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Tu Aashiqui 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: JD threatens the family

Tu Aashiqui 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahaan and Pankti fooling police and running away. Anita informs JD. She says Pankti has run away, police just got her earring. He asks what shall I do of her earring. She says Ahaan is smart like you, what can I do. He says just shut up, tell police to kill Ahaan. Sanaya hears this and gets shocked. She says JD said he will kill Ahaan if he comes in his way. Aparna and everyone get shocked. Manav says I will talk to JD. Aparna says no, he is not in his senses, we will talk to him in morning. Ahaan and Pankti come to some fisheries hub. Everyone sings and dances in some marriage ceremony. Pankti asks Ahaan not to go. Ahaan says we have to try. Pankti says stop, I will talk to them and try to get help. Ahaan says I can’t let you go. She insists. Pankti goes to take help. Ahaan

worries and runs to stop her on seeing police. They hide. Mausi scolds the inspector. He says we have to come here to find a guy and girl. The fishermen argue with inspector. Ahaan and Pankti leave from there. Ahaan says they have come here too, what shall we do. Police searches for them.

Saku Tai holds Pankti. She sees the police. Saku takes Pankti to her house. Pankti says you here, you said you are going to village for your daughter’s marriage. Saku says yes, this is my village. Pankti hugs her. Pankti says sorry, I couldn’t get any gift. Saku says its fine, you have come with your would be husband, your prince. Ahaan says we need your help.

Pankti says we are running since many days. Saku says don’t worry, I will take care of you, I will handle this police too. Police looks around in the village. Manav stops JD and shouts on him. JD asks the matter. Manav scolds him. He says if anything happens to Ahaan, I will kill you. JD says Manav has gone on Ahaan. Manav says I m warning you, when a decent person leaves decency, then he gets too dangerous. JD says Ahaan has become my enemy, I m not his enemy, he took my thing, ask him to return my thing, if he doesn’t listen to me, then there will be a problem. Manav says what do you think, none can stop you. JD says this is the truth.

Aparna gets Sheetal. She says we all are alive. JD says fine then, we will get everyone killed, listen carefully, I want Pankti, whoever comes in my way will die. Aparna says a person like you dies by own stubbornness, you will never get Pankti.

Inspector comes to Saku’s house. Ahaan and Pankti take disguise of groom and bride. They hide. Saku says she is my daughter and her groom. Inspector asks why are they standing together if they didn’t get married till now. Saku says we are modern, we let them meet alone before marriage, so that there is no problem later. She gives sweets and asks him to bless them. Inspector says fine, be happy. Inspector gets a shoe and asks her.

Saku gets tensed. She shows her drunkard husband. She says my husband wears such costly clothes and shoes, I work at a heroine’s place in city. Inspector goes. Everyone compliments Pankti and Ahaan. Saku tells their story to everyone. She says the world has become their enemy, they want a shelter here. Everyone supports them.

Ahaan says Pankti looks happy, I want to keep her happy. Anita calls Saku Tai. JD hears Pankti on call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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