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Bepannaah 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh finds Pooja’s diary

Bepannaah 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya says Mrs. Hooda to Zoya. You only said that this is mangalsutra and not some ordinary necklace. I wont make you wear it so easily. You will have to first become capable / deserving of it. Do you understand? Kanti Virani laughs. Too good! His sense of humour is great. How will we manage things if we begin to listen to all the demands made by these women? Shall we talk business now? Aditya agrees and takes him to his cabin.

Zoya heaves a sigh of relief. Kanti Virani’s thoughts are so old and orthodox. We will have to tolerate him for this new event somehow!

Zoya says I don’t understand if I should thank you for not making me wear this mangalstura or scold him for his plan of presenting a fake marriage before Virani’s. Aditya says you can thank me or we would have lost the contract.

I have no interest in any of it. I am tired of your hypocrisy. A lie is a lie. How can one lie be different from another lie? Mahi and I were acting to play the role of husband and wife and had no problem to that. Now you have problem playing my wife’s role. She says that was a compulsion but I wont be able to do this. This isn’t hypocrisy but my truth! He advises her to tell Virani’s the truth then. Forget about the company and the employees! Zoya looks at him.

Zoya and Aditya join Virani’s in the meeting room. Kanti Virani says time is money. Is this how you guys work? We have been waiting for you guys since so long and you came now! Zoya begins to say something but Kanti Virani refuses to hear anything from her. I want to talk to your husband. Zoya says I am not Aditya’s wife. Kanti Virani is shocked. Aditya gulps. Devi said the truth finally! We will lose the contract now. Zoya recalls the current situation at office. I meant that I am not just Aditya’s wife but his business partner as well. Aditya nods. Virani’s relax. Zoya says we run this company together. Kanti ji says your husband must be taking all the decisions. Zoya denies. we take all the decisions mutually. We value each other’s opinions and speak to each other before making any decision. Aditya looks at her in confusion. Zoya asks Kanti ji if he will give them the contract. Kanti ji is not at all happy with Zoya saying all this even after being a woman. His son tells him to calm down. Let’s give them a chance atleast. If they are able to do it then it is good or they will understand what women should really be doing.

Harsh notices Arjun sleeping and looks at his watch. It is 11 am and he is still sleeping? He bends down to wake up Arjun when he stumbles upon Pooja’s diary. He connects the dots. He was finding the clues right under my nose! It means he only stole it from Mussorie police station and this was with him all these days! Why is he so interested in this diary? He leaves from there quietly. On his way out, he meets his assistant who tells him about his meetings. Harsh tells him to cancel all his meetings. Anjana is about to say something when he tells her this isn’t the time. No one should come in my study. I mean no one. She nods.

Kanti ji agrees to give them a chance. You will have to return the advance and the contract will be cancelled if you make even a small mistake. Zoya thanks him. Kanti ji tells Aditya he does not know why he gave his wife so much freedom. I am giving you a free advice. Women only divert men’s attention from their work! You can do business with her and take her opinion but I could create such a big empire as the women of my house are only seen and not heard or spoken to. Mahi murmurs that the women of his house cannot even see properly (because of the long veils). Kanti ji asks her if she said something. Mahi denies. Kanti ji gives them the contract. He again advises Zoya to do her patni-dharma. You are still holding the mangalsutra in your hand. Zoya wears the mangalsutra unwillingly.

Harsh also notices some torn pages from the diary. Who did this and why? Why would Arjun tear them even if he read them? Pooja wrote everything about her life in here. Did she write about my secret here? I hope he wouldn’t have found out my secret. I hope the secret which I am trying to save my family from will cover us all in some mess! I will have to find the missing pages.

Kalpesh’s wife removes her veil. Papa ji speaks so much! I was feeling suffocated under it. Zoya and everyone look at her in confusion. Kalpesh’s wife (Bhavna) introduces herself. She makes a lame joke and laughs. I have a habit of making bad jokes. Kalpesh asks her to come to the point. I don’t want to be scolded by Papa now. He scolded me when I was 8. She tells him to grow up. He shows them the presentation of Virani’s group and their upcoming project. Zoya asks him why they want to do this event in India when they were based in Canada. He replies that it is because they started from India only. Mahi calls it a dumb question. She asks Aditya if she is right. Aditya agrees. The presentation continues. Mahi tries to sit closer to Aditya. Bhavna sees it. Zoya and Aditya reach out for the water bottle at once but Aditya takes it. He even offers it to Mahi. Bhavna looks on.

Mahi claps as the presentation comes to an end. She speaks nicely to Kalpesh and shakes hands with him. Bhavna looks at Mahi pointedly. Mahi praises Kalpesh before his wife who taunts Mahi indirectly. I can spot the wrong people from far. Aditya and Zoya divert the discussion back to the event. Kalpesh’s wife compliments Zoya for getting a supporting husband like her. Don’t know what would have happened otherwise. No one can cast an evil eye on someone where men and women share an equal bond (hinting at Mahi). They leave. Aditya and Zoya look at each other.

Precap: Aditya thinks how to stop Kalpesh from going inside. Kalpesh enters inside Yash’s house and asks about Aditya. Aditya comes just then. Who is here Zoya Baby? Zoya looks at him.

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