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Mehrya My version Part 73

Part 73 17/04/2018

Mehak becomes restless with Shaurya’s action, once in a while she will look at him and scolds in her heart, when is he will behave normal or be quiet for a while. She went to the terrace and Jaggu was there also at Sonal’s terrace. He laughed at her and said what is this yaar, your hubby is truly amazing you understand him so well , just you were saying he won’t sit quietly will definitely do something and now he is here protesting for you. Mehak said I don’t know what to do all in house are so tensed seeing him doing all these. Jaggu said then go and talk to him, who knows if you talk everything will be okay and he will listen to you. Mehak retorted and said I am not talking to him, if he wants to sit like that, let him be. Jaggu keep irritating her with his annoyance conversation she found a small rock and throw at him left the terrace. She came back to her room she sat on the bed and was talking wanted to talk to someone but all are making me angry. She huffed and gets up to the window peak thru to see Shaurya. He was falling asleep as tired her heart aches seeing him in that condition, she was talking to herself why Shaurya, why you are like this you are making it difficult for you and for me as well go home. Just then PD interrupted her, he won’t go anywhere without you. Mehak turned to look at her. She walk to PD, and make her to sit at the bed. PD please go and talk to him , if he continue to sit like this his health will be bad, whole day he is sitting like this don’t know why is he very stubborn.

PD asked her his approach maybe wrong but his intention is good, instead of finding faults its better you start to think how to clear all these misunderstandings beta. To me he looks the same Shaurya how he pack his bags and waited for you to accept him, but his love for your never gets lessen. PD gets up and start to leave and she was talking to herself, if my time I get Romeo like this I would have leave all and run away not waiting here in the room like this girl. Mehak’s rolled her pout in O shape as she heard that. It was midnight Mehak couldn’t sleep she was fidgeting her duppatta and her thoughts were far away. Her trail of thoughts were interrupted with some noise and she gets up to go and look around and she saw nothing thus she returns to her room. As she enters her room, a male figure with hoodie close and lock the room door, she turned to see the figure and was horrified to see it in her room, before she could scream the figure strode towards her and covers her mouth. With another hand the figure remove the hoodie. It was Shaurya. He smiled at her as her eyes bug out and she was completely baffled with him. He whispered to her don’t make any noise or else everyone at home will wakeup then what will people say about us. Mehak couldn’t believe it was him she blinked few times viewing in front of her, it’s been so long she didn’t see him at this close. Shaurya knows she is shocked thus he removed his hand and rest on the bed and exhales a deep breath and he rested his head on her pillow as he inhale her scent on the pillow. My favorite Mehak he squeezed the pillow on his face as he chuckled at Mehak. She went to him and pull the pillow away from him. Asking how you enter inside, are you mad or what? As it is people in the house are angry with you now you are doing this? Why are you here? Shaurya sit on the bed and ask her sit but she refuse and turn away from him, he pull her arm and make her to sit on the bed. He continued what to do biwi is so close so came to see whtr you have slept or missing me. True enough you are missing me that’s why I came to chit chat with you.

So tell me jaan do you miss me he asked, Mehak grimaced at him. She retorted and asked Shaurya why are you doing all these? Every body’s bp is getting higher because of you. You are here coolly sitting at my bed smiling as if nothing happen? Shaurya said I didn’t do anything it’s all your Chachus and daduji’s fault. I am being a man trying to correct my mistakes and wants to fulfil my responsibilities as a good husband but they are not letting me. How could they take my wife away from me? So I decided if I be good all are taking advantage on my goodness so I use my Majnun Khanna avatar to get my wife back with me. Mehak gets up from the bed and asked if I don’t want to come back with you what will you do, tell me. He shrugged and he gets down from the bed and cupped her cheeks I will wait for you Mehak no matter how many days, weeks, months or years. I will wait for you, no matter what happen. Trust me nothing is important to me than you. Both looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Mehak can see his intention, his love and how mad he is about her but her heart and mind is telling her something. Just then they heard someone waked up, she ask Shaurya to leave before someone sees him, he left her halfheartedly she saw him how he slide down from the pipes and jump down on the ground. She turn herself and smiling bilkul pagal hei.

Next morning, Mehak gets up early showers and gets downstairs, she peep thru the window and saw Shaurya is still there, she stomp her feet and grumbles seeing him still there. Sharma’s were very quiet during breakfast, they didn’t talk much. Nehal whispered to Kanta chachi, taiji don’t know what is the hot topic today. I am sure SJ will definitely do something. Kanta chachi replied her yesterday itself they all popped few BP tablets today I think we need to prepare the tablets too. Just then the doorbell ring. Nehal gets up to open the door but Jeevan chachu ask her to eat and he went to the door. As he opens the door, a team of reporters swamped to him with cameras and microphones. The reporters dragged him to the camp and start to throw questions to him, seeing this Ravi chachu and Daduji also rush to him. They asked why Sharma’s are being so stubborn and not caring for their daughter’s life but instead treating a celebrity damad like Shaurya Khanna like this. Just then Mehak with the other ladies step out of the house as well, the media swamped her and asked why did you leave your husband Mrs Khanna? So will you be filing divorce as well? Mehak looked at Shaurya sharply without answering. Kanta chachi interferes and ask them to be quite there is no such thing, Mehak just recovering from accident and want to spend time at her parental place there is no problem between them. One reporter asked then why Shaurya Khanna protesting in front of your home? If family matter why it is held in the public open space? Daduji from the protest as the reporters to come to them so they can give better explanations. Mehak was stunned to see Harish papa, Vicky and even Jaggu has joined the protest with Shaurya. She went quickly to Harish papa and gets his blessings. She ask him what are they doing here as it Shaurya is not doing things right but now they are also with him. Harish papa replied, I never helped my son in my life so thought that I will follow him here so he can get my daughter in law home that’s why we join him. She went to Jaggu. What are you doing Jaggu? Jaggu replied yaar Shaurya have a point. Your house people not being fair to him that’s why today I have joined him to save the honor of my brother Shaurya. Mehak purse her lip and asked, till yesterday you were with me and now you came to join him bekhuda, badtameez she started to curse him. Shaurya control his laughter as she was attacking with her verbal encounters with Jaggu. Reporters came to Shaurya and asked him, Mr Khanna please give explanation for this protest. He gets up and said, my wife stays here I want to come and stay with her or they can send her with me I will take care of her like a queen. You ask her and see did I ever raise my hand, Mehak shakes her head NO. Did I had affair with any women after marriage, Mehak quickly shakes her head NO. Maybe once in a while I will be temperamental but that also I realize my mistakes then I go and apologize to her. Then why are they not allowing me to meet my wife. He pointed at Jeevan chachu and Ravi chachu and said when my both Chachus also have wife at their side I am young husband don’t you think I need my wife to beside me. Or else I will be like my dadaji reading Bhagavad Gita when I am supposed to go for honeymoons etc. hearing this Mehak’s eyes open as big as a saucer, she cannot believe what Shaurya saying publicly in front of the press and all. She fumes in anger give him glare and quickly went inside home and the rest of the Sharma’s follows her as well. He ask the press people to leave as they will sort their problem on their own, they leave from there. Shaurya asked Jaggu and Vicky did I talked a lot. Jaggu nodded kind of yes, Vicky replied bhaiya I liked when you say Chachus got wife and my wife not with me, and now people might be thinking how desperate you are. Shaurya give him a deathly glare and Vicky cover his mouth. Jaggu said Shaurya Ji now Mehak will be very angry with me also, I am not sure what she will do to me. Shaurya assured him nothing will happen, thank you for showing your support for me brother. Now let’s see what Mrs Khanna will react.

Inside Sharma home living area all are with long face embarrassed with whatever happening. PD asked this all won’t happen when you all allowed him to see Mehak. You all know no one can defeat Shaurya Khanna in this town. We have seen him even angrier than this. It’s his right to see his wife and if Mehak and Shaurya have problem they will talk and solve it. Both are grown up why you all old men are interfering in this. Now what was known inside our house is known to the entire Chandi Chowk and by evening the entire Delhi will know thanks to you all. She said that and leave from the living area with Mansi chachi accompanies her. Mehak also went to her terrace and looks from there and then she quickly move away before anyone sees her.

It was later noon and after having little meal Mehak sat and playing with the TV remote fidgeting between the channels. She don’t know what to watch and keep changing it. Sonal called her, she ask her to drop by her house as her mom is out and she is alone with baby.  Mehak said okay and she quickly check around for the others at home she understand maybe all resting after lunch so she opens the door gently and Shaurya looks at her and smiled. She pouted at him and walked to Sonal’s house quickly. He wonders where she is going. Mehak went inside home and greeted, Sonal replied her and asked her to come to her room. She walked in saw Sonal with baby lying on the bed playing. Mehak excitingly went near her and Sonal asked her to sit placing the baby on her lap, Mehak holds the baby as she is so small and fragile. Mehak gets elated and start crying seeing the baby who is smiles as her. She gently holds her fingers and kiss it slowly. Sonal sees her and wipes her tears away asking why are you crying Mehak. Mehak scrunches her nose and said first time I am carrying a baby and it’s yours and Mohit’s. I am so happy to see her. Sonal talks baby you see your bua is the last to see you. Mehak continue to play with her the baby ignoring Sonal’s talk. She was talking to the baby, baby sorry baba bua came so late what to do bua not well and I can’t move anywhere but I always see your photo on Nehal bua’s mobile. Today all at home resting so I came to see you. You grow up then bua and you will play lots of games, we go eat chocolate, ice creams, gol gappas and everything you ask bua will get for you okay. Mehak asked what you decided to name the baby, she replied we have selected a few names need to check with elders and priest.  Sonal keep watching them, then she ask Mehak to put the baby in the cradle as now sleeping time already and Mehak pass the baby to Sonal and baby was put to sleep.

Sonal asked what is happening at home. Mehak exhales a deep breath and look up. She said I don’t know yaar. One side Chachus in house are upset and one side Shaurya creating the problem I am in middle stuck and sometimes my mind say something and sometimes heart is saying different thing. I am getting tired and confused. Chachi saying something. Shaurya is always good in making crazy things and now sitting outside protesting with Purush Mukhti Morcha. Jaggu also went to sit with him with papaji and Vicky even the neighbor dadaji also there.

Sonal ask her to see her face, Mehak looked at her and Sonal asked what your problem is now, why are you upset now? Shaurya can never harm you, that everyone also knows but why are you listening to Chachus. They are worried for your wellbeing but you have to explain to them and if you need to go against their wishes just go with Shaurya once all okay cool calm down, Chachus will be fine with you both. Mehak looked at her confused and continue to play with her duppatta. Sonal interrupted her and ask can I tell you one more thing about Shaurya. She ask what. Shaurya knows about Mohit and my mom hurt your feelings and was very angry with your brother. He also knows you give him to get the job. But Mohit as usual paid the money and found out that job was a scam. Shaurya quickly alerted Police and they manage to save more victims falling for this. He don’t want you to feel bad and immediately call his friend to get a job for Mohit. Now Mohit got a decent job with good pay, Shaurya ask him not to say to anyone at home including you but I know about this and nicely warn your brother not to talk to you like that or else he will break the bones. So now I am telling you. Mehak felt surprised and speechless hearing this. Sonal continued he loves you so much so madly that he went back to get back the jewelry you pawned to get money for your brother and manage to get your brother a job. He is not bad yaar is just that his way of doing things is different and he act hastily when is about you. You should talk to him Mehak. After sometime at Sonal’s house Mehak walk back to her house thinking about what she said about Mohit and his job, how he helped him and how he wants to protect her and even her family. She start to think about how he took care of her in the hospital, all started to play in her mind. Shaurya saw her walking inside house but this time her face was a bit dull. He wonders what happen.

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