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The destiny-Never let’s you go away (Naamkaran Avniel fan fiction) episode 7

Deekshya: Okay let me open my jacket……

Someone from behind: WAIT …

He is none other than Ketan.


Dayaben: ( confused ) K… Ketan, you ???

Deekshya: Yes mom it bro and U am your dear daughter Deekshya.

Nanno: YOU TWO ??

Deekshya: Yes, it’s us who kidnapped your granddaughter and it is me who killed your daughter.

Dayaben: ( kind of falls down on floor ) Deekshya, Ketan how could you ? I never knew that i gave birth to devils.

Ketan: ( catches Dayavanti ) Mom, you gave all your property to bro and now you are about to give it to Avni and you say we are devils ?

daya is shocked

Dayavanti is shocked.

Nanno: You people did all this for money ? Shame on you.

Deekshya: Oh, oh lady lord we donot need your lectures now. We will kill you three and then we’ll sit in peace forever.

Deekshya takes out a gun.

Nanno carries Avni who is still faint and runs together with Dayavanti. Ketan and Deekshya chase them. They enter inside a jungle. Daya, Nanno and Avni hide behind a bush catching their breathe. Deekshya and Ketan see them and run after them. All of them run but stop in front of a cliff. Nanno and Dayaben look at each other and panic. Deekshya and Ketan smirk. Deekshya goes front to shoot.

Ketan: Wait Deekshya why should we waste our bullets on them when we can kill them without leaving any proofs ?

Deekshya: Wow bro, how can we do that?

Ketan: Just push them down the cliff.

Both of them go towards Dayaben, Nanno and Avni.

Deekshya: (going towards Nanno) Bye bye lecture queen!

She pushes Nanno. She falls down.

Deekshya and Ketan go towards Dayaben, who is scared.

Dayaben: N.. no you can’t kill me..

Ketan: You should have thought about this before transferring your property. You turned your own children into beggars. Sorry mom, we have to kill you.

With tears both of them push her. Dayaben screams and falls down.

Deekshya: Now it’s this Rahu’s turn. If she dies everything will be solved. ( to Avni ) I had lots to talk with you but you have to die as soon as possible.

Both of them catch Avni (who is still faint) and throw her down from the cliff.

———— leap of 11 years ———-

A police station is shown. An ACP enters.

A Sub-inspector: Sir, your wallet dropped in the jeep.

He takes his wallet. Opens it and looks at Avni’s photo. Comissioner is seen and he addresses the officer.

Comissioner: ACP Neil Khanna.

Neil: (With a salute) Yes sir.

Comissioner: I have decided to handover you the Sukoon ghar case.

Neil: Sir, the orphanage run by Neela Parikh?

Comissioner: Yes, they are being troubled by goons and I want you to visit them.

Neil: Yes sir.

Precap: Neil goes to sukoon ghar in off dress and collides with a girl. She beats him badly.

So sorry guys for the late update. i was busy travelling cause i have holidays. Please bear the errors cause this is my 1st FF. And silent readers, don’t forget to give feedbacks. If you want to remove or add any characters after leap, please suggest them and sorry to say Prakash is dead in my FF. Please comment if you want Sweta cause I am in a dilemma about her character.


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