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Agnifera 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi is Insulted

Agnifera 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shrsti slips on bed. Baiju holds her and saves her, says she was about to fall. He asks to check envelope, who know someone stole money. She looks at him. He says it was a joke, let us go now. Revathi with family reaches her friend’s daughter’s goad bharai ritual. Divya praises pregnant lady that she is looking very pretty. Friend thanks Revathi for coming. Puppet friends thank Revathi for not bringing her bahu, but they get jealous when Shristi walks in with Baiju.

Vikral goes to Ragini’s room searching her. Servant informs that baby went to parlor. Parlor lady calls him and informs that baby had appointment at 1 p.m. but did not come. Vikral walks down and yells. Abhimanyu says Anurag must have kidnapped Ragini, he will not spare Anurag now. Vikral says no need for

that, his goons will drag Anurag here. Anurag walks in taking care of arrangement. Vikral warns him to tell where is Ragini. Anurag asks if she is not in parlor. Abhimanyu holds his collar and warns to not let him lose his calm. Anurag asks how does he know, he just spoke about kidnapping but did not intend to, he is worried about Ragini and will go and check in parlor. Vikral warns to stay back. Anurag promises to return with Ragini within 1 hour and leaves.

Puppet ladies yell at Revathi that she brought her widow bahu in auspicious function. Friend manages situation, but puppet lady purposefully collides with Shristi and drops ritual thali and then yells at her.

Ragini sees driver driving car in opposite direction and scolds where is he taking her. Driver turns and reveals he is Parag who says he knows she still loves Anurag and he will not let her ruin her life. Ragini tries to get out of car, but Ammaji walks in and says she has to take a stand seeing daughter’s madness. Parag says our whole family is bad. Ammaji says she thought Anurag will put an effort, but he did not, now she has to lock her in a room. Ragini says she is marrying Abhimanyu on babuji’s order and will not let Babuji’s dignity fail. Ammaji warns to sit silently in car. Anurag comes. Parag says everything is going well per plan. Anurag says he thought Parag is mad, but ammaji is also supporting him, Ragini has right to take decisions of her life, he has promised babuji to bring back ragin, asks Parag to get his bike. Ammaji says he has golden chance. Anurag says it is betrayal and drives car with them.

Puppet lady continues that Shristi’s inauspiciousness will harm her grandson. Revathi warns to shut up. Lady yells she is letting her bahu do make up like suhagan, she will also fall for wordly pleasures. Revathi warns that her son died due to fate, if anyone badmouths about her bahu, she will not spare them. Another lady shows Shirsti and Baiju’s intimate pics to everyone.

Anurag returns home with Ragini. Abhimanyu thanks him. Anurag asks to get ready for a photo session, he has called parlor lady to get Ragini lady.

Pregnant lady feels uneasy. Doctor checks and says it is due to suffocation under veil, they should cancel this function today. Puppet lady yells it is all because of Shristi and now she will teach her a lesosn. She does Shristi’s goad bharai forcefully while ladies hold Revathi and Baiju silently watches.

Precap: Anurag gives Ragini’s hand in Abimanyu’s hand. They exchange garlands. Vikral calls dancers who dance on item number..

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