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Mere Sai 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Villagers Threaten Ratnakar And Stop Sai

Mere Sai 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jhipri asks Sai if he will leave surely and asks Tatya and Champa to call their parents and villagers. Ratnakar Rao smiles. Kulkarni asks Chivu to have food. Banta says they must have thrown Sai out by now. Kulkarni laughs and says it is not that easy, as his name sake mum might have called all Shirdi people and taking them to khandar. He says it is yet to be seen until when she will stand infront of Ratnakar and british. Chivu appreciates him and says we will hear the good news soon. Kulkarni is sure.

Tatya comes to his house and tells Appa that they are throwing Sai out of Dwarka Maai. Champa tells Rehana about Sai. Sai looks at the Vibhuti fire and touches it. Ratnakar smiles. Sai comes to Tulsi plant and fold his hands. Jhipri thinks where is everyone. Sai says time has come. Bayaza and others

are coming there. Nand lal says he is not having any stuff then why is he taking time to leave. Ratnakar says he agreed to leave on my saying, and asks him to have patience. Sai picks his bag and asks Jhipri not to worry about him. He is about to get down the stairs when Bayaza comes and stops Sai.

Chivu tells Kulkarni that last time Bayaza sat outside their house. Kulkarni says now Bayaza can’t do anything, today it is last day for Sai. They laugh. Rukmini hears them. She asks Narmada to go and see Sai, as they are throwing him out. Narmada goes. Rukmini thinks someone shall help him. Bayaza asks Sai not to go anywhere. She asks Ratnakar if he will make mill this way, by throwing people out of their house. Ratnakar greets her and says I respect Sai, and says I have brought this place from british, there is nothing illegal about it. Nand lal gives him papers. Ratnakar asks her to check papers. Bayaza says it is Dwarka Maai, shelter for poor etc. She tells it is world for the devotees. Sai says bayaza maa. Bayaza says I am your mum and you shall obey me. Ratnakar says I understand your emotions but. The angry villagers come and ask who wants to throw Sai out of Dwarka maai and says Sai will stay here. Ratnakar thinks so many people came to support him and is angry too. The villagers tell that they will throw Ratnakar out.

Ratnakar greets Appa and Mhalsapati and tells that he didn’t treat Sai badly, or threaten him. He says he has informed Sai that he has bought this land and asks them to ask Sai. He asks Sai to tell them, did I force you? Sai says he said right, I agreed to go from here. Ratnakar says now your misunderstanding is clear and says he will take Sai to a better place where there will be luxuries for him. Mhalsapati says we also thought about it, but Sai has chosen this place and named it Dwarka Maai. Villagers get angry. Ratnakar asks them to keep quiet. Sai raises his hand and signs them to calm down. He says Ratnakar didn’t force me to leave. Rehana says it is injustice with you and us. Villagers say we will stop him. Nand Lal says who will stop us. Villagers say everyone of us. Jhipri says now you will know.

Nand Lal asks Ratnakar if he can bear their misbehavior. Ratnakar rao says powerful man is the one who controls people, and says anyone can get angry. He tries to reasons with them. Sai tries to calm them. Ratnakar thinks you did right, if I enter khandar then I will get its possession. He goes inside. Fire in the vibuti catches the place. Ratnakar shouts for help. Nobody can see fire except Sai. Nand Lal thinks why is he shouting. Sai asks fire to calm down. Fire comes back to its place. Ratnakar thinks it must be done by you, you have insulted me by doing black magic. Nand Lal says Sai, I know you have done this and is about to slap him, but Appa holds his hand. Villagers get furious and is about to beat him, but Sai stops them. He says did you forget about Shraddha and Saburi and says hinsa is not our way. Bheeva says we can’t bear this.

Mhalsapati says we don’t like fight, but you only say that it is not right to bear injustice. Khando says we can’t control ourselves. Ratnakar acts to apologize to Sai and says I am your guilty, let my men go, I am ready to get the punishment. Sai asks Villagers to let them go. He asks Ratnakar to go. Ratnakar thinks I came here to get this land, but now after my insult, I will get it possession and can’t be at peace until I get this place. Sai smiles.

Appa tells that this is not possible with Kulkarni’s approval. Ratnakar comes to Kulkarni and says he needs to talk to him.

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