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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Simmi is scared of Shaina

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun saying their names are not there is list, maybe Seema switched off her phone to ignore her parents. Ruhi says I hope its true, maybe Seema is safe and sound. Shagun says she will be fine, is Ishita feeling better, I m five mins away from home, I was thinking to meet her. Ruhi says yes, you may come and meet her. Simmi recalls Shaina. Ruhi asks are you fine. Simmi says yes. Ruhi says Shagun is coming home. Simmi thinks to go to her room. Ruhi asks what happened, where is Ishita. Simmi gets her finger cut. Ruhi says you are bleeding, why are you so careless, what’s wrong. Shagun comes and asks what happened, get some ice. Ruhi gets the ice. Simmi says I want to tell you something. Shaina comes and signs Simmi.

She asks what happened, tell us. Simmi says no,

I want you to do the cooking today, I won’t be able to make dinner. Ishita says I have to go. Shagun says I came to meet you, did you enjoy in London. Ishita says I have a lot of work, I m going to clinic. She goes. Ruhi says Simmi was lost in her thoughts. Simmi goes to her room and cries. She says whom shall I say it now. She gets Shaina’s message… I m ot at home, don’t try to tell anyone, I have put cameras and mics in the house, if you want to see your family alive, then be quiet, SS…. Simmi says Shaina Shah, it means she isn’t Ishita.

Ranbir says a parcel has come for you. Yug checks and gets a bullet in it. Raman looks on shocked. Ranbir says this parcel was delivered at Vishal’s house. Yug reads the note, I know what you did, come in this party to know everything. Yug says no. Ranbir asks what’s the matter. Yug says I feel my past has come in front of me. Ranbir asks what is it. Yug says I have to find out who has sent this to me. Ranbir says I didn’t tell this to anyone, Vishal is busy with his dad. Yug says fine, go home now. Raman thinks is he hiding something imp, I have to go after him. Shagun says Simmi, its me, is everything okay, you will get fine soon. Simmi says I m fine, I want to tell you something. Shagun says you are scaring me. Simmi says there won’t be camera in my room, I have to tell someone. She says I have to tell you something imp. She gets Shaina’s message. She goes to washroom and cries. She says this means she wasn’t lying, she has set up cameras in the house. Shagun asks are you fine. Simmi says yes. She comes to Shagun and says I m not feeling well since few days, I m fine, text me your gynac’s number. Shagun says fine, I hope there is no other problem. Simmi says no. Ruhi and Aaliya laugh hearing Yug’s jokes. Raman comes.

Aaliya goes to get lime juice for him. Ruhi asks Yug to tell some joke to Raman, he looks stressed. Yug gets a call and says I have to go somewhere. Aaliya says I will come along. Yug says its my friend’s bachelor’s party. She asks who. He says you are trying to act smart, I won’t tell friend’s name. Ruhi says let him go, we will watch a movie. He goes. Raman says he is going in the party, I have to follow him. Shagun says you look stressed, share it with me. Simmi gets a message… your room is bugged, I can hear everything, don’t tell Shagun, else I have to kill her. Shagun asks whose message is it, show it to me, your hands are shaking. Simmi says I m feeling unwell. Shagun says sit first. Shaina comes and asks is it any secret talks, I came back to talk to you. Shagun says good, please check Simmi’s BP. Simmi says no, I m fine. She shouts don’t hurt me, I didn’t tell anyone. Shaina says what happened to you, I m going to check your temperature, you watched a horror film at night, that doesn’t happen in real life, relax now. Shagun says please stop watching horror films, take care. She goes. Shaina warns Simmi and goes.

Shaina says this guy will get us in trouble. She goes to Yug and asks him to leave the house, he can’t ruin Aaliya’s life. Aaliya says leave Adi, else I will cut my wrist. Raman shouts no…. they ask what happened. Raman says work stress. He says how will I tell Ishita that I have to go after Yug. Shaina says how will I go out now, what will I tell Raman. She talks on phone. She says I have to go, a kid got injury, he fell from much height. Raman asks shall I drop you. She says no, I will manage. He says now I don’t have to lie to her. Karan asks someone about Seema. Rohan comes and asks who is Seema. Karan says she is Ruhi’s friend, Ruhi is not in contact with her, I promised Ruhi that I will try to find her. Rohan says invite Ruhi for dinner. Karan says I m winning her trust. Rohan says woo her, you are a charming guy, you are helped her. He insists. Karan says fine, I will do my work. Rohan goes. Karan says I have to call Ruhi for dinner. Rohan says let her come once, then I will do what I want. Raman says its good no one has seen me, I will follow Adi and see what past he is talking about.

Yug asks Ranbir to not come after him, he will go in. Raman follows Yug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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