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Belan Wali Bahu 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost places in trouble

Belan Wali Bahu 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jimmy asks Roopa what happened? Roopa says I cant work nicely, when I iron clothes, they get burned down, when I hold things they fall down. There are many problems. Jimmy says this is a complex problem but vastu have solution for it, he gives her locket. Roopa says its a cheap locket. Jimmy says this is important locket, when you have a problem then hold this locket and say problem shouldnt have happened for 108 times. Jimmy asks to give 50k fees. Roopa says Dada will give it. Roopa holds locket and strikes with a pot but it doesnt fall down, she says it works.

Shalini makes Jitendra and Naren bring plants in their room.
Dada is trying to walk upstairs to shift his room. Suzzi helps him.
Prem and Lata are walking against each other to not fight, they put their bed

in lounge. Lata says I am coming in a minute.

Roopa is boiling milk. She keeps chanting holding locket. Lata sees milk boiling out of container. Roopa says how this can happen?

Jitendra and Shalini have their house filled with plants. They go to sleep but have insects and mosquitoes. Shalini slaps his mosquitoes away.

Prem and Lata are sleeping away from each other. They cant face each other. Prem is drinking wine hiding from her. Lata says can we face each other now? he says no we will fight. She asks what this smell? he says it must be coming from backyard. Lata hears train coming, she screams and try to hold everything down. Prem’s wine bottle breaks too.

In morning, Lata and Prem are facing away from each other. Dada asks to send his food, Lata asks Suzzi to come down, she says I am tired of going up and down. Jitendra says we have been bitten by mosquitoes so much. Naren says thank God I am safe from Vastu. Roopa is still chanting mantras but breaking things. Dada says we have to talk to Jimmy. Dada asks Prem and Lata to face each other, he asks Jitendra to take out plants from his room. He asks to call Jimmy.

Jimmy says to family that I checked whole house, there is a small vastu problem, it cant be solved from small solutions. Dada says what we have to do? Jimmy says we have to remove some things. Jimmy says to Dada that to make vastu of house fine, you have to remove water tank, terrace plank and that tree from outside. Laddo’s ghost says these are my living place. Roopa says I didnt think that. Jitendra calls workers to remove things. Laddo’s ghost says where will I live now?

Roopa is on terrace. Laddo’s ghost says they are coming to remove tank. Family starts going to remove tank. Roopa is tensed. Laddo’s ghost says think about something Roopa. Roopa asks family to not break this tank, I dont think vastu work, small solutions are not working so big wont too. Jitendra says they will work, we have to take big steps. Dada says let us to do it, they are small things to remove. Roopa says how we will use water without tank? Lata says let our problems get solved, Jitendra will get job, Prem and Lata are tired and Dada is alone in life. Roopa says I swear on you people, this tank wont break. Dada says she took swear, we wont break this tank as she said, we will take it from here. They start taking tank from there. Laddo’s ghost says that will take terrace plank and tree too. Roopa says dont worry I wont let this terrace break.

PRECAP- Roopa is sleeping on terrace. Dada asks her to get down, we have to break it. Roopa says no I sleep here, Jimmu’s guru said this is best place for me. Shalini comes on terrace and tries to take Roopa from there, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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