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You and me – chapter 1

Chapter 1_ First Day

“Step Step Step It Up

Ilamai Alaikudhu Step It Up
Idhayam Parakudhu Step It Up
Step It Up … ” I walked pass my school entrance will humming this song even it’s not favorite song. I had a weird not so calling hobby or u can assume as weird Wala character to humming a random sond that played in my mind even I don’t know the exact lyrics. Well u can ask me why I thought about this song! Well as today is my first day of second year in secondary School, I take a take each step carefully as don’t want to ruined my new shoes as the morning light rain showers made the pathway muddy. So as I take slowly steps which end end my to humming this song. God long explanation for weird Wala character…

This year going to be super good as everything goes well for my first day.
Hope I can complete this 364days smoothly as the first day.

Before that, let me introduce myself first my name Trishna, 14yrs old as I told second year in secondary School, payari naughty daughter for papa (Mr.Shivaaya) and mama (Mrs.Shakti). As I’m only one beti for my lovely only one parents they pamper me alot and don’t forget my grandma babyji who prepare my favorite food and she herself will feed me, well u guessing is right about my appearance which u can say fatty as my batch mates used to call me or cubby girl as new trend among girl to cover their image of getting obesity. Peace😉

Well I won’t blame my parents and babyji to pamper me because I’m their only one, so not their fault to even not let do any homeworks. It my mistake too to eat whatever they feed me but what can I do I get used for their mouthwatering food and it’s difficult to say no the yummy food. Well I’m not feel down for self and I love my self with the quote ” your inner beauty is permanent then your out beauty “.

Back to present
What should be next???
I went to the notice board to see me class for this year and yeahhh… The same 2A class. Fine!! I’m not the bookworms who stick with books all the time. Well I’m not sure why I used to get this topper class. God bless me with go class mates this year.

To find my so call new class is not that difficult for me cause I know every corner of the school and yeah I have my favorite and secret spot where I can get the clear view of paddy field. Yes you are right, my hometown is a village + town quite wired right but it’s true one side full view of the green paddy field n mountain, the other side with the view of blue beach and at the center well developed town with different of cafe, boutique, groceries shop, jewellery shops and more shops that rarely have in a not so call village hahaha….. But no shopping mall and teater…

First day, first class and first row student awww ..

Hey fatty…!!! Yup that’s me someone called me and as I mentioned before my batch mates used to call me fatty. As I turn there come Deepa my classmate.

Hai Deepika Padukone ji!!! We’re in the same class for this year also wah..
I greet her back with grin on my face.

Deppa- Of course, how come I can get other class as I’m the brilliant student dude.. hahaha so how’s your holiday babe long time no see. Deppu said with the smirk on her face

Me- Yah yah brillllliant student.. holiday nothing new as always just at home sweet home with my babyji and her foods.

Deppa- owfff… Gosh… Fatty u know what!! U’ll getting fat cause that huh look at you.. u gain weight again after holidays getting more cubby..

Me- ahh Deepa, last year u told me u want to go Goa for holidays. So how’s ur holiday. Ignore her comments I change the topic cause I hate to talk about it. Of course I know I’m getting fat what should I do for that ahh and I know it myself as I at mirror everyday and you know need to mention it to me that I’m fat.

Deppa- Goa no yar… My dad change the plan and we went to Bali Indonesia as my dad has to attend meeting at there. So we had to drop the plan to Goa and follow dad for so call family holiday. I can’t understand why should they say it as family holiday when they have to attend meeting at there and my mom she just stick with her Fon and laptop all the time, even at beach for God seek man they don’t have any idea about the holidays. I just enjoy with my cousin thanks God she follow is for the holidays.

Me- you should thanks them for that. As long you not roaming around ur house don’t know what to do, hell man.

Deppa- hahahaha I get ur feelings. It worst Yar sitting at home with noting to do.

With that first period bell rings and Deepa take a sit next to me. I look around the class to find most of them my last year classmate who give me wired look where the girls look me as disguste and the boys smirk at me . Shake my head and look at front White board blankly and Deepa continue her holiday story with other girls.

Don’t know what to do, I take my new note book to continue my job as usual where to write short poem and small song lyrics for that I’ll prepare new note every year. Suddenly, class goes silent, so I take a look at front class teacher already present. Everyone take a sit after great her Mrs.Mirnalini. She turn to me smile and nod her head, I do the same. I forget to tell you, well I’m kinda good girl for teachers and they all know me and always support and motivate me.

With that my first day class went well with getting mock and funny drama from my batchmates and classmates. Starting tomorrow I have to join additional maths special class after school hours as I’m weak in maths. So Mrs.Mirnalini suggest me to join her class with other batch who weak in maths and I’m the only one from my class ✌✌✌.

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