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Reading the prequel “FINDING SOULMATE IN BFF’S WEDDING“” is highly recommended..!

Om..It’s been 3 years to our wedding.We’ve our anniversary next month.Everything was perfect in our life.Our little angle Shanaya has completed our life.And time has passed so soon,she’ll turn 2 tomorrow.But Annika,she has changed.I dont know whose mistake it was but both of them are suffering.I’ve invited Annika for Shanaya’s b’day.

Lets see if she comes.I havent met her for last six months.We’d promised that we’ll spend atleast an hour with each other daily,you remember,she used to fight with you and had warned me so many times that “Dont I dare to give you priority over her”.But see,now we rarely talk to each other.Hope everything will get back to normal.”

How can I forget Gauri.It wont be wrong if I say Shivaay has also changed.He left India and went back to Mom. She also tried to make everything normal but nothing happened.I know whatever happened,it was just a misunderstanding,and no matter what they say,we know they love each other.It was just a simple thing and they build a mountain out of a molehill.And its just their EGO which is coming in between.She also tried to make everything normal but nothing happened.I’ve invited him too.Lets see if he’ll come or not.”

Wait.What if they both join us??How’ll they face each other.Above that how’ll we handle them.!!”

Their cat fight in our wedding and now its Shanay’s b’day..”

Phail gya Raita.. “(They said looking at each other)


Annika’s POV

I’ve never thought Shivaay that you’ll behave like this.!IOk I admit it was my mistake but you could have make me understand but no you just left.Fine,I’m also not missing you.You were wrong we can never be SOULMATES.I shouldnt have came in your words.
I’ve moved on in my life and I seriously dont need  you.I’m HAPPY in my life,are you listening Mr.tadibaaz.I’m happy.

Shivaay’s POV

I hate you.How can you let me go.Have you ever loved me?
No,why would you love me..!I know it was my mistake I shouldnt have said all that but……
Forget it.I’m not missing you and dont even think about you.
I’ve got HER and my life is complete now.I’m glad I’m not with you.
I miss you….I meant I dont,understand I dont…

Both are missing each other but no one is ready to confess.Shanaya’s birthday will definately brought a big change in their life.
BUT wait a minute,,they’ve moved on right??
Then what now..?
Are they really not SOULMATES.?
How’ll Rikara handle this face off??
Will Shanaya play a role of cupid?
Will they sort out their misunderstanding?
But wait,whats the MISUNDERSTANDING..?

Hey guys…
Whats up??
See I’m back as I promised..
Hope you’ll enjoy this book too..

One quick ques…
Do you want an EMOTIONAL OR HUMOROUS STORY??I’ll go according to that.

And a sad news too😅
Chotu sa sad news😁
I’ll continue this book after my exams i.e, in 2nd week of MAY

stay tuned.
Dont forget to read its prequel FINDING SOULMATE IN BFF’S WEDDING””

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