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Jealousy – A Samaina fanfiction Chapter3

Hi everyone this is the third chapter. So here we begin.

Naina was lying on her bed with preeti asleep on her side. But she couldn’t sleep as she had been thinking about sameer. As much as she tried to avoid him he made himself more noticed. She knew he was following her on his bike on the way home and she had peddled as fast as she could to reach home away from him. Him who she never thought would do this to her. Time passed away and sun rises outside and naina had spent another sleepless night. She got up and started getting ready for school and decided to go early as it was no use to sit and think of sameer.

At Prem’s house

Anita(prem’s mother) : Get up and ready for school. Go early today so you get time to interact with others and make new friends here.

Prem : My dear maa I am all ready and more excited about school then sitting here at home all alone.

Anita: My good boy. Have your breakfast and then you can go.

In less than 15 minutes prem had finished breakfast. Waved his mother good bye and was on his cycle on his way to new school and hopefully new friends.

In another ten minutes he had reached school. He went to the office and collected his ID card and went to the directed class only to find it empty. After all there were still 35 minutes before school starts so he decided to have a look around. When he came back he found a girl standing in the classroom with her back towards him. He went to say hi which startled her and made her jump.

Prem: I am sorry I didn’t want to scare you.

Naina: Its alright I just didn’t expect anyone to come so early.

Prem: By the way I am prem. I am new here. Today is my first day of school.

Naina: Welcome to our school. I hope you like it here and if you need any help you can ask me as I am the head monitor.

Naina smiled at him and he smiled back.

Prem: Actually Naina I need something.

Naina: what?

Prem: A friend. Will you be my friend?

Saying this he forwarded his hand but seeing naina’s smile vanish he withdrew it.

Friendship with a boy. Naina had just had a bitter experience with it and it had shaken her confidence in friendship and boys.

Seeing naina’s hesitation Prem said: Don’t worry naina. I know its not common for boys and girls to be friends even though I don’t believe in gender differences but if you’re not comfortable with it I respect your choice and you. You are a nice person and you made me feel welcomed and for that l see you as a friend even if you don’t. But I would like to say one thing that friendship is a beautiful relation and it does not differentiate between boys and girls.

Naina was a little surprised at his words but they had a genuinity and she wanted to believe. She thought that just because of sameer she couldn’t blame all the boys and friendship.

Naina: Thank you Prem. You don’t know how much I needed to hear that. You’re right friendship is a pure and beautiful gift from god and we should never disrespect that. So yes I will be your friend.

Saying this she forwarded her hand and they had a firm handshake. After many days a genuine smile appeared on naina’s face.

Prem smiled back happy to have made a friend and that too such a nice one.

Precap: Sameer sees naina’s hand in another boy’s hand and is heart broken and jealousy is making its way.

Guys do comment and let me know how was it. I have tried to make it longer than the others.

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