Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shani dev goes to surya lok.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana continuing telling the story. ravana suddenly hears another sound and he sees mushak ji running towards him. ravana gets angry and says what are you? a demon or something or a trick of the gods? Ganesh says ravana ji, he is just a mouse, why are you so worried? You should continue and tell me the story. mushak ji goes away and hides behind the rock. Ravana says ganesh ji, I don’t understand! Ganesh says you are being paranoid ravana ji, forget it. ganesh then tells mushak to stay quiet and not make any noise, he tells mushak to work out the plan without any sound.
Ravana tells the story. shani there meditates and opens his eyes, first he is shocked and says who are you woman? What are you doing here? shani notices the cactus plan on the back of devi manda

and he says devi, I see you saved me by stepping in the way of that thorny plant, I thank you for this favor but why did you do it? devi manda smiles and says I have been serving you and seen you meditate, I saw you here and was impressed and amazed by your beauty and how you had for years kept on meditating, this made me fall in love with you and so I decided to stay here and serve you until you meditate and finish your prayers. Shani is impressed and he says devi, I have been meditating because it was my mother’s command as she told me to control my anger and meditate until I do so. Shani then says devi manda, your dedication and love towards me is starting to make me fall in love with you too, I shall take you with me to surya lok to my mother! Shani and devi manda go to surya lok.
In surya lok, devi sandhya is disturbed by seeing devi Chaya serving and showering her love on surya dev, whereas she should get all of it as she is his wife too. Devi Sandhya sees that before she can do anything for surya dev, devi Chaya is already doing it. devi Sandhya confronts devi Chaya and talks to her, she says devi Chaya you are my shadow form and I gave you life, you belong to me but also remember what you had promised me that when I would come back you would merge into me as your task would be done then. Devi Chaya realizes her promise and is sad, she says but devi now my son is there and I love swami surya dev. Surya dev comes near. Devi Sandhya says but you promised devi, surya dev says devi Chaya I understand your love and I love you both because you are already one! You are the shadow form of devi Sandhya and as you promised, you should fulfill it. shani comes at the time with devi manda and he is happy to see his mother after years, he does pranam to surya dev and devi Sandhya and says mother Chaya, you told me to go and meditate and I did it for these many years, so that my anger would be controlled and now I feel it has come under control so I came back to you, will you accept me as son now? devi Chaya says yes my son, you were always my son and always will be but I have to go. shani says where? Devi Chaya meets manda and says shani she is beautiful. Surya dev tells shani, son your mother had promised devi Sandhya years ago that when she would be back, devi Chaya would merge back into devi Sandhya as she is her shadow form, now she has to fulfill her promise. Shani says what? Shani gets angry but controls it and says but why are you doing this father? Mata Sandhya, why are you taking my mother back from me? I have come after so many years, please don’t do this. Devi Sandhya says son, but she promised to me and she has to fulfill it. shani gets angry and loses his temper, he says no you cannot do this. You both have been selfish, you used my mother! And now you don’t need her so you are calling her back, but she deserves to live a life too, she gave birth to me and I cannot lose my mother. Surya dev says shani, don’t be angry, it is a promise devi Chaya herself gave to devi Sandhya. Shani says no, I see what you are doing here, you are taking my mother away from me again and you both are selfish to think of that! as the fight goes on, devi Chaya is in tears and she is sad.

Precap: surya dev gets angry on shani and says enough! I had enough of your attitude, who are you? what can you even do? You can do nothing so you are not worth speaking like that. shani says now I will show you what I can do, I become even more capable than you. shani goes away angry in tears.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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