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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aryan and Suhana’s mehendi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naira saying I will make Suhana wear the jewelry. Suwarna says Suhana is lucky to get Naira as a sister and friend. Suhana asks what happened, you may have understood that you can’t harm me. Naira says don’t get glad, your Mama is coming for Mamabhaat rasam right. She asks Dadi to ward off bad sight, as Suhana looks pretty. She taunts Suhana and goes. Suhana gets a message and worries thinking how to get Mama and items for MamaBhaat rasam. Kartik says Suhana is smart, she will do something like she did last time. Naira says we have no proof to tell everyone, we have to be with them. The guy smiles seeing Naira. Naira asks Kartik how does this look. Kartik sees the broach and says its good, I get glad seeing you, not things. He gets romantic. She says you don’t

bother about my things. She goes. He says why did she get annoyed. She says he gifted this and behaving like he doesn’t know. The guy smiles and says its looking beautiful on you. Kirti says I feel bloated, can you give me any kada, I m sure it won’t have any side effect. Devyaani smiles and goes to get. Naksh thanks Kirti. Kirti says I have understood this now. Naksh kisses her. Baisa comes. Naksh gets away. Naira sees Suhana tensed and smiles.

Naira goes to see gifts. The guy comes to her and sticks a heart note to her dress. She turns. He goes. She reads the compliments on the note. He takes her pic. Naira smiles seeing Kartik. She kisses him and runs. Kartik smiles. Naira says Suhana’s Mama has to come, call them and ask when will they come. Dadi says yes. Savita says mahurat just started, we are here. She hugs Suhana. Suwarna asks Savita about her brother. Manish says he has come right. Naira asks how will rasams happen. Savita says you don’t worry, my namesake brother will do the rasams. She calls her brother. Naitik comes. Naira gets shocked and says Papa…. Suhana taunts Naira. She thanks Naitik for solving her problem. Naitik says you are also family now, there is no difference between you, Naira and Kirti for me. Suhana asks is anything burning here. Savita says yes, maybe diya’s wick.

Kartik holds Naira’s hand. Suwarna says this was not needed. Bhabhimaa says its fine, this is also our house. Naitik gives shagun. Suhana says this will be ours. Naira stops Naitik and says wait, I have to say something to Shubham. She says Naitik just took a tulsi leave from Akshara’s Mama, not anything else, you should learn this from Naitik, you have got related to Suhana as you love her, just prove you don’t want anything from Suhana in dowry, except love and blessings. Kartik says Naira is right, we don’t have anything less, you tell Suhana that relation is imp, not money. Manish says I m so proud of you. Aryan says I don’t want anything from Suhana, I will get anything Suhana wants. Kartik and Aryan ask Naitik to do rasam as it happened in his marriage. Naitik takes back the jewelry and gives tulsi leaf. Everyone claps.

Naira asks is anything burning Kartik. She sees Suhana. Kartik says maybe. Naira asks do all the ladies want some stranger to apply mehendi or someone whom you want to hold your hand, make your lover apply the mehendi design. Akhilesh says we can’t do this. Manish says keep us away from this. Surekha says yes, designer will faint seeing their designs. They laugh. Bhabhimaa says Naira thought of something. Savita says Suhana would like her mehendi design to be beautiful. Naira says fine, if she worries for mehendi more than love. Savita says no, I meant… Kartik says all designs are fail in front of love, if Suhana loves you, she won’t refuse. Aryan says yes, Kartik is right, it will work. Kirti says Kartik leave it, don’t compare everyone by you and Naira. Naksh says maybe Suhana doesn’t love Shubham. Naira says no, she does.

Aryan asks Suhana to say. Suhana says fine. Aryan applies mehendi and presses the cone. Mehendi falls over Suhana’s face. Aryan cleans it. Kartik says this will happen with us. Naira warns him. Aryan makes circle design. Naira smiles. Suhana says I didn’t see love like Naira and Kartik’s, I really want to see Naira’s mehendi. The guy applies a mehendi dot to Naira. She turns. He goes. Kartik asks what happened. Dadi asks everyone to apply mehendi. Naira says I don’t like mehendi, if you apply bad, then see. He says fine, give me your hand. Kartik asks about the mehendi dot. Naira says no one’s color can get on my hand and cleans it. The guy smiles and says I have applied it first.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani dance on hawa hawai… Suhana breaks a frame and picks the glass piece. She sees Naira……

Update Credit to: Amena

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