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Pyaar Ke Papad 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Triloki arrives in Gupta house

Pyaar Ke Papad 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Omkar and family discussing about Triloki’s stay in their house and his condition. Omkar says we will manage it. Shivika gets Triloki’s bags and says I got this, knowing it may trouble you all. Mangal says he is really a trouble. They laugh. Gupta says Triloki is different, but I won’t get a bahu like Shivika. Jaya looks on. Triloki comes home and says I m breaking my rules to save my Dharma, I will use Shaastra as Shastra today. He steps in the house and falls down. Omkar helps him and apologizes. E says we were washing the house. Triloki asks them to give Ahuti for Shuddikaran. Gupta says you are our guest, our future relative, we will give you much respect. Omkar says yes, you just rest now. Triloki says I will trouble you, where will I stay, I want a room, clean and

calm, I can’t share room with anyone. He thinks this will be troubling now.

They all offer their rooms. Triloki says calm down, I will sleep here. Omkar says no, sleep in my room. Triloki says go to your rooms. Omkar says you can stay in my room. Triloki says just go. They all leave. Triloki says they are strange, none has any value. He praises Alankar. Alankar enters Shivika’s room. He says Triloki and Omkar will be fighting there, I will be proceeding in my love story here. He sees Shivika sleeping and goes close to her. Her phone rings. His bracelet drops there when he hides. Shivika answers the call. She asks what happened, is dad fine. Omkar says no, he is fine, my family was afraid, Triloki slept, I called you if you are afraid, being alone. She says everyone is here. He asks shall I come. She says no, I can take care of myself, dad has left Alankar for our protection. Omkar asks how does he come between us. She says he isn’t between us, you are jealous. Omkar says no. Alankar hears them. Omkar and Shivika say love you and end call. Alankar catches the glass gift. She sleeps. Alankar says you are very innocent, you don’t know true love.

Jagat says Triloki didn’t care any issue, its good. Jaya says you are right, go to sleep now. He hugs her. Omkar imagines his marriage with Shivika happening with Triloki’s blessing. Triloki does a puja early morning. Omkar’s dream breaks. Gupta asks what are you doing. Triloki says I m doing a puja, get ready and come for havan, you are already late. They go to get ready. Water doesn’t come. GST takes a bath. Water doesn’t come. Triloki looks on and smiles. He recalls troubling the family, so that Omkar doesn’t marry anyone. Jaya says its a big abshagun.

Triloki insults Gupta and gets slapped. Shivika and Omkar get against.

Update Credit to: Amena

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