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Laado 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Malhari gives Anu’s room to Juhi

Laado 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inder opening his arms wide to hug Juhi. Juhi gets scared. He goes to her and hugs her. Juhi is scared. He touches her hand with bad intention. He says he was yearning to see her. Dushyant says you are welcome in our village. Inder stops him and says he don’t like any man to come near his daughter. Malhari signs Dushyant. Dushyant nods ok. Malhari goes to her and says this is your new house, come. She takes her inside.

Dadi asks Anu how did she get injury and says wound is not deep. Shagun comes there with property papers. Anu says I am fine, but having pain on my finger tips, I don’t think that I can work for few days. Dadi asks Shagun not to ask her to work. Shagun says I am her mother, not her enemy. Dadi goes to get turmeric milk. Anu says sorry and says she can’t

sign now. Shagun asks her to take care of her for now. Anu says she is feeling suffocated and will go out for sometime. Shagun asks where and looks angrily. Malhari acts to pamper Juhi and asks her name. Juhi is silent. Dushyant says all life is left to hear her name. Inder holds her hand and asks her to tell her name. Juhi says my name is Juhi. Inder smiles. Malhari and others smile. Rajjo says she is an adult, we thought she is small girl. Inder tells them that he found her on the road when she was just 10 years old, and later she became his everything. Malhari is surprised and talks sweetly with her.

Anu asks juice seller to add more ice. He says I already added 4 ice cubes. Anu says I will not take it now and asks him to keep the glass. Bunty sees her and asks what is she doing here? Anu says she is fighting with everyone because of Shaurya. Shop keeper gives all icecube to her. Bunty takes the video and sends to Shaurya. Shaurya says it seems she is very angry.

Malhari takes Juhi to Anushka’s room. Juhi asks can I touch things here. Malhari says room is all yours now and tells that the girl who was staying here is gone. Anu recalls Shagun and Dadi’s words. She thinks where is Juhi and her absence has complicated things. She thinks only you can solve my complicated life.

Juhi looks at the room. Malhari asks if you need something. Juhi says she felt good. Malhari asks her to rest and thinks she seems to be dumb. Anu is still sitting on the bench with ice. Shaurya comes there and asks her to sit. Anu says I don’t want to sit and talk about my life and pain. Shaurya says I will sit on ice. Anu asks who sits on ice? Shaurya says I am sitting as you are angry. He says he came for the man whom she scolded. Anu says she already told him sorry. Shaurya says you can tell me sorry me. Anu asks him to get down from the ice. Shaurya asks if she is worried for him. Anu says no. He pulls her hand and gets her closer. He says I feel pain seeing you in pain. He says it seems I got the pain in my hand which you got. He asks what is the matter?
Anu says you are problem to me and that’s why I asked Bunty not to tell you. Shaurya says if I am reason for your trouble then I will leave. He walks away. Anu feels sorry and says I can trust only you, and wishes to bring Juhi back. Juhi prays to Mata rani and thinks she is feeling safe in this room, feeling like someone will save her.

Inder goes to Juhi’s room. Dadi asks Anu to take Chadawa and money to her Amma. Anu thinks to go there. Inder eyes Juhi who is sitting scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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