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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 23



SAN: Swara u sing a song for me na?
SWA: Sanskar I’m in no mood to sing but once I will surely sign a song for u.
SAN: k, but u should sing (swara nodded her head obediently). Sanskar smiled seeing her cute gestures.
Soon they reached their house.

Hearing the car sound
LAK: Uttu, rags I guess they arrived..
UTT: Ah Bhai make it fast we shouldn’t make them enter the hall.

LAK: Ah uttra come!

Swasan came down from the car. Sanskar saw uttra with laksh.
SAN: Uttra (suprised)
UTT: Hi Bhai, bhabhi. Uttra hugged sanskar and then swara.
UTT: Bhabhi u look so so pretty like a doll. Swara smiled hearing the compliment.
SAN: Uttu, when u came from London?
UTT: Today only Bhai.

Swara noticed laksh and uttra wearing grand dress.
SWA: Uttra, laksh y u both are in these dresses? Any function?
LAK: Shoru , Sanky don’t ask anything and now come with us.
Saying this laksh dragged sanskar and uttra dragged swara.
SAN: Areey y u both r taking us through the back doors?
Neither uttra nor laksh open their mouth to answer his question. Soon laksh and sanskar went to a room. Swara and uttra went to a room.


UTT: Bhabhi wear this dress and come. (Handed swara a package)
SWA: But…..
UTT: bhabhi go.
Swara went inside the dressing room unwillingly.


SAN: What is happening here?
LAK: Nothing is happening now go and change into this dress (gives him a dress)
SAN: What nothing and……. before sanskar could continue laksh pushed him inside the dressing room and closed the doors. After sometime sanskar came wearing a blue suit looking extremely handsome and dashing as always. Swara came out wearing a orange semi net lehanga. Uttra made swara to sit and made her wear all the jewels. Soon uttra made swara ready and took a 2 sets backward and looked at swara.

UTT: bhabhi u really look so gorgeous I’m sure Bhai is gonna faint in your beauty ( swara blushes a bit) but something is odd wait……… Saying this uttra went behind swara and removed her mangalsutra.
SWA: Y r u removing it Uttu?
UTT: It’s not necessary for today and now show me your fingers.
Swara showed her fingers. Uttu looked at ring finger which already had ring. Uttu was about remove the ring but swara immediately took her fingers back as sanskar asked swara not to remove the ring.
UTT: Bhabhi wear that ring in another finger.

SWA: k!
UTT: k bhabhi now let’s go down. Both left the room. Swasan looked at each other and was lost in each other. Uttra and laksh ran before they come down. Now swasan were standing in the middle of the staircase both were shocked to see the hall fully decorated (remember swasan’s engagement party so it’s the same set up and swasan in same attire). Both were coming down mean while laksh took a picture of them in his iPhone.
Rag (in Mike): Hello everyone, thank you all once again for coming to this beautiful occasion of swara and sanskar’s engagement. All clapped their hands. Swasan had no words to say their eyes showed millions of emotions. They were so much happy. They came towards the stage.
Ram: Swara beta wear this ring to sanskar.

Swara takes the ring and slided into his fingers. Now sanskar slided the ring and both looked each other with full of love in their eyes. Soon both came down. Sanskar got busy with his friends as he didn’t meet them for many days. Swara, Raglak and uttra were together.
Lak: Shoru y can’t u sing now?

SWA: What? Now! No ways lucky.
Rag: Y not swara? Everyone should know that to be bride can sing so beautifully na? Don’t hesitate.
UTT: Ah bhabhi u please sing na please…..
SWA: Look guys, I will not sing today and datz final. Saying this she left. Raglak and uttra were disappointed. Sanskar came towards them.
SAN: Any problem guys?
Soon the lights went off.

LAK: What happened? How come current went off. Soon they heard a beautiful voice.
Raglak and sanskar smiled hearing the voice.

Song: Adhaa ishq from band baaja baraat

Namkeen Si Baat Hain Har Nayi Si Baat Mein
There is something witty about every new things

Teri Khusboo Chal Rahi Hai Jo Mere Saath Mein
Your fragrance is always with me

Halka Halka Rang Beete Kal Ka
Yesterday was shady

Gehra Gehra Kal Ho Jayega
Tomorrow will be bright

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Love is only half

Aadha Ho Jayega
The other half will happen

Kadmo Se Meelon Ka Vaada Ho Jayega
From a few steps now, the promise of miles will happen.

( Lights came back and it was obviously our SWARA. She looked at sanskar and smiled he too smiled. She looked at Raglak and lifted one of her eyebrow like how is it? They signaled her superb with actions.)

Beshumar Raatein
Countless nights

Behisab Baatein
Endless talks

Pass Aate Aate Ghum Ho Jaati Hai
Have vanished while nearing

Bekhudi Mein Dhalke
Left intoxicated

Bekali Mein Jalke
Burned in anxiety

Sau Hazare Yaadein Nam Ho Jaati Hai
A hundred thousands of memories are drenched

Pheeka Pheeka Pal Beetein Kal Ka
With yesterday’s shady moments

Behka Behka Kal Ho Jaayega
Will make bright tomorrow


( Swara closed her eyes to feel the song. Even though she closed her eyes she felt immense gaze. Her movements with sanskar flashed in front of eyes all she was able to do was to smile. This smile of hers were absolutely geniue, it came from her heart directly.) All were lost in her magical voice.

Intezar Sa Hai
It’s like waiting

Imtehaan Sa Hai
It’s like a test

Itminaan Sa Hai
It’s patience

Kya Hai Na Jaane
Don’t know what it is

Itna Rahi Hai
It was this much

Itna Huyi Hai
This much happened

Intehaan Huyi Hai
It’s extreme

Kaise Na Jaane
Don’t know how

Chalka Chalka Pal Beete Kal Ka
Yesterday was trembling

Tehra Tehra Kal Ho Jaayega
Tomorrow will be settled

She opened her eyes and she directly looked into his eyes. They shared a cute eyelock. Soon all gave a thunderous claps for her mind blowing voice.

Lak: Ok everyone come let’s eat. Soon all started to move leaving swasan behind. Swara came down and both shared a lovely eyelock which was broken by uttra.
UTT: Bhai bhabhi please keep your romance later now come and eat. (Giggles).
Swara blushed.
SAN: Uttra!….. U have become very naughty.
UTT: I’m always naughty it’s just that u have become lost in love. (Teasingly)
San: U r gone for teasing me! . He was about catch her but Uttu caught swara’s hand and started running.
UTT: (while running): Come and eat Bhai. Saying this swautt left. Sanskar smiled seeing his naughty sister and went to eat. After eating sanskar messaged swara to meet him at the terrace.


Swara went up and looked at sanskar who was busy admiring the stars and the moon . Cool breeze made a calm situation. She went towards him and placed his hand over his shoulder. Sanskar looked at her and within no seconds he pulled her more closer to him towards her waist.
SAN: U said u had no mood to sing?
SWA: Ah I didn’t but after coming here I got (smiled).
SAN: k answer me, have u done any street concerts ?
SWA: Hmm yes!

SAN: What was your last song?
SWA: Ha…. Samjhawan
SAN: That means I’ve attended your concert.
SWA: Really ? (Happily)
SAN: Yes and to say u have some magic in your voice which can make anyone forget the world and u know, when I attended the concert I felt so much connected to your voice and who knows that I will marry the same girl whom I fell in love with her voice!

SWA: Even I felt peace when I sang and those feelings it’s because we are soulmates na,!…..
SAN: Yes we are….(kissed her forehead).
Soon sanskar’s phone vibrated. It was laksh and he asked both of them to come down. Soon both went down swara sat in between shekhar and ragini. Sanskar between suju and laksh. All were talking. Swasan stealing glance of each other. All were talking but shekhar and Ram’s talk caught their attention.
Shek: Ram we thought to take swara home, we should follow the rituals na.
Suj: Ah Bhai u r correct but I will miss my daughter.

Hearing this sanskar became sad because he planned many things to do with swara but all got flopped 😔 yet he composed himself and he can’t live without her. Swara was happy as she will be with her parents once again but sad because she will miss sanskar terribly.
Rag: Han even I’ll miss my Shoru (hugs swara).
Soon gagodias left to their house.



The biggest chapter I have ever written. I know many of you should be confused because I myself told I’ll update it on April 20 yet could not control myself from posting. I hope Sufi dear u like swara singing for sanskar as it’s your request. I really don’t know how many of u miss me but Im really missing you all badly. So this chapter is dedicated to all my swasan fans, my supporters and a special dedication to Hemi, Pavi etc…….. So u to show me how much you all missed hit the like button and comment if u like. Do pardon me as I couldn’t reply to all the comments 😊

With lots of love❤


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