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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra threatens Gauri

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with constables checking Namrata’s bag and finding the junk inside. Rudra looks on and races the bike. He pushes the constable and gets their attention. They all run after Rudra. Namrata packs the bag and says I will go to Rahul now. She leaves. Indra sharps the knife and threatens Gauri. He says just help me in finding Shivlings, then I promise to leave you, you are Rahul’s love. He threatens to kill Rahul. She says fine, I will find Shivlings and give you, but you have to leave Rahul and others, I have a request, you let me do puja in all the temples we come across on the way. He says fine, this had to happen, we will find Shivlings on the way to Kashi, come. They leave in the car. Namrata reaches Varanasi. Rahul says Indra fixed cameras in the temple to keep an eye

on Namrata, he acted to die and maybe he stayed in temple for some days.

Indra calls Yashpal and says you will be transferred in some days. Yashpal says you won’t get saved next time. Indra says you won’t be able to identify me, Gauri is with me. Yashpal says you are lying, Gauri saved everyone. Indra says but she couldn’t save herself, you may help me. Gauri talks. Yashpal asks how are you. Rahul takes phone. Gauri asks Rahul to listen to Indra. She says don’t worry, Mahadev will protect me. Indra says Gauri is sensible, it will be good if you understand this. Rahul says leave Gauri. Indra says stop following me. Indra throws his phone. Rahul worries. Yashpal gets a message and says I m moved off this case, how did Indra know this, maybe big people are involved with him.

Minister meets Rudra. Rudra says I have shivlings with me, but can’t show it. Minister says I don’t want to see it now, just get it to Kashi for puja, I regret that one of our team mate is no more, I can arrange some men. Rudra says no, I m enough alone. Rudra leaves. Rahul says we have to save Gauri. Thakur says Gauri saw Thakur and he told her that she will get all shivlings in Kashi, Indra will take Gauri there, we should leave for Kashi soon. Lakhan says yes, if Gauri is with Indra, we should help her. Rahul says I can’t sit back, I will find Gauri. Yashpal says we will make two teams. He asks Thakur, Lakhan and Latika to leave for Kashi. He says Rahul and I will find Gauri. Thakur says but you are not on this case.

Yashpal says I will still do my duty, I will reject promotion and resign, its my life’s aim to take shivlings to Siddhpur. Thakur says we will always be proud of you. Minty goes and calls Indra. Indra reaches temple. Minty tells him everything. Indra says just keep me informed, I will make everything fine, just switch off the phone now. Gauri scolds him for using his daughter. He says relations don’t matter to me, just Shivlings matter to me, go and meet your Lord. Preeti says we don’t know where Indra took Gauri. Yashpal says he will be on the way to Kashi. Gauri prays to get help. Indra waits. She says I will do ritual alone, you are not my partner. He says just Rahul will be your partner if you get shivlings for me. She writes a message for Rahul on the wall. She writes I was here and will visit all the temples on the way to Kashi. She goes to Indra.

Rahul, Yashpal and Preeti reach temple. Yashpal gets shocked seeing Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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