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Nimki Mukhiya 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu’s ruins his image again

Nimki Mukhiya 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Annaro says to Nimki go from here.
Ritu says to people we have arranged this meet up with Mukhiya babbu. Babbu says to we are all here with you. I want to serve you all my people. Ritu says yes.
Babbu says we want this village to have success. Nehar comes with his men protesting. Diamond says I will kill them. They chant against tettar. Ritu says go from here Nehar. He says you can’t fool people of this village Babbu says go from here. Nehar says or what? Will you shoot? Go ahead.
All people go against Babbu. Nehar says this babbu isn’t your mukhiya. You didn’t vote for him. Where is Nimki?? Where is Tettar? She doesn’t come here at all. You all made her mukhiya. Babbu says to Ritu do something please. All people protesting against Babbu. Babbu

takes out his gun. Ritu stops him and takes him frmo there. Babbu shoots in the air. All people run. Nehar and Kundan laugh.

Tettar says to Annaro see this si your son. He can’t control his anger. Nehar provokes him and he shoots all the time. Never uses his brain. Rekha says lets Make dablo mukhiya. He doesn’t shoot at least. Tettar says shut up. Ritu says Nehar provoked all the people. Tettar says and this idiot proved him right.
Annaro says who asked you to marry him to that Mukhiya? Sweeti says calm down all of you. Nimki comes and says all the people in village are angry. Don’t worry. They will only vote for you. I will fix everything. take me next time. Annaro says you wont go anywhere. Nimki says wont sing next time. Babbu says I am going.

Tettar gets a call from Mahatu. he says you know Nehar played it. He did it. He provoked Babbu. mahatu says shut up. Rekha says game over. Tettar says shut up.

Scene 2
Abhi’s secretary tells him everything. Abhi says we wont be part of this. We will go with whoever wins elections. Mausi calls Abhi and says Elana has fever. Abho says is she fine? Please give her something. Elena says I am fine but I don’t want to eat this. abhi says please eat what mausi is giving you. Abhi says I have to go home.

Ram gets a call. He says how can I meet right now. I can’t. Mauha says who is it? He says I will tell you.
Ram calls Nimki and says your bua called. She came with a proposal for Mauha. Mauha says what.
Precap-Nimki says to Ritu you have to sned me and babbu on honeymoon or I wont sign these papers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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