Muskaan 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets insulted

Muskaan 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal signing Gayatri. Gayatri asks Ronak and Muskaan to do arrangements for puja. Muskaan gets glad and says I won’t disappoint you. Ronak helps Muskaan and looks at her. He smiles. Pyaar tera….plays…. She asks him to help her as a friend. Ronak and Hanumant check decorations work. Muskaan gets tea for them. Ronak wishes that Gayatri accepts Muskaan. He holds Muskaan’s hand. They have a moment while working together. She falls in his arms and runs away. He smiles.

Muskaan makes food. Ronak says its nice, I will taste it. She says no, it will be kept as bhog fast, remind the neighbors to send the girls for Kanya bhoj, we will give them gifts, I have thought a lot, I got stationery for them by my hard earned money, will Gayatri like it. Ronak says Gayatri will

see your emotions, not your earnings or gifts. Bua and everyone come and see the arrangements.

Bua scolds Muskaan for decorating temple and making prasad. She asks Muskaan to get out. Ronak says go and tell Gayatri, she has permitted Muskaan. Gayatri cries. Kajal says I have right on Ronak, his present and future are mine. Bua comes. Kajal says we are making a project. Gayatri asks Kajal not to show it to anyone. She asks what happened. Bua asks did you permit Muskaan to celebrate the festive and conduct puja. Gayatri says yes, go and get ready. Sujoy comes to meet Kajal. She gets shocked seeing him. She asks you here. Sujoy says stop your drama, tell me where is Shantanu, else I will expose your truth.

Kajal gets up from the wheelchair. She says I have killed Shantanu. Sujoy gets shocked. She laughs. She asks him not to come between Ronak and her, whoever comes in between will die. He says I will tell your truth. She says you will go to jail if you come in front of the world. He gets angry. She shouts for help. He runs away. Ronak and Gayatri come. Ronak asks what happened. Kajal says a big mouse had come, I was scared, don’t leave me. She smiles signing Gayatri.

Ronak gets mesmerized seeing Muskaan and compliments her. Gayatri gets Kajal there. Ronak asks how did you like the decoration, its same like you used to do, Muskaan has done all this. Pandit and the girls come. Gayatri asks them to just remove footwear and come in. Muskaan gets upset seeing her gifted saree turned into mats. Ronak says Muskaan gave you this gift, what did you do. Gayatri gets rude to him. Bua and Lovely smile. Muskaan stops Ronak.

Gayatri badly insults Muskaan and calls her a brothel girl. Muskaan and Ronak get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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