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1st Epi – Bitti Business Wali 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti is introduced

Bitti Business Wali 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Narrator tells that Allahabad is famous, many people comes to take a dip in the river and also to get educated. He tells about dreams of the residents. Bitti is shown. She comes to office. Boss tells her that he has transferred her salary to her account. Bitti gets happy. Aaj main upar song plays…..She comes to temple and lights diya. She comes home. Her siblings get happy. Dadi asks her not to be spendthrift. Bitti asks her to have something atleast. Dadi asks if Chinese is here? Bitti shows the shop. Dadi takes money from her hand and takes Chinese dishes, Bitti is happy seeing her family happy. Her father comes and says you are like your mum, your success is because of your mother. Bitti sees hoarding falling on her father and wakes up. It turns out to be her imagination or dream.


sister Suman says you again saw dream. Bitti says good morning Maa and says dreams are important to get aim. She goes to her mother’s pic and thanks her for giving her good sister like Suman. She praises Suman. Suman hears her and says you made me up, but can you make honey singh wake up. Bitti says it is easy to wake him up. They play song and dances. Bitti asks him to get ready and asks Suman to come with her.

Bitti’s father praises her and talks about the alliance for her. He says it seems guy’s family is modern. Bitti says nobody asked me if I am ready, says she will meet for him. He asks her to do as her heart says. Dadi scolds badi bahu and tells Bitti that people are coming to see her alliance and say what they will tell that you ride scooty. Bitti teaches driving to Suman. Suman hits Dadi and her father on road Dadj scolds her and tells that Bitti is flowing out of hand. Bitti’s brother dances with his wife on laila main laila song plays…bade bhaiyya Jogi also dances while his wife Chandana looks at him. She asks him to give money for their daughter’s ghagra choli. he refuses to give money and asks her to ask Dada ji. brother praises her beauty. His wife asks him for money. He says he will give later.

Bitti comes to Chandana’s room and sees her taking out money from his wallet, but keeps silent. Elder brother drags Chandana out and tells that money is getting missing from my wallet since few days. Dadi scolds her. Bitti tells Dadi that Jogi didn’t give money for some stuff. Jogi asks if I don’t give money then will she steal? Dadi says Bitti is doing leadership and asks them to serve food fast. Bitti gets sad. Chandana asks her to have something. Bitti asks how she can be so carefree and hugs her. chandana asks her to cheer up. Groom’s family come to meet Bitti. Bitti and the guy go to side and talk. She tells that she wants to do B ed and wants to work after marriage. Guy says I have no problem if you work, but only men of the house work, and says women watch TV all the day. Bitti asks him to give salary for becoming housewife.

Precap: Dadi scolds Bitti for putting the condition. A guy picks her bag and goes. She follows him and they fall in river together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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