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Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:07)

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Finding Solace In You-
“Have you got your marriage contract with you?” Kunj paused to look at her in the passenger seat of his car and then back at the road.
Thinking about the entire night, Twinkle had come to the conclusion that taming Kunj Fateen was of no use at all. He’d get what he wants by hook or crook. He knew how to manipulate significant causes into discriminating realities. That’s what the problem with men was. Their natural dominance gave them cruel powers. And the men she was surrounded by, for sure knew how to mould her according to their own chasms.
Kunj already knew she couldn’t refuse this time. He didn’t even have to wait for a phone call of confirmation and rather drove the very next morning to Emma’s house to fetch her.
Emma didn’t seem happy about the decisions Twinkle was taking but she knew all too well that Kunj was too inclined on always getting his ways. It was far better for Twinkle to agree willingly to his terms than be brutally sprained by his arrogant consequences. He could damage her a lot. But at the same time she also knew that Kunj did possess emotions. Why he wanted Twinkle was a question not quite reknown to her but for certain there was something more to it.
However, how he wanted Faris behind the bars proved his genuine concern towards her and that eased Emma a bit.
Kunj tightened his grip over the steering wheel in frustration on seeing her shaking her head in a ‘no’.
“How could you not have your marriage contract?” He asked irritated.
“He has it.” Was her simple reply.
“And you think we can prove that you’re his ex wife by not possessing a single evidence to it. Wow just wow.” He started shaking his head. Bringing up his hand to loose up the first two buttons of his dress shirt, he needed more air to breath.
“Turn left!” She ordered him without giving in much. He pushed his foot over the brakes.
“I asked you to turn left not stop the car.” Being this close to him was suffocating her.
“I’m warning you-” She shut him up before he could even finish, by raising her head in a stop.
“I’ve got divorce papers with his sign and name on it at home. I mean Abbu’s house.” It wasn’t her home anymore. That thought almost brought tears to her eyes. Faris had taken everything away from her. She couldn’t even return to the place that was possessed by so many memories of her family.
Maybe giving a statement against him and marrying Kunj Fateen would be the best thing to do. He deserved to be punished for the torture he had caused her. And if the payment to make him suffer was marrying Kunj Fateen, she was ready to accept the deal. Nothing ever comes for free.
The police took her statement and took the divorce papers into account. They captured Faris within a week and filed a severe case against him. She was questioned too many times repeatedly but she didn’t give the dime worth care as long as it was meant to end in her favour. She stayed patient and so did Kunj.
They found many other cases of drug supplying and kidnapping on him. This wasn’t something he could ever charge free of now. Kunj made sure of that. In addition of physical assaulting and abusing his ex wife Twinkle and even charging on her and almost suffocating her to death, he had many other crimes to deal with.
Finally the case was almost over within two weeks and Faris was behind the bars. On his last stance, he demanded to talk to Twinkle one last time.
Kunj stood beside her as she entered the glass room. She flinched on seeing him on the other side of the glass. He kept tapping his fingers on the desk, something he always did when his patience would worn out. He motioned for her to pick the phone.
She looked at Kunj and he nodded at her. Coming closer to the glass she took her seat and picked the phone.
“Long time eh?” His rough voice barged into the ear piece. She didn’t reply and kept staring back at him in disgust.
“You found yourself fine links didn’t you? This man got power and my men can’t reach you anymore. Solid score you’ve made, I’m impressed.” She smiled inwardly at her triumph but her happiness was short lived on what he said next.
“My precious Twinkle, I didn’t think you’d turn out this stupid. You see man recognise man and a beast recognise a beast. In your haste of getting rid of one, you fell into the trap of another. Don’t tell me he did all this out of pure generosity. No one gets involved with the underworld with pure intentions. People go to such extends only when it benefits their own demon desires. Don’t tell me you’re this dumb to believe he actually wouldn’t be getting something in return out of all this.”
She shook her head in disbelief. His words clung to her mind heavily. It was something she repeatedly asked herself, what was Kunj getting out of all that he was doing.
“You can rot in here for all I care.” She refused to accept her thoughts and spoke out her venom for him.
He let out a sarcastic laugh, “You’ll never understand men. Men are inslaved to their desires. And a slave tends to do anything and everything his master commands. Lust is a powerful master and it can break any man to do the most awful deeds ever on the face of earth. It’ll take him this little to break you apart and quench his thirst. Don’t live in a delusion that you concern him. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, the only thing that concerns him is his lust for you. Need can make any nightmare turn into reality.” He paused to twist his head to the side. “Watch out!” He spoke his last words to her and got up to leave. Her eyes trailed behind his route. His words had left her thoughts brittle. But she had no escape route now even if his words measured truth.
Ironic is a term we hear a lot through the courses of life. Everything in this world is ironic. Even our existence is ironic. People with life desires to die and people near death desires to live. We only learn to value things once we completely lose it. We all live in an irony of pure delusions.
Same was with Twinkle. Her life was nothing less than an irony. In an attempt to escape one cage, she stepped her foot into another. This one might turn out to be more dangerous than the previous one but there was no backing away now. She was already trapped.
Kunj could hear her slow and passive breathing. Her chest rising and falling as if she was struggling hard to survive. After her prison encounter she didn’t speak a word and he didn’t feel like urging her to. Maybe her silence was comforting her.
She trailed behind him towards the car and without a protest, seated herself in the passenger seat. Turning around, he hoped into the driver’s seat himself. He waited for her to clasp the belt but she didn’t bulge and kept staring ahead into a void.
Sighing audibly Kunj twisted in his seat and reached out to grab her seat belt, bending a bit in her direction. Her warmth radiated from her numb body. He wanted badly to make her talk to him and tell him all about her void thoughts and terrors, but he knew too well that if he pushed her now, she wouldn’t return back to him.
Clasping the seat belt for her, he fixed himself in his seat and started the engine to drive away.
For a few minutes the silence settled down between the both, filling in the chasm between them. For a moment it felt soothing to connect without words.
“Take me home, please.” She requested him in a broken voice. Kunj paused to look in her direction for a moment but she refused to meet his gaze.
Nodding more to himself, he understood at once what she meant by home.
Kunj halted in front of Irfan’s house and got out. Walking towards her side he opened the door for her. Without a word she got out and started walking towards the house before Kunj clasped his large hand around her arm to stop her.
She abruptly stopped and turned around to face him. Her face as blank as a stone sculpture yet to crave. “It’s unsafe here.” He informed her with concern.
“Then where is it safe? With you?” He noted the alertness in her small voice.
“Anything can happen here. You can’t stay here all alone, I won’t let you.” He refused to answer her question and pointed out his genuine protectiveness. He didn’t know why the thought of her getting in danger troubled him so much.
“This is my home and I’m safe here.” She wanted to yell back at him but she knew too well that her voice would only lose away in the cool breeze of the divergent night.
He wanted to tap her senses back to work but realised it’d only cause her further distrusting him. “Come with me Twinkle.”
“No.” Pain reeked through her voice. She was hurting and he noticed too well. She brought her hand to his clasped one, tearing it off her body and walked towards the house.
Kunj sighed in frustration. No person before had been this tough on him. She was bend on getting on his nerves and annoying the living hell out of him. In defeat he walked after her.
She stopped at the entrance door and bent down stretching her hand behind a flower pot. Fetching out a key chain with a few keys, she inserted it into the door knob and turned.
He made sure her door was fixed back after the incident but never thought she’d have the guts to return here after what had happened. Kunj observed that; despite all odds she was courageous.
On opening the door she entered the house in complete silence. Walking further into her home, she reached out and flipped on the lights. The place was cleaned with no traces to pin down the memories from the incident that happened here.
“I’m tired…” She finally announced. It wasn’t just a statement related to her physical exhaustion but rather her emotional wearying away. She was a mess of shattered pieces only if the world could see it. She had been pretending to be strong for too long but right now all she wanted was to scream out her pains at the top of her lungs.
He understood everything without needing her to speak out loud.
Silently she dropped the keys on the nearby table and walked towards Irfan’s room. Opening the door she looked around and took in the view. Closing her eyes she engulfed herself in the remaining scent of his.
Kunj came from behind her, observing her shattered form. It wasn’t easy to always stand firm against the crude world; something he understood quite well. And it made him understand her emotions even better.
“I’m tired of being strong, I’m tired of being on my own, I’m tired to left out in cold, I’m tired of fighting through, I’m tired of-” Her sobbing didn’t let her speak further. Her back towards him she shed the remaining of her strengths and let her emotions invade her being.
“I know.” He answered her defeated. He wanted so badly to reach out for her and comfort her but he understood all too well that he needed to give her space to warm up to him on her own. And in such a state as hers, he was sure it won’t take her much time to break down before him. He was ready to gather and mend her broken pieces. And this time it was out of pure feelings. He felt her hurt.
“You don’t, no one does.” She refused him and turned around to face him. Tears streaming down her hazel eyes. Making them more prominent to her vulnerable emotions. “I won’t forgive him for leaving me alone like this. I won’t forgive him. I can’t fight this anymore, it’s killing me. It’ll kill me.” She sniffed and wiped away her aching tears.
“I do, trust me. Just trust me. You don’t have to fight anymore.” Twinkle looked up at him and calculate the genuineness in his soft gaze.
He slowly closed in the gap between them and calculated her reaction. He was well aware of the fact how invading her private space made her alert. This time it was different, she just kept staring back at him with huge glistening eyes. Trying to understand how fair he was being with his words.
Everything that Faris had uttered about Kunj, and how all he wanted was to quench his desires seemed to dissolve away. She saw the honesty of his confession in his eyes. She didn’t see lust or guileless, rather she saw etching concern and warmth.
He reached out and brought his thumb towards her cheek, touching, he wiped away her tears. She didn’t flinch at the contact. Her heart wrapped around the warm gesture.
Kunj saw the progress he had made and smiled all achieving. “You’re not alone.” He assured her. Her eyes didn’t leave his face even once.
Closing her eyes to the warmth of his touch, her inside started to tremble in defeat. His sudden softness towards her made her feel even more vulnerable. Small cries started constricting her throat.
Seeing her react this way and break away, he didn’t give much thought and engulfed her body in his warm embrace. It seemed as if she was designed for his size.
She held onto his shirt like her life depended on it and let the sobs shudder her in defeat. Crisping his pressed shirt in her small fists and shaking with each muffled cry.
He tightened his arms around her and held his frail body close to him. The warmth radiated from both of them and fused together. “Shhh.” He tried to silence her sobbing. Placing his chin atop of her head; he held her closer to himself. The moment seemed to freeze for a bit and they seemed to stand like that in oblivion.
Slowly he walked her towards the bed and made her sit. She didn’t let go of his shirt and clung onto him. Moments passed and her cries seemed to dissolve away into endless silence. He held her patiently.
“Twinkle?” He asked the silent room. He pulled back a bit and inspected her unconscious form. Removing a small strand of hair off her face that had made it’s way out of her tight hijaab. He watched her sleeping face, tear lines streaming down her delicate cheeks. He wiped them away.
Once again he found a means of pure advantage. He could just take off her hijaab. But taking advantage of her in such a state didn’t feel right to him when he was holding her defeated body in his arms, fast asleep. Worn out from the day, from life itself.
Sighing deeply he bent down and kissed her forehead affectionately. Finally she seemed to be at peace, sleeping off her troubles. She didn’t deserve such harshness, he concluded. But then again he knew all too well about the unfairness of life itself.
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