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Swasan- A complicated love story!! (69)


………………………………… ………
A year leap..
Swara is living separately from her family now…

She is living in flat with her friend chinki.. She became doctor in this year.. she has got her degree too annd is currently working in Sunshine hospital..

@Swara’s flat–

The girl was standing with the window.. lost in deep thoughts when someone shakes her…

Girl: swara!! tayar ni hona kya?? aaj hospiytal ni jaana.?? tabiyat to theek h na.. (checking her forehead)

Yes the girl standing with the window was our swara only..

Swara: haa.. kya hua chinki..?? (came in senses with her touch) kya kha tumne chinki ? maine suna nhi.. sorry.. (moving towards dressing table)

Yes the girl is chinki..

Chinki- are bai.. where r u lost swara..?? (going back of her)

Swara- kahin bhi to nhi.. yhi to hu m..(shrugging her shoulders)

Chinki- yr.. u cant always lie to me.. batao kya baat h..?? (holding her shoulders)

Swara- are tum bhi na chinki… mujhe kya hua.. i m fine..(avoiding eye contact)

Meanwhile there was a voice calling the names of these two girls..

Voice: (shouts) are swara.. chinki.. kha h mere betiyan?? jaldi neeche aao.. brekfast thanda ha ra h..

Both shouted at the same time..

Swara/chinki- comming maa/ aunty..

The lady was none other than Sujata..

Swara- chimki.. tum chalo m abhi aati hu.. mujhe kuch kaam h.. (still avoiding eye contact)

Chinki- ok.. but u come soon.. yesterday night also.. u didnt had ur food properly..

Swara nooded..

While going out of room she saw swara wiping her tears..

Chinki to herself- i know swara.. there is some problem.. its been a year.. we are living here together.. but u r upset.. i know there is some problem which u r not sharing with anybody.. u seem to be happy in front of aunty.. but i know u r not happy.. i think aunty too know about ur this sadness.. but i m too ur friend..pata to m lagakar rahungi uss reason ka jiise mere frnd to itna pareshaan kia hua h ki vo hasna bhi bhul gayi h..

Both friends had there breakfast amd leave to their work.. both are in same hospital..


@In sanskar’s company-

A young man enters the cabin and gives the good news to the other man..

1st man- sir.. we did it.. Luthra and company aab humare under kaam karegi.. we have successfully taken their business sir.. (so much happy )

2nd man was lost in his own thoughts… the 1st man goes and jerks him.. SIRR

He came out of his thoughts
Man- haa.. ha bol aman! what were u saying?

1st man was aman.. other man’s secretary..

Aman- vo sir.. (teasingily) vo m kya bol ra tha .. bahar baarish bhot ho re h chalo bhegane chalte h.. (laugh)

Man- (without a single smile on his face) ho gayi bakwas puri.. dont forget i m ur boos here.. not ur friend..

Aman started making faces..

Aman- thats why i m saying u SIR na.. (making faces)

[yes aman is the other man’s friend]

Man- now say.. what were u saying?
(rolling his eyes)

Aman- mr sanskar sarna.. i was saying that we have successfully overtake luthra and comapny.. (happy)

Yes the lost ,man was our one and only sanskar sarna..

Sanskar- hmm.. good now i will show hell to them..

Aman- but there is a problem..

Sanskar- yes say!! whats the problem??

Aman- sanskar hume khanna and co ko takeover karne ke liye mumbai jana hoga .. kuch paper work h

Sanskar- aman .. u know.. i cant go there.. u know na.. ther i wont be able to control myself being away from them..

Aman- par.. how can i??

He was interrupted in between..

Sanskar- (angry) i said na u go there.. then go.. just go n prepare to leave..

Aman- SIR vaise ye muskura kar bol date to bhi i would have agreed.. (teases) n ran out of cabin out off fear..

Before kunj could say anyting he ran out of cabin.. seeing this sanskar smiles..

(Swara chinki n sujata are living in mumbai andd sanskar is in amritsar as he expanded his business in north india also)

It was 5 pm now..

In mumbai

Swara was busy in her cabin in studying a patients file.. when she heard that owner of hospital Mr luthra’s business was being overtaken by other company.. hospital includes in the company’s premise only..

@next day–

Aman was packing to leave for mumbai…

Meanwhile.. Sanskar went into a room and entered into the room..

Sanskar- god.. my life has become soo hectic with lots of meetings and work load.. But have this sweet first…

(He pics the plate of sweets n forwarded his hands towards the lifeless body on the bed)

Here u go.. i know its ur favourate sweet.. n u know why this is for?? no?? ok let me tell u.. ur son has taken over luthras businesss.. yes dad.. luthras.. now i will destroy them fully.. for destroying my family.. for your this condition.. n for making me away from my bhai n ragini.. and last for snatching our family’s happiness..

Yes the man who was lying on bed for past one year was Rp.. (Sanskar’s father)

Sanskar- dad.. i know u are really angry on me.. i had broken ur trust once . Tears were rolling out of his eyes) i m sorry dad.. i m soo sorry..!
i know i have failed u but trust me i m changed now.. plz dad get up.. (he was crying so badly that he was not able to speak) dad.. get up plz! i promise.. i will bring back mom and ur daughter soon.. plz..
while crying.. he was lost in the past….


Sorry friends.. but i will give flashback in next part..
untill then keep guessing what would have happened,..??
bbyee.. hope to see u soon..

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