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Pyaar (Ragsan) Pt 10 by Aliya

Let’s begin……


A girl screams from outside(standing outside a house): RAAAAAAGINIIIIIIIIII…..

And another girl comes running in between the fields

She have wore a white and a yellow salwar suit

And she is revealed to be Ragini

Rag from behind: avniiiiiiii

Avni smiles

RagNi together: happy 8 years of friendship
Both laughs!


They were watching kkhh movie

Avni all of a sudden: Ragini i want to ask you something don’t take me wrong

Rag smiles: poochna!u don’t need permission

Avni holds her hands:dekh…. Now it’s been 8 years so i want to ask you..if Sanskar returned to you then??

Rag smiles: then what?

Avni:i mean to say…..

Rag: he has dedicated his life to someone else

Avni:no..i don’t to know that..i want to know if he returned

Rag: then it would be great! He was my friend once

Avni: no you will not do that!

Rag: so what avni..i have sushaan in my life… If he came by some little chance also he would be my friend not more than that! You think sushaan mujhe use chodke kahin jaane dega…waise bhi its only 8 days left for our engagement and after 2 week is marriage

Avni:but still!
Rag smiles:i have anger on him but now everything is changed relations have been changed and i am still the angry bird to lose those i do a friend i forgave him but the heart still hurts

Avni: you still love him don’t you?

Rag: no…..pata hai ma kya kehti thi… If you forget something bad it is greatest and if you forgive the person who is the reason behind the bad happenings in your life… will be the bravest so mujhe woh ban na hai! And for what you are getting scared this will never happen! He will never return

Avni:but i will not forgive him!

Rag: about whom we are talking? He would be the world’s most happiest person for sure


“You are never satisfied of me…kabhi yeh kabhi woh!!!!….”sanskar was interrupted by swara

“Ahaan… Correction it’s you… you are not satisfied of me!!! Because you are still not over of that so called behen ji” said swara with bursting of anger

San: no matter.. No matter how many time i told you don’t bring her matter but you… Forget it…

He turns to go

Sw: oh wait! Why are you even marrying me? Go to her…i am happy with modelling

San smiles; u know what! You are just a selfish.. You just think about you…damn i was too late to understand the reality!

Sw: yes now you would have married That Behen ji… Why’d don’t you just damn accept that you love her!!baat khatam

San:i just don’t want to prove about me to the person like you..

Sw pulls his palm and keeps the ring: i break this Relation now!

San was not shocked because he expected it!

Sw: but i will still give you a chance when you will be back to me being guilty! You have one month…a bullshit is arranged by our parents in one month.. If you…

San: wait a minute… You think me as a servant of yours..!! I hope this is the last day i will see you in my life

He storms in my life

Sw: even after she is not in my life.. Still she won from me….i will never let this happen…i have to do something for which Sanskar himself would come to me convince me for our marriage!


Here Sanskar leaves to Bangalore as he is invited for a school as a chief guest!

So will RagSan reunite?? Who is sushaan??

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