandra wipes tears. Bismil consoles him.

He asks him not to write letters, they have to stay hidden and alert. Chandra says I know. Bismil says its our duty to protect our family, they can reach you and your family by using this family, if you miss family, meet them and come, don’t write letters. Chandra says its the first and last letter. He tears it.

Bismil tells his plan to everyone. He says its not an easy work, everyone should be alert.

Update Credit to: Amena

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