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Kasam 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Netra attempts to kill Tanuja, Rishi rescues her

Kasam 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Netra thinking it is last day for Tanuja with Rishi. Rishi tells Tanuja that kids are growing up soon. Tanuja talks about their marriage. Rishi says I will not send them to their sasural, I will check the guy first. He says he is possessive father and husband. Netra is there as a servant and keeps tea. Tanuja thinks he don’t believe me and was defending Netra. He says your tea is good. Tanuja says may be I will be there or not tomorrow. Rishi asks if she will go to hotel again and says sorry. He says I just love you. Tanuja says you made me mad for love. Rishi says if you leave me then I will die. She thinks whenever he comes to me, I get dragged towards him. Rishi thinks destiny will bring us together. Natasha shows her family sketch to Rishi and Tanuja. Netra thinks now there is

no place for us in her drawing.

Kids are taken somewhere in the night, strange. Teacher tells that they have reached the village and asks kids to be careful. They all get down from the bus. Tanuja asks Netra to give water. Netra hides her face. Tanuja comes near the well and reminisces the past. She thinks to fetch the water from the well. Rishi comes there and asks her to come with him. Tanuja asks him to give water to Natasha and asks him to go. She says she has some memories with well. Rishi comes. Netra thinks it is good that Rishi left. She walks towards Tanuja and pushes her. Tanuja falls inside the well. Netra runs and hides. She thinks Tanuja is dead, if I had known that it is so easy to kill him then I would have made well behind Bedi house and killed her. Tanuja shouts Rishi. Netra thinks she is still alive.

Rishi hears Tanuja’s voice and runs to well. Netra thinks to run away. Rishi throws rope and asks Tanuja to hold it. Tanuja holds it. She tries to climb holding rope, but she couldn’t climb. Rishi pulls her back with much difficulty. He holds her hand and takes her out. He gets worried. Tanuja says I am fine and asks him to come, says kids must be waiting. Rishi says I came here else. Tanuja says you are my husband and have saved me. Rishi asks are you gold medalist to jump inside. Tanuja says someone pushed me inside. Rishi says there is nobody inside. They argue. He doesn’t believe her and says you do mistakes and I am getting punished. Tanuja says I go away with you because of your mistakes.

Rishi says you always avoid this matter. Tanuja says you don’t love me and asks him to listen to his heart. She says you have wasted my 8 years. Rishi says I have just you in my life. Tanuja says even Netra is there. Rishi says I told you many times that she is just my friend. Tanuja says you was going to marry her. Rishi says I didn’t marry her. Tanuja says are you mad to marry her, and says you got everything before marriage then why you would marry. Rishi asks what? Tanuja says I have been suffocating since 8 years. Rishi gives him Natasha’s promise. Tanuja asks him not to forget that Tania is his and Netra’s daughter. Rishi says everyone know that we have brought her up and realizes what is she saying? He holds her and says you thought Tania is Netra and my daughter and says she is not my, but Smilie’s daughter. He tells that Smilie was pregnant when you left home, and when she gave birth after her marriage, I adopted her daughter. Tanuja is shocked.

Bedis and AK see Tanuja and Rishi dead. AK tells them about Netra behind their murder.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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