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Naamkaran 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni frees Neil from their relation

Naamkaran 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prakash saying Vidyut is dead, he was mentally unstable, two groups fought in jail last night and Vidyut died. Bebe says it had to happen, its really good. Shweta says yes, his evil is over. Sunehri says Vidyut did a lot with Avni, now she can live freely. Shweta asks Avni why is she worried now. Avni says I have to tell Saisha that Vidyut was her father. Bebe asks what’s the use to say. Avni says we can’t hide it, its imp, Saisha has to do his final rites. Neil says Vidyut was an animal, he doesn’t deserve this respect, he ruined many lives, Vidyut’s soul will not get peace. Avni says no, even evil doers have a right for last rites, Saisha would do her duty knowing her identity. Neil reminds the wounds Vidyut gave to them. Avni says that was Vidyut’s deeds, we will do

what’s right, we have to tell the truth to Saisha. Neil says you always do right, why did you do wrong with me, you will just do what you feel right. Bebe asks do you think Mishti can do this. Avni says I will talk to her.

Neil sees Vidyut and Juhi’s pics. He says this story may have ended, but when Saisha knows this, a new story will begin, Saisha has to accept this truth herself. Shweta says we don’t know she will agree for last rites or not. Bebe says we have to see how KK’s family accepts this. Avni says I know this is a big shock for you two, but I didn’t wish to hide this. Saisha cries and says I always asked you about my parents, but you never told me anything, and today when I moved on, you told me that person’s truth who harmed everyone, this truth will ruin my life, I hate that I m an orphan, I m a devil’s daughter, why did you tell this to me now. Kamini comes and claps. She says maybe you two decided to give me a heart attack, Saisha is a criminal’s daughter.

Avni says it doesn’t matter when he is dead. Kamini asks do you do this intentionally. Avni says I didn’t tell her truth before as I wanted to save her from Vidyut, I want Saisha to do his final rites. Kamini says no way, Saisha won’t do a criminal’s last rites. Avni says Saisha will decide it. Avni and Saisha do the last rites. Avni says I m proud of you Saisha and hugs. Saisha says I was much angry and cried all night, then I recollected your teachings. Avni says true path is tough but peaceful, path of lies is hurtful, we are staying in Mumbai, we will stay close to you, Mitali found a better house for us. They hug.

Neil says so many gifts, wow, I also got some gifts. He gifts everyone. Neil thanks Mitali. She says the kids have gone through a lot, I wanted to help them and Avni. Neil says so I got gifts for them. She says I know you will miss them, these kids give a meaning to Avni’s life, like her identity, I don’t think anyone will let her live a normal life. Neil says maybe there is nothing imp for her, get smart tv and tablets for kids. Mitali says its not needed, Avni won’t like it, she wants the kids to be resourceful without such resources, Avni is simple and clean hearted, I understand her well. He says just I couldn’t understand her and her decisions. Shweta and Bebe look on.

Saisha comes home. Kamini stops her at the door. She says you go back to Avni, you have lost a place here, you are not allowed here. Saisha worries. KK stops Kamini. He says Saisha won’t go anywhere, she is my wife. Kamini says this is my house, people are asking about her father, you have to choose between me and her. He says why do you say this always, she is legally my wife, this is my house too, she also has a right on this house, mom I don’t care about her parents, I just know I love Saisha, I will blindly choose her. Kamini gets shocked. KK takes Saisha inside. Neil, Mowgli and Prakash play some game. Neil and Mowgli eat and get hiccups. Prakash looks at them. Neil asks do you get hiccups by chillies. Mowgli nods.

Prakash gets some sweets for them. Prakash asks Mowgli to do as superman does. Neil asks Mowgli to say the tongue twister. Their hiccups stop. Prakash smiles. Avni hears Shweta and Bebe. Shweta says Avni has to understand Neil, we don’t know she moved on or not, but Neil is stuck between her love and hatred, its ten years now, they have to decide. Bebe says yes. Shweta says its imp that they stay together or they get separated forever, three lives will be ruined, till Avni and Neil decide, Mitali won’t be able to say her feelings, Neil won’t understand Mitali, they have to decide something, Neil should give a chance to Mitali.

Avni goes to Neil. She says I need to talk to you, we should resolve things, I know you are hurt. Neil says wow, you just know to do this, if you say sorry and admit mistake, will everything get fine. She says I know you can’t forgive me, fine forget me and move on, live your life, it will be good for everyone. Neil says I just love it more than I loved you, I will move on, I just loved you, how shall I forget this. Neil holds her angrily and pushes her. He says your love would be weak, but not mine, I can’t forget you, I never made you away, I would have never forgotten you, our love, memories, how shall I forget, you are always with me. She sees her mangalsutra wrapped around his hand. She says fine, then maybe its time to free you. She pulls and breaks the mangalsutra. He gets shocked.

Prakash says you can’t break blood ties, till when will you hide this truth that Mowgli is your and Neil’s child. Avni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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