Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha reaches surya lok.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha flying towards the sun on garud dev, garud dev’s wings burn but he flies on fire! Kanha says faster garud dev. Garud dev says yes prabhu.
In vrindavan, the village man Satya is lying down in pain. Gargacharya says as the people hit satya’s demon form, it hurt his own body too. Satya is unconscious and gargacharya checks him and says he is gone! Radha is sad and says no guru, something can be done? Please tell me. suddenly damodar’s ear bleeds too and a drop falls on the ground, damodar screams in anger and says I will leave no one! Everyone will die. All people get scared and damodar falls down unconscious. The demon form of damodar arises tall and says I will kill you all. All people run helter skelter. All people start saying, guru we fell like

our ears are bleeding too, what do we do? Gargacharya understands and tells radha, radha this is all because of karnasura, because he is the ansh of raktbeej and raktbeej is the only demon whose blood when fell on the ground turned into more demons. Gargacharya tells the people, don’t let the blood fall on the ground in any case, cover your ears. Gargacharya sends radha to bring bowls, she brings it and the people collect the blood in bowls to prevent it from falling on the ground. Radha helps the people as they still exclaim in pain.
Balram is protecting devi ila and he says why has kanha left me here while he has gone to surya dev? Balram sits to take rest and dozes for some time. Bhadraksh comes with some demons to stop devi ila’s yagya. Bhadraksh spots balram sitting on a rock and he says oh my god, why is he here? this balram will never leave my life for one second. Bhadraksh tells the demons to follow him and walk with silent footsteps and slowly. Bhadraksh and all demons go slowly towards devi ila, balram comes suddenly and bhadraksh is shocked and scared. Balram says bhadraksh what are you doing here? bhadraksh says nothing, I will go back. bhadraksh is running away with the demons but balram stops them and balram gets angry and says I know why you came here, to stop the yagya but I will send you all back and kill you. balram beats the 4 demons with such force that they are killed, bhadraksh says please stop and leave me. bhadraksh says before you do anything I will go, bhadraksh vanishes.
In Mathura, bhadraksh appears and kansa beats him and says you call yourself my greatest disciple but cannot do a thing and get beaten all the time. Kansa says I will kill you this time, kansa beats bhadraksh and takes his sword. Bhadraksh says bhagwan forgive me but you know that balram, I am scared of him because every time he beats me! kansa says get lost you fool, now karnasura will do what he has to.
Kanha and garud dev reach surya dev. Surya dev appears and says kanha I know you have come here for my karna kundal but I wont give it to you and you wont get it from me unless I want to. Kanha says surya dev, I need the karna kundal to stop a huge adharma that kansa is doing and to save the life of devi ila! Give the karna kundal, please. Surya dev says no kanha, I am surya dev and my I give sunlight to the entire universe, so if I go dark the universe and world will be pushed forever into darkness so you cannot do anything to take the karna kundal from me. kanha says surya dev, you have become very egoistic of your powers and I think you need to learn a lesson. Garud dev says do something quickly prabhu, my wings are burning. Kanha says I will take away all the tej and light of the sun that surya dev is so egoistic about, I will eat all the power of the sun. kanha opens his mouth and starts sucking the fire, light and power of the sun.
In vrindavan, yashoda is trying to help but she gets affected from the blood too.

Precap: Yashoda turns into a demon as well, as her blood falls on ground from her ears. Yashoda goes behind the women and men to kill them. Radha is followed by all villagers as they turn into huge demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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