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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani pacifies Raghav, Rivaaj ill-treats Rukmani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani asking Rani where is she going? Rani says she is going to garden area and will ask Raghav to come out through window. Rivaaj says how dare you to marry my Rani…Raghav, now this will be great fun. He continues to torment Raghav. Rani thinks how to go up, window is closed as well. Raghav calls Rani and asks her to save him. Rivaaj says someone save Rani from me and throws something down from the balcony. Rani picks it and sees Rivaaj in the balcony managing the conspiracy on the monitor screen. She takes the water pipe and throws water on Rivaaj and the machine. The machine gets off. Rivaaj gets angry and puts water on his head. He thinks who ruined my plan and looks down, but couldn’t find anyone. He thinks nobody is near the tap. Rani comes back to Raghav

and asks to calm down. She makes him drink water. Everyone looks at them. Premlatha thinks Raghav spoiled her sleep. Shivraj asks what did you say? Premlatha says Raghav’s sleep is disturbed and asks shall I sing lori. Raghav says Rani is with me. Rani says I will take care of him. Shivraj says you are lucky to get Rani as a friend. Tashi says Rani is best for Bhaiyu. Rani signs her. Tashi says Rani can take care of him well. Shivraj says we will go and asks Rani to take care. They all leave from the room. Raghav hugs Rani and is very scared. He tells that he was very scared. Rani says nothing will happen, I am with you.

Rivaaj comes to his room. Rukmani asks where did you go? Rivaaj says I went to take bath. Rukmani says I was in room, didn’t see you. Rivaaj asks do you think I got drenched by the water pipe in the garden and asks her to sleep. Rivaaj thinks he will hurt Rukmani and when he kicks her out then he will take Rani back in his life. Rukmani takes the towel from the bed. Rivaaj scolds her and asks why did you pick it. Rukmani says it is wet. Rivaaj twists her hand and smiles. He then acts and says Ruku…I am sorry. He says I loses my anger, says he couldn’t get sleep and that’s why went to bath, and took out his anger on her. Rukmani forgives him. Rivaaj asks her to slap him and tells that he made the devi like wife upset. Rukmani says I am fine. Rivaaj asks her to sleep and smiles.

Rani takes Raghav to balcony asking him to close his eyes. She then asks him to open his eyes and see. Raghav sees the glittery roof with stars, cake and food there. Raghav says you are best Rani. Rani asks him to cut the cake. Raghav says today it is not my birthday. Rani makes him cut the cake. Raghav says my Rani is the bestest. Rani says my Raghav is the bestest. Raghav pecks on his cheeks and asks for a sweet peck on his cheeks. Rani asks him to have sandwiches made by her. She makes him have it. Raghav signs her to share it. Rivaaj looks at them and thinks they’re romancing like on television and thinks to interrupt their romance. In the morning, Rivaaj greets Rani and asks where is she going? Rani asks where were you last night. Rivaaj says in your dreams. Rani says so much happened with Raghav, but where were you? Rivaaj asks if you have any relation with Raghav. Rani says she has deep relation with Raghav, relation of trust and friendship. She tells that just like Savitri saved her husband, like wise she will also go to any length to save Raghav. Rivaaj gets angry.

Rukmani is in the kitchen and thinks of Rivaaj ill treating her. Rani comes there and says good morning. Rukmani asks about Raghav. Rani says he slept late and asks can I ask you something. Rukmani says yes. Rani says you went home suddenly, Mamma said that you was crying a lot and don’t want to return here. She asks if Jija ji did something. Rukmani says we shall set the table, everyone must be coming. Rani sees mark on her hand and asks about it. Rukmani says she has a minor cut when going to Raghav’s room. Rani says it is looking deep wound. Rukmani says you are thinking much, I know where your mind is running and tells that she is someone’s wife. She says you are not a child and asks her not to cross her limits. Rani says but…She thinks I want to free you from the cuff, wishes she understand.

Precap: Raghav asks Rivaaj to give his ball. Rivaaj makes him hide in the trunk and sends the trunk in a van. Rani gets worried for Raghav. Rivaaj drinks the juice brought by Rani for Raghav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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