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Jiji Maa 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni learns Gayatri’s innocence

Jiji Maa 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Niyati and Falguni missing their mum and crying. They recall the day when their mum was hit by some car. Falguni says it was that car driver’s mistake. She asks driver to take Niyati home. Niyati asks are you going to police station. Falguni nods. She meets the constable and says I see the file every year so that I can catch my mum’s culprit. Constable asks what’s the use, your mum won’t come back. She says I want justice. He asks her to see file. She checks the file and cries.

Jayant looks stressed. Uttara asks the matter. He says I came from an NGO, a woman was crying a lot, her husband wants to divorce her. She says its bad. She says wife got a lottery and she didn’t tell her husband, he got annoyed with her, she wanted to surprise him, they both were right,

husband got angry on wife knowing half truth, I did the same mistake in my life, I didn’t try to know Gayatri’s entire truth, she tried to tell me but I didn’t listen to her, when she went away, I think I did wrong with her. She gets shocked.

Falguni gets Gayatri’s file and asks constable. She reads her confession. Uttara says Gayatri is a murderer, if this truth isn’t enough, then I think I have to repeat what happened, Gayatri killed her lover, they used to love each other, she didn’t like him coming home, as you didn’t know about her affair. Falguni reads, Gayatri ws alone at home, someone came inside the room when Jayant wasn’t there. FB shows a thief trying to kill Gayatri. She hits on his head in defence. He falls down. Falguni thanks constable. He says I m retiring tomorrow, I wish your mum gets justice. She says its strange, I came to know one mum’s truth and got to know about my other mum, Gayatri, she is my Sasumaa.

Constable stops her. He says how did we make such a big mistake, if Gayatri was accepting her crime at 12, how can the murder happen at 2, it means she is innocent, we thought the case is clear. Falguni says truth is someone killed the man when Gayatri was here, someone framed Gayatri. Constable says we got this bangle with that man. Falguni checks and recalls Uttara. She says it means Uttara did this. Uttara asks Jayant not to think much. He goes. She recalls sending the man to kill Gayatri. She hugs Gayatri and asks what did you do, why did you kill this man. Gayatri says he was attacking me, I will surrender to law, just call Jayant and tell him everything. Uttara hugs her. Gayatri goes crying.

She says its good Jayant hates Gayatri now, I have killed that man, as he was alive after Gayatri’s hit. She recalls killing the man. Gayatri was punished by the court. Falguni thinks how can someone stoop so low, Uttara did this with Gayatri. Falguni asks will this case re-open if I prove this is not Gayatri’s bangle. Constable says we want solid evidence, we can’t get new proof, this bangle won’t be enough. Falguni says murderer is someone else. Constable says its over now, Gayatri accepted the crime, you can’t do anything. She cries.

Constable calls Falguni and tells her about the hair sample of the culprit, which can be used to re-open the case.

Update Credit to: Amena

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