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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev appears.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi Chaya pleading shani to stop as the universe will be destroyed, and it will all be on him. shani stops after his mother insists, but surya dev still suffers from the darkness as the sun is still black. All gods are worried and indra dev says, kid stop this all and take the spell back! save surya dev, otherwise the universe and world will be destroyed.
Devi Chaya says yes son shani, take back the darkness. Shani says mother, I am incapable of withdrawing my attack, I just knew how to attack! All gods are shocked. indra dev says this is impossible, which means the world will be destroyed. Vayu dev says, all living beings, gods, demons and humans will be killed! Agni dev says the universe will be destroyed, what do we do?
Ravana tells ganesh, after that the

gods knew nothing could save them, except for mahadev, so they started praying to mahadev. All gods and surya dev start praying to mahadev. Surya dev says the divya mantra of mahadev, and after listening to it shani joins surya dev and thinks, this mantra is so peaceful and it is giving me so much peace in my inner self! Shani is sad about his doing, so he prays to mahadev for help. As surya dev continues his prayer, mahadev opens his eyes and listens to the prayer of the gods.
Mahadev appears in surya lok and as he steps, light comes in the surya lok! Surya dev does pranam. mahadev blesses surya dev and using his power, surya dev is cured of the darkness and the sun is saved. Surya dev thanks mahadev and all gods thank too. Shani is sobbing and mahadev sees him. All gods feel sad for shani. Mahadev says son shani, I know you regret what you did and it was a mistake! I can feel your sorrow, but why were you so angry at surya dev? He is your father. Shani explains how he cannot see his mother in pain and suffering as he has felt and sensed it since he was in her stomach, he has seen her pain and wanted devi Chaya to get her right what she deserves! Shani says I cannot see my mother in pain, because it gives me pain too. Mahadev is impressed by the mother love of shani towards devi Chaya and he says I am very impressed by your love towards your mother, I wish even I had been born from a mother and not be born as an entity myself! Mahadev says shani, I know you fought for your mother. Mahadev says surya dev, your son and wife devi Chaya are yours, you did not accept them but you have such a dutiful wife and a dutiful son, devi Chaya did everything for you and deserved everything in return from you, but you did a mistake. Surya dev says mahadev, I have realized my mistake and wont take a second to change it! I want to do the right thing now. mahadev smiles and goes.
Surya dev then goes to devi Chaya and shani and asks for forgiveness. Surya dev says devi Chaya, till today I was wrong and I want to make everything right. I accept you as my wife because you deserved it all this time and I accept shani as my son, the surya putra shani. All gods chant, surya putra ki jai. Shani is angry as he hears it and he remembers how surya dev had insulted him before and not accepted him as his son. shani says stop it, all gods are worried. Shani says I don’t accept surya dev as my father, surya dev you defied me and did not accept me as your son, I am happy and satisfied that my mother got her right but I don’t want to be your son! I don’t accept you as my father. Devi Chaya says what are you saying shani? Everything is right now, calm down your anger and talk to your father, he is your father! Shani says no mother, I am truly happy for you but I cannot accept surya dev as my father. Devi Chaya says then I wont accept you as my son, yes I wont! Shani is shocked. devi Chaya says go and meditate shani and meditate until you find peace and your anger calms down, come back only then. Shani then walks out as all gods watch with sadness.
Shani goes to a place and sits on a rock, he decides to meditate until his anger calms down. Shani sits and starts meditating and praying to mahadev.
As ravana tells ganesh, mushak ji is hiding behind a stone waiting to run towards ravana and push him so that the aatma ling falls down. Ravana hears the squeaking sound of mushak ji and turns back and says who is it? ganesh thinks, mushak ji cannot do a thing without making any noise, he will be caught. Ganesh says it is nothing ravana ji, and you shouldn’t walk back when you are holding the aatma ling of mahadev. Ravana says okay and continues the story and says as shani meditated to my prabhu, mahadev, shani dev grew older and became a fine young individual.
In flashback, shani meditates and one day his soon to be wife, devi manda the daughter of gandharva raj comes there. ravana says devi manda was mesmerized by the beauty and divya attractive self of shani dev and as she was impressed that for years shani dev kept meditating to mahadev, so she decided to serve shani dev as he meditated so that she would find love and peace with shani dev. But one day a storm came and as usual, devi manda was serving shani dev when she stood to protect him from the harsh wind and flying twigs and plants and suddenly a cactus plant flew, devi manda came in between and the plant hit her back, she was in pain and shani dev’s eyes opened.

Precap: Shani dev is shocked to see a woman near him. shani dev and surya dev have a verbal fight and shani dev goes away saying, I will become even more capable than you, you will watch!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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