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coin has two sides..

Whole night passed like this twinkle and Kunj crying.Twinkle holding her tummy and crying while thinking what should she do Kunj said to her she have to proof her love if she loves him than she have to abort their baby.One side is Kunj who is his life without him she can’t stay for him she can do anything other side her unborn baby who didn’t come in this world till now his breaths continuing with her only.

{sometimes in life we come and stand in  that situation where we all are totally freezes didn’t think twice I don’t think so to proof something you have to do it’s baseless.If you thinking you will proof and does something Than it’s showing your love and had power it’s call stupidity not love}

Twinkle:jab mujhe itna rula na hi ta than why you give me this all love before haan Kunj Sarna holding his photo in her hands. Firstly you show me so much dreams finding my life like a fairy tale now you doing this with me Kunj.You wanted to kill our baby how could you said this didn’t your heart and soul shaking you before this words comes in your mind.Yeh mera bacha hai.But I love Kunj too.Whole night they spend in tears.

Sunlight coming on twinkle she wake up and open her eyes her body was aching so badly.She get up with pillar support. And remember what happened last night cuddles her tummy.Her eyes were finding Kunj still she went in balcony and see Kunj who sleeping in sitting position.Fast wind going on due to wind side lamp was shaking and about to falls down on Kunj twinkle rushed towards him.She hold it on time it’s hurt her.

Twinkle:ouch kunjj.Kunj wake up with jerk. Kunj get up and look at twinkle.


Twinkle:are you okay.

Kunj:hmm.Twinkle place lamp in back side.She didn’t said anything just went in room while Kunj look at her with painful eyes.He too went inside both get freshen up Kunj getting ready while twinkle sitting in side and applying ointment on her wound.

Twinkle:aha she winch in pain.Kunj see her and went near twinkle.

Kunj:wait I’ll do he sit beside her take her hand.You hurting yourself.Twinkle look at him tear eyes having pain in her eyes as well.

Twinkle:what about you this pain is less than yours pain kunj take her hand back with her I can manage myself.

Kunj:acha than great twinkle.Remember what I told you.


Kunj:it’s your mistakes twinkle you get pregnant not mine if you can’t abort this baby than please for god sake sign this papers and leave from there.

Twinkle:why I’ll do this Kunj haan.Just than there Saroj entered in room.

Saroj:what’s going on.They both look at her and immediately get up.

Twinkle:dadi Maa.

Saroj:I just come to check you both. Acha twinkle me and Usha going in our relatives baby shower do you wanna joint us haa?

twinkle:nahi dadi Maa Mera mood nahi hai.

Saroj:acha what happened to you nowadays looking so weak.what comes in your reports twinkle get shocked.


Saroj:haan servant told me??

Twinkle:nahi it’s normal.She look at Kunj.

Saroj:okay take care of yourself hope soon we will to celebrate your baby shower she said and went while Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s.Sad song play in bg Mora piya..

Kunj went downstairs twinkle too they both have their breakfast with sad face there sanam come.

Sanam:Arey twinkle what happened to you?


Sanam:looking sad after Kunj as well so poor.

Twinkle:hmm.Twinkle get up about to go sanam bring her leg in between twinkle she falls down. Ouch Kunj get up sanam immediately went in side.

Kunj:pagal hau Kya can’t you walk perfectly in this situation.

Twinkle:ahah kunjjj.He give her hand she try to get up but can’t. Kunj lift her in his arms and take in their room sanam get shocked and confused as well what does mean of Kunj words in this situation.She went in room and giving stress to her mind again and again Kunj words ringing in her mind,

Sanam: what mean of this.Ovi come there.

Ovi: Kya hua lets go somewhere.

Sanam:shut up Ovi here Im busy you just thinking about party and all’s do something I told you stay around Kunj if you stay with Kunj twinkle will argue with him due to this they both fight everyday and it’s good for us.

Ovi:acha what happened to you so suddenly haan.

Sanam:nothing before something happened I have to do something else.

You know what Kunj said just in this situation what does mean of this.

Ovi:what.. she told her everything.

Sanam:means really twinkle is pre…

Ovi:offo di this can’t happened they both having issues between each other’s how can they.

Sanam:whatever Ovi.If twinkle give baby.Than I wouldn’t get anything.No no.

Kunj place on bed and checking her feet.

Kunj:can’t you see and walk perfectly.

If something happened to baby than. Twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle:why you thinking about my baby last night toh you said kill to my baby now why.

(Zindgi me koi kabhi aaye na rabba

Aaye jo koyi to phir jaye na rabba

Dene ho gar mujhe baad me aansu

To pehele koyi hasaye na rabba) – (2)

To pehele koyi hasaye na rabba

Kunj:you don’t need to think about my words get it.Now rest her don’t go anywhere if I saw than no one is worse than me.

Twinkle:why I’ll listen to you haan.You toh wanted to hurt me na than leave me on myself Kunj.Go away from here Kunj.

Kunj tie her hands with bed and went downstairs send fruits and nuts for her with servant.Servant keep in side and went.Kya fahida in sab Ka Kunj your words and you hurting me this much one moment you give me happiness another moment hurt me like anything now I’m tired till now I’m thinking I’ll chance you both I can’t maybe somewhere I understand our love can’t win.

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Rohit went to hospital he meet with dr and talk to him for sometimes he come back with sad face and sitting in side.

Rohit:now I don’t have time meri yeh bimari mujhe jal hi maar degi.He look at his report. I’m suffering from brain Tumor. I don’t have much time Khariah and beenish I don’t know how will tell you about my disease because I don’t wanted to hurt you.Don’t know what happened after me with you.Just wanted your and my daughter

happiness.After me you stay happy and enjoy your life and start again forget me like a bad dream. He cuddles his photo in which Khariah and beenish photo was there tears escaping from his eyes like anything.He get up composed himself and put stone in his heart and left for somewhere…

After sometimes later Khariah and beenish finding Rohit everywhere in house but he wasn’t there Khariah get worried about him she try to call him but his phone coming off she get more shocked.

Khariah:where he is babaji.Why don’t he picking up my calls hope he is fine without informing where he went.

She sit with heavy heart just than there Usha and Manohar come she told them about Rohit they both too try to call him he didn’t pick up his call.

Manohar:don’t worry beta maybe he get stuck in some work he will come Don’t worry.

Khariah:hmm papa.She went in her room and just than her eyes went on letter she get confused and take in her hands.

Khariah:what is this.?? She open the

letter and started reading tears escaping from her eyes after read the letter and get shocked.she screamed so loudly and went in hall breathing like anything.All come down and get confused to see Khariah.

Kunj:di what happened he went towards him.


Khariah:Maa..😭😭. Ye..

Manohar:Kya hua beta.She showing letter twinkle too come.

Khariah:Yeh letter.. Manohar take letter in his hand.

Kunj:what is this letter haan.

Saroj:why you crying like this..

Khariah: kunjj dadi Maa ye Rohit humhe chood ke chale gaye.Kunj open the letter and started reading he get shocked and closed his fist.

{letter.Dear Khariah I know you will disheartened after reading this letter but what I can do I can’t lied with you anymore don’t be sad.I can’t live with you now anymore I love someone else.

I really love her sorry Khariah for this forgive me please for hurting you and beenish.I’m going now bye don’t try to call me I’ll not come back.

Rohit.} kavin read Letter loudly all get shocked after listen this while Nikki and sanam was smiling inside there heart. Khariah fully break down she about to falls down on her knees Kunj hold her hand she cuddles him.And crying loudly Kunj closed his eyes angry at Rohit like anything.

Khariah:how could he did this with me what I have done with him he love someone what about me and beenish haan.twinkle having tears in her eyes Kunj look at her with anger while everyone is in dilemma.she can’t see anymore went in her room while all try to console Khariah.

Kunj:di don’t worry chii he stoop so low I never knew about this he will do something like this.

Khariah: this all are not true Kunj please bring him back. Na.

Saroj:Rohit how can he does something like this he love someone else.

Nikki:offo mom ji can’t you see and understand mostly he staying away from Khariah didn’t take her to Their house they staying with us just because of this he doing this all I toh many times told you something is fishy in Rohit now see results come in front of your eyes only.

Khariah:bua ji don’t say this.. please for god sake. 😭😭😭.

Manohar:Khariah don’t need to waste your tears for that type of man.Come with me he take Khariah with himself in room. While kavin and kainaat Beenish in their room.

Kunj was fully in anger he went in his room and see twinkle his anger raise more and more those words hitting on his mind fully he went towards her and pulled her hand with jerk she get shocked to see this.

Twinkle: kunjjjj.

Kunj:now you are happy to see this you wanted this only na twinkle.Because of you my sister in this pain you are responsible for this all happy Rohit leave my sister.Twinkle get shocked and confused why Kunj saying to her this all things.

Twinkle:Kunj what I have done in this all

Why you saying me this all haan. I know right now you aren’t in your sense I can understand.

Kunj:what you can understand what type of girl you are haan fire someone house now pretending like this haan.

Kunj twist twinkle hand in anger fully she winched in pain loudly and crying like anything.

Twinkle:Kunj why you doing this all things with me haan. What I have done in this all.

Kunj: you are cause of my sister tears I wouldn’t leave you twinkle.

Twinkle:what why I’ll do haan how can I m you always choose everyone before me you can see your sister can’t my tears what type of husband you are leave me Kunj. She try to free herself in this process Kunj leave twinkle sudden she hit with side ahah kunjjj and crying loudly while Kunj don’t know what to do he totally out of his ozone. He try to take him medicine fully twinkle shocked and went towards him. Kunj are you mad haan Leave this. She snatch the bottle and throw it in side okay you wanted I’ll leave you okay I’ll go from here.

Kunj: haan now toh you were ready to leave me someone is waiting for you haina. Twinkle get shocked and slapped Kunj hardly.

Twinkle:chii you thinking about me this haan.   

Kunj: that Rohit is Cheater even you too like him.

Twinkle: acha I’m cheater really and he too. Till now I’m thinking you doing this all things due to some reasons and you are stubborn that’s why now I m tired Kunj I told if I didn’t reform you I’ll end up my life you wanted to leave me I’ll leave you now. Till now I’m just bearing your pain and atrocity just because of my papa after you leaving me he will be sad if I’ll told him about your behaviour and things he will dishearten because of his happiness I marry to you I’m not interested in your slightly.

Kunj: great even I’m too not at all. Why you will be in me after putting fake rape allegations on me. You doing this with all.

Twinkle: Kunjj be in your limits I didn’t put any fake allegation on you get it. I told you in college only there is some misconceptions I apologise to you for that.You know because of that jacked I thought it’s you.You still remember that things now toh I’m your wife haan kunj you doing this all things for that.

Kunj:yes I’m doing this for that Happy.

Tell me where is Rohit went haan.

Twinkle: how I know about him I’m toh in front of you only why you asking me this haan kunj.

Kunj:because you are the one he stop.

Twinkle:why you stop Haan tell me na.I don’t know anything about where he went get it. You taking him wrong.

Kunj:basss.Twinkle went downstairs from there. If twinkle is here where Rohit went he toh love her how can.uff babaji meri behan I’ll not leave this two for sure.

Everyone try to find Rohit but didn’t get anything about him where he is and where he went.

Like this two days went way they didn’t get any in formation about Rohit while Khariah make herself so worse just crying this Kunj didn’t bear.Nikki and sanam try to sprinkle chilli flakes on her wounds twinkle give them answers back she knows about Rohit but she can’t tell them anything he give her swear of Kunj. Other hand Kunj didn’t talking to twinkle every time just ignoring her and blaming her for this all things she didn’t said uff. In starting when twinkle see Rohit with a girl she too though about him he cheating with Khariah.She wanted to tell Kunj but stop she had been see in her family after knowing about this what will happen on a father and family at Mahi time she is

acquainted with this before only because of this she stop itself she isn’t sure.With whom she saw Rohit she is his dr.

Again same thing happened in her another family all get shocked when they get to know about this twinkle didn’t tell anyone about her pregnancy. After see Kunj behaviour towards her she thought he doing more because of their baby.

Jate jate koyi meri khushiyo ko le gaya

Suni suni akhiyo ko gham koyi de gaya) – (2)

Aas jo lagayi hai aankh bhar aayi hai – 2

Itna bhi koyi sataye na rabba

Zindgi me koi kabhi aaye na rabba

Aaye jo koyi to phir jaye na rabba

Dene ho gar mujhe baad me aansu

To pehele koyi hasaye na rabba – 2

Kunj sitting in garden tears coming from his while thinking about his sister who just almost try to kill herself Khariah take knife about to cut her nerves on correct time Kunj reached and stop her.

Kunj: I’m sorry di for this all my love responsible for this I try to save twinkle but I forget she is the one because of her you are in pain right now if she didn’t do today you are happy leave about that Rohit he is like only we didn’t see his real face. He just making you and beenish fool he didn’t think about once his daughter. Leave everything and went but twinkle is here only he toh love twinkle.With my own ears I heard this she saying Rohit to leave you Dii I wouldn’t leave twinkle.Kunj went in anger

Twinkle try to calling him he didn’t listen to him.She sit in car and left for hospital.Kunj and yuvi sitting.

Kunj: yuvi twinkle is pregnant.

Yuvi:what great.

Kunj: what great in this haan.

Yuvi: are you not happy..

Kunj: yuvi you know what twinkle is responsible for my di.

Yuvi: what do you mean by this I didn’t get it kunj. Kunj hug him and tell her each and everything yuvi get shocked. What Kunj and you knowing about this.

Kunj:haan yuvi when I get to know even I’m too shocked like you yuvi but this all is true twinkle was with Rohit.I never thought about this she will do this chii yuvi I try many times to tell about Rohit this about di but I was helpless didn’t you see how much my sister love him Scared what will happen with my sister after knowing about him.Whom she love this much he was worthless didn’t deserve her love and care most twinkle she treating her like her sister she too.

After seeing Khariah twinkle feeling bad she find Herself helpless neither she can’t tell her whole truth.Twinkle reached hospital and went inside.

Yuvi: Kunj you telling me this all you thinking twinkle betraying you haan.

Kunj:haan yuvi I thought so much for her that’s why I didn’t wanted her pregnancy news disclosed in front of anyone I can’t take risk with two life’s yuvi. She betrayed me but I toh love her from bottom of my heart. I wanted to get happy when I get to know about this she is pregnant I’m going to become father but I can’t celebrate this news. But see my condition this all happened because of twinkle only yuvi.

Yuvi:Kunj maybe you heard that wasn’t all true twinkle isn’t like this how can tell her to abort her baby are you mad if twinkle is wrong Than also you can’t said this you are absolutely wrong you can see Khariah di tears but can’t see truth and love for you in twinkle eyes.

Kunj:you are my friend na.

Yuvi:yes I’m yours but I know twinkle she can’t do like this Kunj she just love you can’t you see her eyes how much loves you. Every times isn’t possible Kunj what we heard and what we see that is only true. Not at all Kunj you misunderstood maybe twinkle.

Kunj: you mean I’m wrong haan what I heard that all is not true with my own eyes I saw twinkle was in Rohit embrace she saying to leave my sister yuvi.You believing on her like anything I can’t.It’s my mistake I marry to her.If today she isn’t in my life than this all things wouldn’t happened Rahul wouldn’t do this cheap stunt my di will be happy. Just than Kunj get call from home he talk to kavin and get shocked he and yuvi run to home back.Everyone was in garden standing together in a circle Kunj and yuvi reached and they ahead and see all get shocked to see.Rohit was laying on stretcher.

Khariah was crying like thinking screaming his name loudly.

Kunj:what is this.

Police:we get his body near station.He was dead.

Kunj: what..

Manohar: what is this all so suddenly.

Police: we get his phone and ID card than know about him belong from Saroj Devi family that’s why we bring his dead body here.

Khariah:Yeh Kya hogaya humhare saath ek din me. Everyone having tears in their eyes to see this.

Yuvi: see Kunj I told you na something is fishy maybe jiju wouldn’t run.

Kunj:are you mad this all punishment.

Yuvi:go to the hell.

Yuvi take Rohit phone he went in side and checking his phone whom he called last time he see numbers and check this number get to know it’s a New York hospital numbers he immediately call to the dr Kunj come there.

Kunj:why you wasting your time.

Yuvi:wait a second Kunj. Rohit dr pick up phone.

Dr: hello??

Yuvi:hello dr I’m speaking Rohit friend.

Dr: Rohit shah??

Yuvi: yes. Wanted to tell you about him.

Dr: yes?

Yuvi: he is no more.

Dr: hoo god his soul resting in peace. I know this will happen.

Yuvi: what do you mean by this dr you know??

Dr:haan he was in last stage of his tumor.

Yuvi: tumor yuvi put the call on speaker.

Dr: Rohit suffering from Brain tumor.. Kunj and yuvi look at each other’s and get shocked.

Yuvi: brain tumor what??

Dr:he didn’t in formed anyone in his family I toh telling him to in formed.We don’t have time at last moment we get to know about him.And he loves his wife and daughter don’t wanted they get sad after knowing about him. He went India wanted to spend last few days with his family we wanted to do his surgery but it’s not sure surgery will be successful there is no chances whether he will wake up or not so he deny for surgery and went India to his wife Khariah. He love her lot for her happiness he didn’t disclose about his disease.Yuvi and Kunj was completely shocked after listening dr words.

Kunj:what dr..? From since he was suffering.

Dr:from 9 months.Than Kunj started thinking before twinkle and his marriage he was suffering.Kunj was totally blank.

Yuvi: thanks for this dr.

Dr: hmm cut the calls. Kunj and yuvi hold each other’s hands.

Kunj:yuvi if I’m seeing any dream how can this happened jiju suffering from tumor he didn’t tell us about this. And there his body whatttt.

Yuvi:Kunjjjj haan.

Kunj:but twinkle where she is??

Yuvi:Kunj you misunderstood twinkle. They both went towards all.Kunj consoling his sister yuvi get Rohit reports and read everything is crystal clear.

Kunj: di please don’t cry.

Everyone coin has two sides. The same way even life does.

So human do not judge anyone if you are aware of just one side of it. Yes may be there is something more in everything that you see or hear.

Khariah:Kunj he leave me forever you know my heart saying me he didn’t cheat me something is else from many months he hiding something from me. Kunj nodded his eyes and cuddles Khariah tightly.

Beenish:dadda wake up na see I’ll not tease you just wake up.. 😭😭😭..Kunj and yuvi eyes were finding twinkle yuvi ask Avni she don’t know about her.

Khariah get unconscious Kunj take her in room and place her on bed call dr.

Kunj:yuvi where is twinkle.

Yuvi:Arey I try to call her.

Kunj: wait.. let me do something.

In hospital twinkle was sitting her number come she went to dr.

Dr: yes twinkle?

Twinkle: dr I wanted abortion.

Dr: what?

Twinkle: yes dr right now I’m not ready for baby.

Dr:okay: you go and fill the form without your husband we wouldn’t.

Twinkle: dr he too ready believe me.

Dr: hmm. Twinkle went nurse handover her abortion form twinkle seeing the form and tears escaping from her eyes.

Her handshaking fully she can’t hold it pen.

Twinkle:Kunj I’m going to do this for your happiness you thinking I’m responsible for di tears no Kunj jiju is innocent he loves di Lot. And you wanted I abort our baby I’m going to this Kunj.Just for you. I love you kunj you didn’t understand my value hope after me you will understand me and my baby value.

Dil lene wale pe zor nahi chalta

Pyar ka ye sikka kahi aur nahi chalta) – (2)

Yaad teri aayi hai tu harjai hai – 2

Itna bhi koyi tadpaye na rabba

Zindgi me koi kabhi aaye na rabba

Aaye jo koyi to phir jaye na rabba

Dene ho gar mujhe baad me aansu

To pehele koyi hasaye na rabba – 2

Bahte Ashkon Ki Zubaan Nahi Hoti,

Lafzon Mein Mohabbat Bayaan Nahi Hoti,

Mila Hai Pyaar To Kadar Karo,

Kismat Har Kisi Par Meherbaan Nahi Hoti.

Mere jaane ke baad tumhe meri kadar hogi Kunj.She cuddles herself and crying with heavy heart she fill form.

Kunj check twinkle in whole mansion she isn’t anywhere.

Scene freezes here only.

Don’t let your ears hear what your eyes didn’t see and don’t let your mouth say what your heart doesn’t feel.


Wow laga shock hmm those thinking Rohit is wrong 😂😂😂. It’s call true love. Maybe he can’t fight with his disease which every single second killing him. World can’t curse his disease neither he can’t give pain to his wife: let him suffer.

Thought if she get to know about him. She will more sad after him. Remember him everyday.He write everything wrong in letter it’s help her this pain is less. He cheating him In Front of his after knowing about his problem.She will remember him in pain only that he can bear it.Instead of this. PYAAE YE DARD? Love me toh pain equally hota hai it’s depend on us how we divided selfish gives to another and some of takes everything alone because they can’t see them in pain..

how was the shot?

Hope you all enjoy please give your views.

It’s a small story.

Hoo twinkle going to abort her baby will Kunj come on correct time and stop her or not Ya due to some misunderstanding and his fear will he too lose his baby.

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