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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (97) (Safe)

Kunj was hugging usha dearly n telling her about how twinkle saved him from being shot n buller pierced her arm n how aman fight with luthra for his sake n got shot in his waist.. he cried telling this to usha..

Usha’s eyes were also teary as she was equally tensed for the duo but still was comforting kunj by whispeing soothing words in his ears..

After half an hour doc came from twinkle’s ward..

Kunj rushed to him to ask about her health..

Kunj- how.. how is she doc?? she is fine right..

Seeing him getting soo hyper usha steppped in and asked him to calm down..the doc relpied to his every query..

Doc- dont worry dear.. ur wife is save its just that bullet passed through her arms due to which her skin got cut n we made a few stiches.. she will be fine soon.. n yes.. i guess she hve ben crying from hours thats why her eyes were burning red.. n we gave her injection to make her rest.. so she will sleep till morning.. dont worry..

Listening him both felt releived n thanked god in their minds..

Kunj wanted to meet twinkle once but doc denied him as she was resting.. n needed proper sleep n even in this condition when he was having blood on his clothers could cause her infection..

Usha made him do his dressing somehow n made him change the clother which she bought for him as well as for other two with her.. he agreed to do his dressing on insistence of usha.. but both are hell worried for aman as doc has still not came back from ot..

Just few minutes later doc came from OT..

n usha asked about his helath ..

Doc- dont worry.. patient is out of danger.. we took out the bullet from his system.. soon after proper rest he will be conscious.. you can take him home in two days..

Kunj thanked doc n asked usha to go home n come back tomorrow morning.. Usha denied but he asked her to bring home made food for both bhukkads tomorrow..(little joked to make her tension free for a moment)

To which usha smiled  little n agreed to go home n be back tomorrow morning with food.. Kunj nodded n waited outside their wards only till morning.. n made a few phone calls from her mom’s phone which she left with him as hus phone was lost on that site only..


Kunj was sleeping in sitting position only when usha arrived with food n fresh clothes as she knew he wont go back home without these two ..

She caressed his hairs sitting beside him .. by which he stirred in sleepn got up after a couple of minutes..

She fed him the breakfast with her own hands..

After few minutes doc arrived n went in to check the patients.. n After coming back from twinkle’s room doc informed them that she came back in consciousness n they can meet her..

Listening this both rushed in her ward.. she was laying there closing her eyes..

Kunj rushed there n held her hand in his palms.. Feeling his handson her hand.. she opened her eyes n smiled.. to which kunj got angry and shouted at her..

Kunj- what was that haa? how can u smile after laying in there..?? u mad women.. what was the need to push me.. what if anything would have happened to u??

Twinkle was still smiling slightly seeing his consern..

Kunj- (seeing her smiling) what?? why r u smiling dammit!!

Twinkle- nothing.. just seeing ur care..

Seeing her like this he immediately hugged her tightly in laying position only.. to which she hissed as his hand touched her arm..

Kunj- immediately parting- oh.. sorry.. sorry.. i.. i didnt see..  (red eyes)

Twinkle– shh.. its ok.. not paining that much..

Kunj- yeah! (sarcastically) that i can very well see.

Usha- (interrupting) bas aab bhot ho gaya.. (to swara) how r u baccha??

Twinkle- i m good mom..

Kunj- (rolling his eyes) yeah! good..

Usha slightly slapped him on his head n asked him to keep quiet.. she fed twinkle soup after consulting from doc and both leave from the room to make her take rest after dressing..

Kunj after comming out from twinkle’s ward.. reached towards aman’s room in which doc was examining him..

Doc informed about his health progress and asked him to meet him..

Both usha and kunj entered in the room to see aman sitting in half laying position n is flirting with nurse..

Kinj- (to sujata) yeh nhi sudhrega..

to which.. Usha only smiled… both headed towards aman .. n seeing them he stopped his flirting session.. n smiled at him..

Kunj- (sternly) what was that??

Aman- (amused) what?? what did i do now..

Kunj gestured towards nurse n aman smiled seepishly to him.. and suddenly kunj hugged aman and thanked him repeatedly to help him through this.. n even apologied for his this condition due to him..

Aman- what condition?? are buddy see.. here i m in hospital n sick..(made a bad phase) n will demand whole 1 month leave from my khadoos boss.. n will doo a lot of rest n will eat usha darling’s hand made food n will tease my buddy to hell.. n even i can flirt with these hot nurses too na.. (winked towards nurse to which she shied)

kunj- i was right.. u can never change..

Aman- nahh!!

Both aman n kunj hugged n laughed..

Usha now broke their hug and asked kunj to let him rest n have food..

Aman- (usha was feeding him) see dude.. perks of being sick.. (winked to sanskar)

kunj rolled his eyes on his antics..

Aman- (seriously) Kunj! how is bhabhi..?/

Kunj- she is fine.. resting in the adjusent room..

Aman nodded n asked about luthra..

Kunj- yeah! in police custody getting full on torcher till the hearing date..



I m so sorry for the late friends but i need to go out of station for a week and there were so much network issues.. So couldnt post this.. But now i m back.. Hopeu liked the episode..

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