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Jealousy – A Samaina fanfiction Chapter2

So here is the second chapter everyone.

The rest of the day in school was torturous for Sameer. Naina was so near but yet so far.

Prem’s home:

Prem after helping his mother went out to have a stroll. His house was near the main market so there were a lot of people on the road. Students were on their way back home from school and he would be one of them tomorrow. Busy in his own world admiring the market he was suddenly startled by a loud horn and as he turned around he saw a young boy like himself on a bike. Prem realized that he was in the middle of the road and apologized but the boy who is none other than Sameer started shouting at him. Are you blind?

Prem: sorry…..

Sameer: sorry? If I hadn’t stopped then you would have been on your way to hospital. Already my day is going bad and you spoilt whatever was left.

Prem stepped aside and sameer went his way. Prem thinks what a guy even after apologizing he is showing attitude. Due to the ruined mood prem decides to go back home.

Sameer hurried but naina had already reached home all because of that stupid guy. At that moment sameer hated him so much that he thought that he couldn’t hate more but little did he know that future has something else planned for him which will take this hatred to another level.

Precap: Prem joins school and meets naina.

Hope you guys will like it…



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