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Hii friends. Back with a new episode. Actually due to some technical problem I am late. Sorry for that. I hope u won’t mind it. Now without wasting our time let’s peep into the story……


Swaragini went home and now their mission is PAPA KO MANAO

Swara went to her father and gave him a sweet smile.

Swara (with extra sweetness) : papa!!!

Shekhar : shona if u talk with extra sweetness then it is clear that u want something….. Say what u want?

Ragini : papa woh… Woh…..

Shekhar : what woh woh say clearly

Swara :(in one go)   tomorrowmeandlaadowanttogotoapartyinthenightsowewanturpermission……

Shekhar :say slowly shona

Swara : Tommorow me and laado want to go to a party in the night. So we came to ask permission…

Shekhar : ok go but be safe

Swara :thanks papa u r the best ,please don’t say to maa…

Shekhar :uska tension tu na le mai hu na uske liye …

Next day :

Swaragini room was totally messed with clothes

Swara : laado u should wear this u have to look different and this color suits u alot

Ragini : no this is too short

Swara : this one

Ragini : no it is backless…

Finally after soo many rejections finally they selected a dress. At evening both got ready and are looking beautiful. Sanlak are waiting for them outside gadodia mansion.

Laksh : how much time these girls will take to get ready

Sanskar :(busy in phone )2-3 kg make up  Lagane ke liye time lagega bhai

Laksh : here they are….

Laksh was lost in ragini seeing her on modern dress. He was continuously staring her which make ragini blush. Their moment was broken by swara.

Swara :bhai how was di looking

Laksh :beautiful

Swara :(with a cute pout) me…..

Laksh : as always hell cute (pulling her cheeks)

Sanskar lifted his head and mesmerized seeing swara in that attire. He was not even blinking his eyes.

Laksh : so chale….

All get into the car and laksh drove to the party. It is a party for which only couples are allowed. And they will allot a unique wrist band for the couples. Ragini went with laksh and swara without any option went with sanskaar. They wrote RAGLAK on ragini and laksh bands, SWASAN on swara and sanskaar bands. They entered the venue and saw all are enjoying in their own world. Laksh went to talk to his friends and swasan are busy in their own business (ofcourse fights) . Ragini was left alone and she was not feeling comfortable. Suddenly a boy came and misbehaving with her. Laksh saw this and his blood boiled. He excused himself from his friends, came to Ragini and brought her to the dance floor. He was holding her safely. She felt protective in his presence.

TUM HI HO  song was played in background. Both danced well with matching steps. Later laksh noticed she was uncomfortable so he asked for a walk.

Ragini :but shona

Laksh : sanskaar hai na woh use sambhal lega

Both are walking and talking about some random things. Both are feeling happy with eachother.

On the other side, some one spiked swara drink. Now it is showing its effect. She was dancing on the dance floor madly on DRAMA QUEEN song. Later she took mike.

Swara : my dear ladies and gentlemen do u know (pointing towards sanskaar)  yeh sanky hanky hai na ek dam khadoos aur sadoo hai

Sanskar : swara…. What happened to her

Swara (standing on table) : always showing attitude agar yeh lucky bhai ka brother nahi hotha tho  Ganga mein doobha kar maar detha hu

Sanskaar : neeche utharoo meri maa yeh bhai aur ragini di kaha gaya

Swara : nahi mai nahi avunga….

Sat there with a cute pout. Without any option he lifted her in bridal style. All couples are looking them like awww….

Swara : tu itni acche hai par kyu hamesha mogambo ki tarah rahatha hai…

Sanskar : tum do minute ke liye chup nahi rah saktha hai kya

Swara :there is no silence word in swara gadodia dictionary

Sanskar : haa u have dictionary with only useless words not useful words….

Swara : u r scolding me…. (Started crying )

Sanskar : ek dum chup varna tumhe yahi phek doonga

Swara :okk(cleared her fake tears )

He was smiling for her childishness. She was soo cute. She slept in his arms. He was adoring her. Later raglak came there. With the help of sanlak ragini took swara to their room without anyone’s notice. By bidding bye they left for maheshwari mansion. 

Ignore grammar mistakes.


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