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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ananth is Arrested

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth tries to shoot Bulbul, but Vijay holds gun. Their tussle starts. Keshav rushes to the spot with police. Vijay gets hold of gun and throws it away. Police catch Ananth. Vijay says he is angry not on him, but himself. Police drags Ananth away. Vijay consoles Bulbul. At police station, Ananth is put behind bars. Tejaswini asks Hukum Narayan to free Ananth as he is king of Kaushalpur. Hukum says he is helpless and cannot take law in his hands. Vijay enters with Bulbul. Tejaswini pleads him to take back his cake. Vijay asks Hukum FIR copy to sign. Tejaswini pleads again. Vijay says he would have forgiven Ananth if he had attacked him, but he tried to harm his wife, he will not forgive Ananth, only Bulbul can decide now. Bulbul signs not to sign FIR. Tejaswini thanks him. Vijay tells Ananth that he ruined himself in his jealousy, he is ashamed that Ananth was his friend once. He leaves with Bulbul.

Vijay returns home with Bulbul and says family members consider him as Prabhath’s murderer. Bulbul says Prabhath’s soul will be very happy seeing him returning home. Vijay looks at Prabath’s photo and then walks in home. Vasu gives him handmade flower bouquet. Gayatri starts her usual drama and says she knew her brother is innocent, she will do his aarti. Vijay says let it be, when family members don’t trust him, what is the use of aarti, looking at Angad. Sadhna cries hiding behind door. Vijay hears her cries.

Vijay takes Bulbul to room and pampers her saying she worked so hard to prove him innocent. He takes bath first, then returns and applies medicines to her wounds. She feels shy.

Gayatri scolds Sadhna and Angad for misleading them against her brother. Vijay calls doctor. Gayatri starts her drama she will take doctor to her brother/ Vijay comes out and says Bulbul is ill and sends doctor in and waits outside room..

Precap: Mandira meets Bulbul and reminds of promise made while giving Vijay’s proof of innocence.

Update Credit to: MA

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