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The magic of love, part 28

A week later:


Everyone was trying to get over their sadness, to get back the momentum and as expected, it was Saurab who recovered first. Even though he didn’t, he appeared strong in front of everyone, only his mother understood the stress he was in. He joined the office the very next after the funeral and with all mind was trying to balance his family, to get everyone back in track. He was being successful; Anuj and Sharad too joined back the office and ladies to started to get involved in something and the other. But Yuvraj……

He hasn’t spoken a word from that dreadful day, he never went out, and he always stayed in his room. Only came out for food, that too only if Sharad or Saurab dragged him. He was getting moodier by passing of days.

Yuvraj was sitting on his bed, he was lifeless. It was only Suhani and Dadi in his mind, they appeared in front of him every time, it looked like only they were present in life and now that both of them left him, he felt like his life is meaningless.  He wasn’t missing them, he was dying without them.

He wanted lay on his Dadi’s lap, wanted to hear her lorries, wanted to talk with her, and Suhani, he wanted to fight with her, he wanted her to irritate him, to tease him, laugh at him, he wanted to hear her blabbering, he wanted to spent time with her but…….

Why did all these happen?? Why didn’t Dadi understand his love? He wanted to apologise to her for being rude, but before he could……. her never wanted to shout at her but he couldn’t take it when she was blaming Suhani…. And Suhani, how on earth she thought she would be a burden on him? Didn’t she have faith in his love? Did she think that he is so weak?  Why did she take decision under pressure? Did she even think of him?

His thoughts were disturbed by Pratima who came in. She sat beside him. He simply stared at her.

Prat: Till when are you going to be like this?

He didn’t say a thing.

Prat: Yuvraj, I know it is not easy for you, but at least for them. Both Maji and Suhani wanted to see you happy.

He smiled sarcastically.

Yuv: (sarcastically) Really Ma, they want to see me happy? (Shouting) If Dadi really wanted my happiness, she would have accepted Suhani, how many times I tried to convince her but… And Suhani, see the irony Ma, she snatched all my happiness from me and you are saying that she wanted to see me happy? How can I Ma, HOW CAN I???

Pratima kept quiet and he started to cry. She cupped his face and he hugged his mother.

Yuv: Why Ma, why did this happen?

Prat: I too don’t know beta, and we can’t change the past, all we have is present and,

Yuv: Ma how will I?

Prat: If not for you, you have to do this for your brothers Yuvraj, you have to move on.

He looked on.

Prat: Saurab too lost his Dadi, but still he is managing everything, business family, it isn’t easy for him, he needs you by his side, but he will never tell you this. But I can see him struggling, breaking down, you always told me that who wanted to be his support, he needs your support the most now. You can’t back off. And Sharad… Do you know what is going through him; he is away from his love just for your stake and you… And what about Anuj, he too needs you, you are his elder brother.

He was silent for some time; he has completely forgotten about everything else, how could he be this selfish?

Yuv: (heavily) Ma, I….

Prat: I didn’t say this to make you feel guilty, but….

He nodes.

Prat: And Yuvraj, Dadi and Suhani are not wrong. Dadi was shocked when she found out about Suhani, and under emotions she said those, entire do you really think that he would go against you?  And Suhani… Yuvraj it is just a week after she left you, and she your condition, you got really affected by this and unknowingly you even started to blame her. Can you think what she had gone through when she came to know about her accident? Many would have died then and there if they were in her place, would have lost hope, but she… she tried to make everything normal, it was never easy and then, when everything started to get fine….that day…. she couldn’t even remember you even after your continues pleadings, what would have gone through her seeing your miserable face, she will never want to see you like that again, so she left you…. It wasn’t her choice…… She did it for you and now it is your turn… YOU have to get back into your life.

Yuv: How, I can’t Ma, not without her,

Prat: (sternly) Do it for her, and promise me that you will join office tomorrow.

He looked at her, she pointed at her open palm and he promised her.

Yuv: But Ma how?

Prat: Just think of her, think of your love, everything will get fine.

He nodes and she came out of his room. Sharad stood there shocked.

Sh: Maui what was that? Why did you put him under pressure?

Prat: What else could I do? He will never be able to move on without Suhani, but how can I let him suffer like that? So I diverted him, and I didn’t say anything wrong.

Sh: But Mausi,

Prat: And you too, don’t be sad thinking about Suhani and Bhavna, everything will get fine, you both will get your love.

Sh: But Mausi,

Prat: Because for of you love each other unconditionally, truly and true love never fails. It will prove its magic.

She left after saying this, he kept looking at her. She said all these with so much confidence that a small ray of hope budded in his mind, somewhere someone  was telling him that everything will get fine.

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