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Thahaan – a new start (episode-41)

Caution-there is a little mature content below if ur uncomfortable plzz skip that part❤️No offense..

Manish shushes her from saying anything.but still she tries to protest.she pushes him a little n Jigyasa:what..but again manish holds her n pushes her towards the wall making an annoyed face.before she could move manish puts his palm on her mouth n holds her arm tightly.they look into eachothers eyes n share an eyelock.manish leaves her mouth n caress her cheek.
Jigyasa:leave me..
Manish:shhhhh..y do u want to wake Samaira?…jigyasa sees Samaira n realizes that she is present in the room..she realizes her mistake.manish takes out his hand key n wipes her forehead.jigyasa sees him.
Manish:y r u getting a lot of sweat?..
Jigyasa:because I am angry n tensed.
Manish:on me?..he chuckles.jigyasa stares at him.
Jigyasa:very funny..not on u on ishaan.i asked him to deliver an important file because I didn’t go to office today but he didn’t deliver that file yet so..I was angry..I like to complete my work in time..
Manish:I know that n that’s the reason ur a business tycoon today.he smiles at her.
Manish:n I’m proud of u Jigyasa.she looks at him n he keeps on caressing her cheek..he moves forward n she couldn’t resist.she closes her eyes n gulps her anger.he leans at her n kisses her cheek.manish leaves her arm n slide his hand on her waist n grips her tightly.jigyasa keeps her hands on his shoulder.they share a passionate eyelock.jigyasa realizes their position.
Jigyasa(in mind):why do I always feel soo protected in his arms.why do I forget about my past when I see him.is it really true that he was not guilty??..she keeps on questioning her self when manish shakes her.
Manish:y r u staring at me like that?..haan.he winks n closes the top button of his shirt jigyasa looks at him n surprised by his act she looks around if any other person saw them like this.manish giggles.
Jigyasa:ur mad.she tries to go but manish holds her hand.
Manish:Mrs vani oberoi ur forgetting something.jigyasa turns towards him n looks doubtfully
Manish:my medicines..jigyasa remembers n nods.
She brings water for him n gives his medicines.
Manish:thank u n good night.jigyasa just smiles at him n goes away.

Next morning
Ishaan wakes up n sees his phone.
Ishaan:oh my god a lot of missed calls from vani.oh shit she is gonna kill me.yaar last night I drank a lot n…shit shit shit what should I do now.she won’t leave me..while he was thinking for a good excuse his phone rings.it was Jigyasa.
Ishaan:ur dead Ishaan.he picks the call.
Ishaan:vaaa..vaani actually I was a little bu….before he completes Jigyasa starts speaking angrily.
Jigyasa:I’m not at all interested in ur silly excuses Ishaan I want u at my mansion in the next fifteen minutes understand.
Ishaan:but vani even if I drive with full speed I won’t reach in fifteen minutes it will take half an hour.
Jigyasa:u lost one minute Ishaan.she cuts the call n Ishaan quickly drives to her home with full speed.
He reaches vani’s mansion n barges inside n sees the time.
Ishaan:gosh still a minute left.well done Ishaan..he compliments himself n goes inside.
Aunt Mary sees him n comes towards him.
Aunt Mary:hi Ishaan u here?
Ishaan:hi aunt Mary actually vani maam called me..aunt Mary smells him.
Aunt Mary:ugh Ishaan didn’t u brush today.yuck.ishaan covers his mouth quickly
Ishaan:actually vani maam said to come quickly..
Aunt Mary:first go n brush ur teeth go.he nods n leaves to the guest room.
Jigyasa comes in the hall n sees the time..
Ishaan comes later
Ishaan:good morning vani.jigyasa sees him
Jigyasa:ur 10 minutes late.
Ishaan:no no I was on time I went to..jigyasa shows her palm n he stops.
Manish n Samaira also comes in the hall.
Aunt Mary:vani dear y did u call all of us here?..
Jigyasa:because I have an important announcement aunt Mary.
Samaira:mamma r we going for picnic.she cheers up n everyone laughs.
Jigyasa:no beta not now.i have called all of u here to say that I have took a decision.
Aunt Mary:decision??.
Jigyasa:yes a decision about my life.she sees Manish
Jigyasa:huh so a month ago Ishaan proposed to me but that time I was not ready so I rejected him..hearing to her Manish was shocked n confused.he wanted to break ishaan a teeth but controlled himself..
Jigyasa:at that time i was not ready to accept any one in my life but now after hearing to Samaira I realized that she really need fathers love so I decided to give a chance to this marrige.so Ishaan r u ok with it..Ishaan sees her surprised.
Ishaan:yes..manish gets shocked.aunt marry gets happy n Ishaan couldn’t stop smiling.samaira looked sad
Jigyasa:I think every one is ok with that.she turns to a struggling to breath manish n they share an eyelock.manish nodded in a no n gestured her to stop all this but she was determined by her decision n ignored him.
Aunt Mary:I’m happy for u beta..she smiles at them n manish gets angry.
Jigyasa:Samaira r u happy beta.she kneels on her knees n kisses her cheek.samaira gets sad n runs from there.
Aunt Mary:wait Samaira.ahh don’t worry I know she is super happy.after all she wanted a father.she is a kid don’t worry I’ll see her..
Jigyasa:no aunt it’s ok I’ll see to her later but now I have another most important announcement to do..everyone sees her even manish with his bewildered expressions
Jigyasa:that I want this wedding to happen really soon..like within the next fifteen days.
Aunt Mary:next fifteen day r u mad vani how will we do all the preparations in such a less time..
Jigyasa:this wedding will take place in the next fifteen days only aunt Mary n that’s final I have really important works to complete n I’ll be busy from the next month so It’s ur responsibility to see to it now n also u have to finalize the dates for all the finctions n another important thing.i want to keep this wedding a private affair so plzz invite only close friends aunt Mary.
Aunt Mary:ok beta I’ll look for it then.she hugs Jigyasa n leaves..jigyasa sees manish n goes near Ishaan.
Ishaan:vani I..before he could complete Jigyasa speaks up.
Jigyasa:I hope ur ok with everything Ishaan.
Ishaan:I’m fine with it.he smiles.
Jigyasa:so start preparing now.
Ishaan:for the wedding??..
Jigyasa:no for the next meeting.
Ishaan:ahh yes sorry it’s tomorrow I remember.
Jigyasa:did u bring the file which I asked u.
Ishaan:no actually u called In the morning n u were so angry so I got scared n forgot about the file.but u don’t worry I’ll go home right now n bring them to u..
Jigyasa:hmm bring them to the office I’ll check it there itself.ishaan nodded n turned to leave..
Jigyasa:wait Ishaan.i hope u don’t have any issues with my sudden decision.ishaan smiles n takes her in a tight hug.
Ishaan:I’m the most happiest person on this planet vani.thank u soo much for accepting my proposal..jigyasa didn’t wanted to hug him but as manish was around she hugged him tighter n they smiled.manish was angrier he wanted to break all the teethes of ishaan but he remained silent.he clinched his fist in anger.
Jigyasa:ok see you at the office then.ishaan smiled left the place.jigyasa turned only to find a beast in front of him.manish looked at her with much hope.but she ignored n left the place.she went to samairas room n manish followed her.
Samaira was sitting on the bed.jigyasa enters in her room n smiles at her.
Jigyasa:why is my cute little angel soo sad?haan.
Samaira looked at Jigyasa n turned away.
Jigyasa:what happen baby ur mamma is fulfilling ur wish.ur mamma is getting married n even u wanted it right.u wanted a father na..so from now ishaan uncle is ur father ok.manish heard it from the door n was really upset by Jigyasa.
Samaira:I don’t like ishaan uncle mamma.he is not a good person.he is not my dad.
Jigyasa:Samaira ur a kid beta so u know nothing about all this so stay away n consider ishaan as ur father because soon mamma is gonna marry him ok..
Samaira:no no no ishaan uncle is not my dad super papa is my dad n will always be..mamma u marry super papa n we all will stay together always..I love super papa a lot mamma..jigyasa was shocked to hear that..from whom she was trying to escape a lot her daughter pushed her towards that person just by few words.
Samaira:super papa is much much muchhhh better than ishaan uncle n I will not consider him as my father super uncle is only my dad.she makes a cute pout n runs from there.jigyasa tries to stop her still in the shock.samaira hits manish who was at the door..manish smiles at her n Samaira runs out.jigyasa sees him n stands up.corrects her Kurti n starts walking..
Manish:wait..jigyasa stops at the moment
Manish:Jigyasa.his heavy voice hurted her heart a lot.he took hold of her arm n pulled her back n I a second pinned her to the door.jigyasa was shocked but she tried to control her emotions n look serious.
Manish:y did u do that Jigyasa??y r u doing this Jigyasa?how could u do it to me??u love me right.then how could u think of some other person when I’m still alive?y did u do this all of a sudden Jigyasa?.
Jigyasa:be..because aunt Mary was right Samaira feels lonely without her father.every child deserves to get loved by their parents.samaira also has that right.n..I..I realized it yesterday when I heard her emotions by her mouth.she must have missed her father a lot she needs a father..
Manish:I’m there for her always..no matter what happen.as a father or a super man.but u how could u even think about marrying some other man?.he clutches her shoulder tightly which scares her n she screams a little..
Jigyasa:ahhh.uu..ur ur hurting me..
Manish:n do u know how much ur hurting me?.he presses her arms more tighter n she keeps looking into his eyes
Manish:since the beginning ur hating me ur trying to avoid me n that is hurting me a lot Jigyasa but still I keep hoping that one day Jigyasa one day u will forget everything n accept me.come along with me back home n..jigyasa looks away.
Manish:do u know how much I get insecured when I see u with someone else..n ur planning to get married..
Jigyasa:our chapter is closed Manish.i said this earlier also that we can’t be together now.I have moved on n I can’t go back to hell with u again.manish was shocked with her tone…
Manish:hell haan??..manish looks on n she tries to avoid the eye contact.
Manish:Jigyasa u know better that I never forced u for anything.not even for loving me right.ok in ur eyes I’m a bad person.im not worthy for u for ur love then punish me,slap me Jigyasa I slapped u right.u do the same to me but plzz don’t go away.he holds her palm n hits his face.jigyasa secretly cries n pulls her hands from his grip.
Manish:u can’t I know, because u love me..jigyasa closes her eyes n wipes her tears
Jigyasa:yes I loved u Manish but..she makes an eye contact.
Jigyasa:but u proved me wrong.u snatched everyone one from me now I’m not going to believe u Manish.u r a cheater.u never loved me because if u did u never broke my trust.u would have believed me n..she tries to speak.
Manish:it was not my fault Jigyasa that was pre planned by misha.she did all that on purpose.yes I agree that it was my mistake to believe her but she tried her best to manipulate me n she also made the situations look like that,that I could believe her easily.n I did fell in her trap n disbelieved u.I’m sorry for that.plzz forgive me.atlest come back for the family Jigyasa they r waiting for u there in India.plzz come back..he cries.jigyasa could not see his state n tries to speak but her mind commands her to leave the place n avoid him.she listens to it n runs from the place n vanishes soon.manish looks at her going n weeps.

At night
Ishaan goes to his home after a long day at office.
He opens the door of his house with a spare Key n enters in the house.he throws his bag on sofa n drinks some water..
Ishaan:baby I’m home..he shouts after taking few sips of water..after a couple of seconds he didn’t hear any voice.he stepped ahead to look himself.he entered in a room n sees everywhere but couldn’t find anyone.he was about to leave the room when someone hugs him from back..he smirks n holds the persons hands.
Ishaan:I knew u were hiding..he turns around n sees the lady standing infront of him..he saw her lustfully from top to bottom n then hugged her tightly n kissed her bare shoulders..
Ishaan:ur soo hot Lisa ur looking gorgeous in this nighty.. Lisa smirked..
Lisa:baby u might be tired come let me give u a massage come baby..saying so she started unbottoning his shirt buttons.
Ishaan:well I need a massage but I’m not at all stressed today baby in fact I have a great news.
Lisa:what is it baby
Ishaan:I’ll tell I’ll tell later first u go n bring a wine bottle for both of us we will celebrate today..he pulled her close by her waist n pecked her lips..
Lisa:baby first let me bring wine for u I’m really excited for the news u want to share.ishaan giggles n nods..
Ishaan:by that time I’ll freshen up n come.saying so he leaves to his bathroom.
After some Time Ishaan comes in the room in just shorts n sees Lisa pouring wine in the glass.he hugs her from back.
Ishaan:so u wanna know the great news.lisa nods
Ishaan:finally finally she agreed to marry me baby.finally we r going to get married.n I’m soo happy baby.
Lisa:really she accepted u.im soo happy baby congrats.she turns n hugs him tightly.ishaan detaches her n angrily takes the wine glass n drinks wine.he throws the glass n Lisa gets shocked.
Ishaan:yes..yes she accepted n how would she say no to me.after all I’m handsome,tall all the girls want a husband like me n she..he drinks more wine angrily.
Ishaan:three years ago I proposed her but she rejected me.she is a stupid to reject me.ishaan,ishaan malhotra.who know how to take his things back..n she is my thing.
Ishaan:three years ago I proposed her in a huge mall but she refused to my proposal infront of all the people..I kept quite n kept on trying but she never accepted me all I got was humiliation..n that time I genuinely used to love her..I was madly in love with her but she humiliated me n my love for her n now she has to pay for all the humiliation.
Lisa:baby u really loved her or her money?.ishaan turns to her gritting his teeth n Lisa gets scared.ishaan pushes her towards the wall angrily n she hits her head to the wall.she moans in pain but stands up as she knows Ishaan would not like it.
Ishaan:I loved her god dammit.i really did but soon that love changed into lust n soon lust into hate.i hate her soo much now.no one ever had guts to open their mouth infront of Ishaan malhotra n she..she humiliated me.n now I’m going to torture her for this.lisa ran towards him.
Lisa:I’m sorry baby I doubted ur love but ur right n she was wrong she should also be madly in love with such person.im sorry darling.ishaan sees her angrily n sits on the bed.lisa sits on his lap n caress his neck.ishaan removes her nighty.
Lisa:by the way baby what r u going to do next..I mean what’s ur plan.do I have any role in it.
Ishaan:yes u have.I’m going to make her my slave n take over her business..I will bring her on road..he smirks..now Lisa knew that he was boiling in anger n could do anything with her so she has to calm him.
Lisa:yes baby ur right.I’m with u always..Ishaan looks at her.
Lisa:baby will u drink some more wine..she passes the beer bottle to him.he holds it n pours wine on her body.her body was completely drenched with wine n Lisa was shocked.
Ishaan:I would like to drink my wine this way.saying so he started licking her body.they had cozy moments..

Next morning.ishaan n Lisa both woke up.both were naked n cover in a duvet..
Lisa:baby plzz don’t go to office today.
Ishaan:are u mad I have a lot of work at office n I have to impress vani also.
Lisa:hmm ok..
Ishaan:what happen to u.
Lisa:Ishaan honestly I hate when I hear that vani’s name from ur mouth.i hate when u talk about her.
Lisa:come on Ishaan we are together since two years now n ur asking me that..I feel jealous of her.
Ishaan:what happen to u why are u saying that now?
Lisa:Ishaan I know u hate that vani n ur marrying her only for taking revenge.ok in that case I’m with u but later when u give her divorce u have to marry me..Ishaan gets angry
Ishaan:don’t speak rubbish I already said u this a lot of times.we r just s*x buddies n don’t forget that ur an pr*stitute.how could u even think that I.ishaan malhotra will ever marry u?..I’m using u for this mission that’s it.once I’m done with vani ill throw u out of my life with ur desired money understand.u know that already.
Lisa:yes I know Ishaan but I’m in love with u.
Ishaan:hahaha ur talking about love??!!
Lisa:why don’t we have emotions?
Ishaan:stop talking shit to me ur just a trash for me so from now don’t ever think about marrying me.what more do u want I’m fulfilling all ur needs.i handle all ur expenses.so if u want to enjoy this life then stop thinking rubbish n play with me babe..Lisa was sad but she knew he won’t understand her now.

Precap-manish decides to stop this marriage n tries to convince vani for backing off this wedding.he joins her in the office n finds Ishaan mysterious..


So I hope u liked this part.plzz don’t bang me for that Lisa ishaan scenes cause that’s a part of my story.if u don’t like it plzz skip that portion❤️:-)Juveria

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