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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Determines To Prove Bankruptcy is a Rumour

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratan and Diya are cooking Maggie in kitchen. Ratan thanks her and asks why did she always stand with him. Diya says because I love you, and says even if we separate and stay far, but I will always be with you if you call me. They look at each other. They get burning smell and realizes that the Maggie is burnt. Diya says she will be scolded today. Ratan asks her not to worry and washes tough stain on the kadayi. They play with foam. Yeh rishta plays. Ratan washes kadai. Diya smiles and says what will happen if anyone know about it.

Mohana talks to her father and says she is fine, everything happened here so fast. Yash comes and asks are you fine? Mohana says yes. He thanks her for understanding him. Mohana thinks I have no problem with you, and will take revenge on Diya and Ratan.

Yash tells that Diya and Ratan are in problem and says he is helpless.

Ratan and Diya come to CT. CT gets burning smell and thinks why did she get such smell. She asks Servant and goes to kitchen. Ratan says nothing is burnt. CT checks the kadai and says it is burnt. Ratan says no. Diya says it was burnt because of carelessness and that’s why Ratan cleaned it. CT is shocked and asks Ratan if he cleaned it, says if anyone sees such thing then it will be problem. Ratan says sorry and applauds for her. CT says you was caught because of your theft. Diya gets an idea and tells Ratan that she got solution. She calls Yash. Ratan asks Diya to tell her plan. Diya says just as CT caught their lie, they can bring back their respect back.

Ratan says you said that exhibition will not work. Diya says my plan is chor machaye shor…Yash asks what do you mean? Ratan asks her to tell her plan in detail. Diya says if we keep the exhibition then people can think that we are showing fake jewellery, or borrowed from someone. She tells that they shall steal their own jewellery and involve Police to search it, then after Police searches it then they will tell media about the worth of the jewellery and also tell that they are not bankrupt. Ratan and Yash like the plan.

CT comes there and tells that Diya’s plan is stupid and asks her why she is provoking them for wrong move. She says she will never give them permission for such things. Ratan asks her to understand and says they are facing losses, and if they don’t do anything then Kesar Mahal will be locked. CT says you don’t know the price of the wealth which we have, and says it is left for our heirs. She says if it is stolen really then we will be bankrupt for sure. She says we can’t risk our family’s wealth. She asks them to promise not to execute their plan. Mohana hears them. Ratan and Yash keeps hand on her hand, before Diya could keep hand, someone comes and tells that sponsor came.

Diya, and others go there. Sponsor tells that it seems nobody will participate in the event and says they are taking back sponsor ship. Diya says I am shocked and surprised to see your mindset are so narrow. She says I was just 18 when I started work and says Ratan is 21 when he started work. She asks how they can think that Ratan is incompetent and tells that she has trust on him. She folds her hand and asks them to give sometime. Sponsors say we are giving 24 hours time and asks them to prove that bankruptcy news is false.

Diya and Ratan open the locker to get the jewellery. CT wakes up and checks the locker room.

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