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Shakti 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi manages to stop Harman-Jasleen’s haldi

Shakti 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman and Jasleen sitting for haldi. Sumit calls Harak Singh and asks him to stop the marriage else he will tell everyone about her bahu’s truth. Harak Singh gets shocked. Surbhi thanks Sumit. Sumit asks how did you know this? Surbhi tells him talking to Pandit ji and he tells her that he is going to Harak Singh’s house for Harman’s marriage. He asks why Harman is remarrying? Surbhi asks him not to ask her. Sumit says ok and removes the sim from the mobile.

Harak Singh thinks how to stop marriage as he is getting them married with his wish. He pretends to faint and fall down. Harman and others get up and run to him. Harman takes Harak Singh to room and call Doctor. Doctor checks him and says he is fine, but stressed out.

After everyone goes out of room, Harak

Singh gets up and insults Soumya, says he had to stopped the marriage for his respect. He says he will enquire who called him. Soumya says if my well wisher had called then wouldn’t have done anything. She promises that she will not let any problem come. She takes number from him and goes out. She asks Harman to get haldi rasam done as Raavi blames Soumya. Harman says he can’t marry until Harak Singh gets fine. Preeto asks what is your problem and asks if he wants to marry or not. She asks Jasleen if she understood Mata Rani’s sign. Harman and Jasleen come to Harak Singh. Jasleen says we can’t apply haldi in such situation. Harak Singh pretends to gain consciousness. Harman calls Preeto. Harak singh sits and says he is fine. Harman unconsciously asks Soumya to bring medicine. He then realizes and asks Jasleen to bring medicine.

Harman comes to room and sees Soumya’s earring. He thinks Soumya cares for everyone, but doesn’t keep her things safely. Jasleen comes and asks where is he going? Jasleen says if you don’t search her stuff then you will not find anything. Harman says he wants to see his future. Jasleen says your future is standing infront of you and takes earring from his hands, and leaves.

Panchayat members ask Maninder why Surbhi haven’t come till now. Varun says she comes late daily. Soumya comes there. Bebe thinks why did she come? Soumya tells Nani that she has some work with Surbhi. Surbhi comes. Maninder tells her that Panchayat members are here to keep eye on us. Surbhi asks if they don’t have any work and asks Soumya to come. Varun tells Panch members that Surbhi doesn’t take care of him and that he is hungry. Maninder asks Bebe to feed him food.

Preeto tells everyone that Soumya went to her mayka and will be back till morning. Harman gets worried. He asks Jasleen to come to his room and have food. They go to their room. Soumya tells Surbhi that someone is trying to stop Harman and Jasleen’s marriage. Surbhi says it is good. Soumya says don’t know who is trying to stop the marriage. Surbhi says may be mallika didi or her people. Soumya says no. Surbhi says may be someone is doing this and asks her not to take tension. Soumya asks do you really don’t know? Harman gets up and thinks Soumya haven’t come till now. He then thinks that he shall not care if she comes or not. He couldn’t get sleep and comes out of his room, checks Soumya in her room. He comes to kitchen and have water.

Preeto thinks he is searching Soumya at 2 am and thinks their relation is chosen by God and it will not break. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..She comes back home. Harman asks where did she go? Soumya says she has to do marriage arrangements. Harman says you came alone? Soumya says mummy ji sent driver. Harman says if Preeto is taking care of her bahu like this. Soumya keeps hand on his mouth and asks him not to worry for her as no girl will bear to see her to be husband worrying for someone else.

Soumya promises to be with Harman till marriage is done. She gets him ready. Later she dances on sabki baraatein aayein song.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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