Main Bhi Ardhangini 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra attacks Sangram

Main Bhi Ardhangini 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitra telling Madhav that Vaidehi is his real life partner and now he don’t need her (Chitra). Vaidehi asks him to come. Madhav says I can’t believe what you have done for me. Vaidehi asks him to believe her and hold her hand. Sona sona itna bhi Sona plays………He sees scratch on her back and asks about it. Vaidehi says it is an ordinary wound and asks him to come fast. Just then goons come there and tell that they will kill them right away. Nilambari asks Sangram to tie the thread. Sangram goes out of suraksha chakra worriedly. Rani and Nilambari ask him to tie fast. Jai Chand sees Chitra and tells Nilambari. Nilambari asks them not to worry and asks Sangram to tie the thread. Chitra asks him to stop and says if you take a step against me then it will not be good.

Nilambari says you can’t do anything, now you will lose against this power. Nilambari asks Sangram to go. Chitra gets a vase and throws on Sangram, but he is also surrounded by the suraksha chakra. Nilambari says you will be unsuccessful and asks Sangram to tie the thread.

The goons are about to attack them. Vaidehi says your time is up and says you came to kidnap me, I will come with you, but leave him else you have to get beaten up by Madhav. She says she feels like fainting seeing the blood. Madhav says she is a good girl and thinks of everyone, including you and you want to kidnap her. The goon tells that they are getting a heavy price to kidnap her. Madhav says even I am ready to pay the money. The goon talks to his men. Vaidehi asks Madhav why he wants to give his hard earned money to them. Madhav says he will earn again. The goons agree to the deal. Vaidehi says he said that he will not give you anything. Chitra tries to the suraksha chakra with her powers. Sangram says I can’t see anything. Chitra becomes ashes and falls on ground. Rani and others get happy. Sangram thanks Nilambari and says now I don’t need this thread. Nilambari says Chitra lost and I have won. She says she can kill anyone, human or soul. Sangram says nobody can win from you. Jai Chand says we are lucky to stay under your shelter. Sangram asks Chitra to come infront of him thinking her soul died. Rani says her work is done. Vaidehi asks Madhav not to waste his hard earned money. Madhav says they will save their lives. Vaidehi picks something and hits on goon. Madhav picks a barrel and throws on the goons. Goon says I will kill you both…

Everyone thanks Nilambari. They say Neela Maa ki Jai. Nilambari smiles. Chitra becomes soul again from the ashes. Jai Chand sees her behind Sangram. They shout alerting Sangram. Chitra holds Sangram’s neck and holds him high up in the air. She makes him falls down. Nilambari asks Chitra to leave him and asks Sangram to come inside the suraksha chakra. Nilambari attacks him again and again. Vaidehi says what to do, they are coming infront of us. Madhav says if we had given money then we would have been saved. Vaidehi shouts saying she saw snake. The goons get scared and search for the snake. Vaidehi holds Madhav’s hand and runs. Madhav thinks where did I get trapped? Vaidehi says you don’t see any ray of hope. Madhav asks seriously and says I am just seeing goons. Vaidehi asks him to see carefully. Sona sona plays….Madhav says he is feeling as if life changed into beautiful dream. Vaidehi says this is happening as you are always worried and asks him to see how beautiful the life is, and calls him Bhoondu ram. He runs behind her. They have an eye lock.

Precap: The goon is about to hit Madhav, but Vaidehi pushes him and gets hit by the goon on her head. Nilambari ties the thread on the side of the house to save Sangram. Chitra falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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