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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prabhakar Gets Touched With Siddhant’s Support

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karthik tells Srikant and Anushka that they are called for enquiry. Siddhant comes there and says there is a problem in file. Karthik tells Srikant that he wanted to throw prabhakar out, but you brought Siddhant here. Anushka asks Karthik to relax and says she will just be back. Siddhant goes near Prabhakar’s cabin and waits for him. Anushka comes and sits beside him. Siddhant tells that he is waiting for his dad. Anushka asks if he is worried because if enquiry. Siddhant says karthik has reddy surname, but my dad just works for reddy corporation. Prabhakar comes. Siddhant enters his cabin and asks if he is also called for CARD enquiry. Prabhakar says it is a routine enquiry. Siddhant says your words can be misinterpreted and asks him to send Karthik as he would have become CEO if they

had got the deal. Prabhakar asks him not to worry. Siddhant asks him to tell him if needs help. Prabhakar says ok. Peon brings masala tea and asks Siddhant to take. Siddhant says I didn’t ask. Peon signs him towards Anushka. Siddhant asks if she is giving him compensation by fixing his father in plane crash enquiry. He drinks tea, and then thanks Anushka for security clearance and shukriya/thanks for tea. Anushka smiles and recalls telling Purva that Siddhant never learnt to say thank and is still childish.

KK gets ready and asks Karthik to say less. Karthik says I will speak less. KK says there will be less chance for mistake. Karthik asks him to talk to Prabhakar and says he asked me not to say anything other than yes or no. KK asks him to do as Prabhakar said. Karthik says I would have head this deal and if I don’t tell anything then everyone will laugh at me. KK says let them laugh if matter solves with it. Karthik says I will answer rightly. KK says Prabhakar will answer better and says humans learn with experience which is with Prabhakar. Neeta says Prabhakar knows where and what to say. KK says even your knows understands this. Neeta gets irked. KK smiles and says he is happy in this suit.

Siddhant thinks about Anushka while riding the bike. Purva is having chaat at a chaat shop with her friend manish. Siddhant stops his bike and asks Purva about Manish. He asks her to sit and asks Manish to pay the chaat money. He brings her home and says he knows such guys. Purva says he is just a friend. Siddhant says he will get scooty for her in weekend. Purva gets upset. Gayatri questions her on being late. Purva gets upset. Siddhant says may be she has eaten spicy stuff. Anushka puts fish food in the bowl and thinks about Siddhant. She thinks she has missed so much as she checks his pics on social networking side. She thinks even don’t know what I have done so far. Rao comes there and gives coffee. Anushka asks him to bring masala tea. Rao says ok and takes coffee with him. Gayatri serves food to Siddhant and Purva. Siddhant asks about Prabhakar. Gayatri says he is having headache and that’s why he is in room. Purva is upset and goes to her room. Siddhant asks her to have food silently. Purva goes. Sweety tells Siddhant that Goel has taken Prabhakar uncle’s name for the aircrash. Siddhant checks the news and gets shocked. He asks Gayatri when did Prabhakar came, and goes to meet him.

Prabhakar is resting his room. Siddhant comes and asks shall I massage your legs. Prabhakar sits. Siddhant massages his legs and asks for chocolates in return. Prabhakar laughs and says you are remembering childhood memories. Siddhant says yes and asks if he heard of Goel’s statement. Prabhakar says yes and tells that don’t know why he took my name. He asks if he is getting worried and tells that he feels that he is getting old. Siddhant tells poetry good has gone, best is still to come. Prabhakar laughs and asks him to take care of Gayatri and Purva. He asks him to handle Purva with love and says responsibility is yours now. Siddhant says you are not yet old, you have to work so much. Prabhakar asks him to stop massage and says he will sleep. Siddhant asks him to have dinner. Prabhakar refuses and asks him to come with him for enquiry. Siddhant says ok.

Siddhant comes to Purva’s room and says sorry. Purva says its ok and asks him to buy scooty for him. Siddhant says ofcourse.

Prabhakar comes to CARD office and asks Siddhant to wait for him. He tells someone that he came from Reddy Corporation. Man asks him to wait. Karthik and Anushka comes there. Prabhakar gets KK’s call and asks him not to worry. Siddhant and Anushka look at each other. Goel comes. Prabhakar says whatever happened was sad, but you shouldn’t have given such statement. Goel says KK and you will not be saved now. Siddhant comes and stands between Prabhakar and Goel.

Anushka asks Siddhant about his girl friend. Siddhant asks with whom she wants to meet with. Anushka asks what do you mean?

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