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A reporter and a business tycoon – a twinj ff- episode -6


Twinkle Pov –

After Kunj’s car left from my sight, I turned around and walked towards my house. Today’s day didn’t went well. I’m sure that our topic, I mean, mine’s and Kunj incident of event must be playing back to back on TV in every news channel. Specially making them more highlight then it already is. I don’t blame them as it’s their duty. After all, even I work in a news channel. I stood outside until I got a grip on myself. After saying some good words for a good time, I finally build up some courage inside me. I know, in spite all these things my parents will trust me no matter what. With that confidence I pressed door bell. Within seconds, mom came and opened door for me. I know up-to now news must have spread like a virus. I entered silently and mom followed me. Dad was there sitting on couch with his head dropped in his hands. No one spoke a word and this silence is killing me.

“Dad.” I whispered enough for him to hear.

“don’t. ” said dad. I stood there shocked.

“I didn’t expected this from you. ” he mumbled. What dad is saying? Is he believing all those rubbish shown in news channel.

“dad. Let me explain. ” I said gathering courage. Trust me! I’m feeling scared.

“what you will explain? What left out? You left no place for me to show my face. ” he said. I felt hurt.

“dad. You think it’s my fault? ” I asked him. I thought he will trust me.

“you went there to cover a event and you ended up becoming a hot topic. How will I show my face to someone.? At least you had kept this thing in your brain that you are a girl and such things do effect girl and her family. ” said dad. I know he is true. It’s a big deal for a girl to get in news in such topics. It effects her life, her future,  her family. I expected all this except this one thing. I thought dad will listen to me, will understand my situation and will support me.

“dad. Trust me. I had not done anything intentionally. I don’t know how things ended up in such way. ” I said with my voice shaking. My tears are at verge still I held them back.

“I don’t know whether it’s intentional or unintentional. All I know is, I have to find a solution for this. I don’t want anything bad to happen more.” before I can say a word someone spoke from door.

” And I have that solution. ” I turned around to see Manohar Sarna there. With him stood his wife. He came forward towards my dad.

“hello. I’m Manohar Sarna and this is my wife Usha Sarna. ” he introduced himself and his wife. His wife came towards me and caressed my hairs, I closed my eyes as I really need someone to understand me and I felt it in her touch.

“why are you here? ” came my dad’s harsh tone.

“to sort out everything that got created due to our children. ” said Mr. Sarna.

“how? ” my dad asked confused.

“by making them marry each other. ” said Mr. Sarna. It shouldn’t happen. I don’t want to marry anyone. Specially, a business tycoon or his son. I hate them with my life. I know, I somewhat admire Kunj but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to marry him. I just met him today. And most importantly I’m not ready for marriage or to take any such responsibilities. My thoughts broke when my dad said next words.

“what? This can’t happen. I mean I know you barely as a person. I can’t risk my daughter’s life giving her hand into a stranger’s one. I’m sure that my daughter must be a stranger to him and he to my daughter.” he voiced out. Somewhere by heart melted by seeing his care towards me and those little trust. At least he trusts me a little.

“I know Mr. Taneja. This is hard for you. I can’t even blame you. You are right on your side. But just think with a cool mind. Our children are stuck in this situation. Only marriage is a solution to clear this mess, else paparazzi and media will create a havoc in our lives specially in our childrens’. We are left with no other option besides I already announced them being in a relationship and about their marriage. ” said Mr Sarna. Dad seemed to think about it.

“and about my son? Don’t worry! I assure you that he is a great person and will take great care of Twinkle. You can trust me with this. ” he continued. After thinking for a while dad nodded as Mr. Sarna is right in his place.

“I think you are right, we should marry them as soon as possible.” I looked at mom for any kind of help but she looked at me with helpless eyes. I know my dad very well, when he is determined about anything then he will make sure that it will happen at any cost.

“dad. Just listen to me for once. I don’t want to get married. ” I tried to explain. Dad looked at me with anger filled eyes and it scared me to hell.

“why do you think you will be given a chance to speak after what you done. You have lost your every right to speak. ” said dad. I closed my eyes. Those words pricked my heart.

“at least listen to her once. ” said my mom with a hope.

“no Leela. You don’t come in this. She had done such a act and she should bear the consequences. Besides I’m not going to change my mind. You are going to marry Kunj sooner with or without your consent. ” he said.

“you can’t take any decision without knowing her side of story. ” came a voice and I turned around to see…..

End of Twinkle Pov.

Kunj Pov.

My parents left leaving me alone there. I just reminded their words of me marrying Twinkle. No this can’t happen. I can’t spoil that innocent girl’s life by marrying her. I’m such a bad luck. I should stop before my parents will talk with her parents. I went out and started engine.

I stopped my car at traffic signal. Once again today’s events started to flash in my mind. I gripped by hand around steering until my knuckles turned white.

“I can’t marry that girl. I can’t spoil someone’s life. ” I mumbled.

Within minutes I reached her place. After parking car I opened her door which is unlocked. I entered into her house.

“no Leela. You don’t come in this. She had done such a act and she should bear the consequences. Besides I’m not going to change my mind. You are going to marry Kunj sooner with or without your consent. ” said a person, who is her dad. I can say it by the he look similar to her.

“you can’t take any decision without knowing her side of story. ” I said and all turned towards me. I ignored my parents glaring and went to Twinkle’s father.

“you can’t take any decision by not knowing full truth. ” I said and before he can say something there were some ladies. He looked at them and back to me.

“let’s talk in private.” he said and we I mean me, her dad and my dad went into a nearby room.

” what do you want to say? ” he asked. I sighed deeply before saying anything.

“look Mr. Taneja. I know you were upset by today’s event. But, trust me. It’s neither Twinkle’s fault nor mine. It was just a accident or coincident. I don’t know. Someone tried to kidnap Twinkle and I reached there following him. When I was about to catch him, he pushed me away and ran from there. I had fallen on Twinkle and next moment media was inside. I don’t know how media got to know about us. It seemed like someone wanted to trap us and he got successful in doing so. ” I explained. Mr. Taneja started thinking deeply.

“whatever happened has happened. But I don’t want this to effect my daughter’s life. ” he said after a while.

“only solution left is your marriage with her.” said dad igniting my anger. Here I want to settle everything and he took a oath to not to listen to me for once.

“why are you on head over heels making me marry with Twinkle, a person who barely I know. ” I replied frustrated.

“because, somewhere I believe that, this all happened because of you. Moreover I already announced your relationship and marriage. It gonna effect my reputation too. ” he said. He only worries about reputation.

“I don’t care about your reputation at this moment. ” I spat on his face first time ever.

“at least you care about her reputation?” he asked me. I looked at him.

“Kunj. You very well know how this gonna effect Twinkle. Her future will be spoiled. Why don’t you think about others instead of being always selfish brat?” he said relating his last words to my past. I stood there stilled. Before I can say anything, there was a noise from hall. We all went towards door.

“such a cheap girl. ” said a women to Twinkle.

“don’t you have some shame. Because of you, your parents heads are down. If I had a daughter like you, I would have killed her with my own hands. ” said another woman.

“don’t know how you are standing after doing such a thing. I don’t think so, you have left any self respect inside you. “

They were just blaming her and abusing her. A woman just hit my nerve by saying such a low word.

“you know what people call a woman like you. ” I know what coming next.

“a who*e.” that was enough for me. How can she use such a word when she knows nothing about what happened.

“ENOUGH. ”  I yelled. All turned there attention towards me. I went towards temple and took vermilion and filled her hairline, taking her. All looked shocked. Even Twinkle too.


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