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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prema secretly brings dog home

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum talking to Kunti. Kanhaiya asks Prema to ask anything other than 80000 Rs phone. Kusum and Kunti hear them. Prema says I need puppy. Kunti and Kusum are surprised. Kusum takes Kunti with her. Prema says she needs dog puppy and says she likes it. They hear puppy sound. Pari comes and makes puppy sound, shows toy puppy. Kanhaiya says it is fake. Prema gets happy and says it is good. Kanhaiya says it is good that it is fake as Maiyya dislikes it. Prema is surprised. Pari asks him to say bye and go. Kanhaiya says bye dog. Pari says its name is selfie. Kanhaiya says bye and goes. Pari and Prema take selfie with toy dog.

Panjiri and Prarthana are buying banana outside their house. Prarthana asks him to cut down the price. Panjiri translates. Kunti bargains and

asks where is Pratibha and Prema. Panjiri says they went to buy lipstick. A ball comes from somewhere and falls in Kunti’s bag. Prarthana says dog. Kunti thinks she is telling to fruits seller and apologizes to him. Panjiri translates and tells it is behind you. Kunti is scared seeing dog. Panjiri asks her not to worry and says injections have become cheaper now. Kunti runs. Dog runs behind Kunti. Kunti throws the bag. Ball falls down from the bag. Dog takes it and goes. Prema buys lipstick in the shop. Pratibha bargains and asks him to give it for 250 Rs. They see boys throwing stone on a dog. Prema lifts him and asks whose dog it is. Shop keeper says this is not his dog.

Prema takes selfie with the dog and sends to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya holds his head and tells Khatru that Maiyya will not give them permission. Prema tells Pratibha that the dog seems to be costly. Pratibha says we are getting late and tells that we shall leave it here with biscuits and milk. Prema says we shall support it. Pratibha says sasumaa will scold us. Kunti calls and asks if they are having kasturi chaat. Pratibha says we are near home. Prema says dog is not letting us go. Pratibha asks her not to think this. Kunti feels pain in her back and tells that she will send all dogs out of city. Prema brings dog and hides from Kunti. Pratibha says sasumaa is afraid of dog. They keep dog bag.

Kunti asks what is in the bag. Dog barks. Kunti says voice is coming from there. Pari comes there with toy dog and barks. Kunti scolds her and says meerut shall be saved from you. She asks her to throw toy dog out. Pratibha tells Prema that it is good that Kunti forgot about tokri. They sign her to be silent. They go to room and show dog to other bahus. Pari gets excited. Prarthana asks why it is here? Prema says it is left by someone on road and that’s why I brought it here with me. Pratibha says what we will feed it. Panjiri says food is ready. Pratibha says we have to feed dog food to it. She says we shall name it Pilloo till its owner takes it. Prema says no not Pilloo, and says we will call it Majnu…and then says romeo. Pari says we will call it Selfie 2. Panjiri says we will name it Pakoda. Pratibha says no and tells that they shall hide it first from sasumaa. She says if she sees Pilloo then she will kick us out. Panjiri says we shall keep it in tokri.

Panjiri gives dog tokri to Sarla. Sarla hears dog sound. Prema tells Panjiri that she gave dog tokri to Sarla. They get tensed as Kunti went with Sarla.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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