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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Akshay Confesses His Evil Plans To Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak challenges Uma that she will marry Akshay in 3 days, he can stop if he can. Arpita says she will use all her power to get his marriage in 3 days. Saras (gets a dialogue to speak after many days) asks Uma to stop all this. Ved (suddenly realizes he is a police officer) warns Uma that he will put him behind lockup. Akshay says nobody can separate to lovers. Uma walks out angrily. Akshay stops him and reveals his evil plan that he will steal Kanak’s digita signatures her laptop and get her trapped in bribery case, Kanak will be fully destroyed and will be behind bars, how will he stop his ex-wife go behind bars. Uma challenges he will stop Akshay and Meera’s evil plans. Akshay challenges let us see who will succeed, Uma’s love or his hatred. He walks away.


taunts Uma it is up to to him to save Kanak or not. Uma says it is very important to save Kanak. Aditya tries to leave doing his usual jokergiri. Uma says he can still inform Meera who informed him about her and Akshay’s plan. Aditya gets tensed. Uma says he will not if he gets Meera and Akshay’s info each minute. Aditya says he cannot work empty stomach. Uma says he will be compensated after work is done. Aditya in his jokergiri style says lucky boy and leaves.

Akshay videocalls Meera. Meera asks if he has gone mad to videocall her, what happened to his face. Akshay says her rambo husband hit him and asks if she is in London seeing Uma behind. Meera turns behind and is shocked to see Uma. Uma asks if he is her friend whom she was laughing with in the morning, she should dare not to think of harming Kanak. Meera warns if he wants her to inform police about Suman murdering a thief. Uma drags her outside police station and asks her to go and inform right now. Bhabho distributes Kanak’s wedding cards among policemen with Kanak. Uma continues tongue lashing Meera that she was frightening him till now in ileu of Suman, their relationship is based on this, he is not afraid now and she can go in right now. Kanak walks out of police station and seeing their argument walks towards them to listen them. Uma warns Meera to dare not think of harming Kanak. Meera say she will and challenges him to stop if he can. Akshay calls Kanak and asks where is she, meet him right now. Kanak thinks why she is worried about Uma and leaves. Meera smirks seeing Uma leaving angrily.

Kanak reaches home and asks Akshay why did he call her so urgently. He feeds her malpuas and says he wants their life to be sweet and filled with love like malpua. Kanak reminisces running behind Uma with malpua. Akshay shows his fake concern about Uma trying interfere between them. Kanak assures they will marry after 3 days. Akshay smirks and thinks what Uma will do now.

Precap: Akshay says Uma they both know what is their target. Uma says he knows what he can do, but Akshay does not. Aditya disguised as woman tries to gather info. Uma says eve if he tells Kanak about digital signature issue, she will not believe him.

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